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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Sensing XIX
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Volume Number: 10629
Date Published: 20 June 2018
Softcover: 41 papers (378) pages
ISBN: 9781510617698

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Front Matter: Volume 10629
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
First results of a QCL-OPA based standoff system, for detecting hazardous substances in the IR-fingerprint domain
Author(s): Frank Wilsenack; Arne Lorenzen; François Brygo; Cédric Awanzino; F. Gutty; A. Grisard; C. Larat; D. Papillon; M. Schwarz; E. Lallier; Hans Dieter Tholl; Franz Münzhuber; Jürgen Kunz; Michael Raab; Marcel Rattunde; Stefan Hugger; Mariusz Kastek; Tadeusz Piatkowski
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Detection and identification of chemical warfare agents using mid wave infrared active hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Keith Ruxton; C. Robin Head; Rhea J. Clewes; Sarah Marchant; Nils Hempler; Graeme P. A. Malcolm; Gareth T. Maker
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Threat detection using a standoff, wide-area hyperspectral Raman imaging sensor
Author(s): Nathaniel R. Gomer; Nirmal Lamsal; Haiyin Sun; Matthew P. Nelson
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Photonic micro-gas-chromatography detection of chemical threat agents
Author(s): Robert Furstenberg; Christopher J. Breshike; Benjamin Andrews; Andrew Kusterbeck; Dawn Dominguez; Christopher A. Kendziora; R. Andrew McGill; Todd Stievater; Dmitry Kozak
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UV Raman imaging of surface contaminants using tunable laser and narrow bandpass filters
Author(s): L. Landström; F. Kullander; H. Lundén; P. Wästerby
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High-speed and large-area scanning of surfaces for trace chemicals using wavelength-tunable quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): David B. Kelley; Derek Wood; Anish K. Goyal; Petros Kotidis
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Enabling standoff detection of hazardous materials using a fiber optic coupled quantum cascade infrared laser system
Author(s): Kenneth J. Ewing; Kevin J. Major; Jasbinder S. Sanghera; Rafael R. Gattass; L. Brandon Shaw; Lynda Busse; David Arnone; Enrique Lopez; Michael Pushkarsky; Justin Kane; Rhea J. Clewes; Linda Lee; Chris R. Howle
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UAV-based LiDAR and gamma probe with real-time data processing and downlink for survey of nuclear disaster locations
Author(s): Thomas Hinterhofer; Martin Pfennigbauer; Andreas Ullrich; Dieter Rothbacher; Stephan Schraml; Michael Hofstätter
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Effect of additives: Organic-metal oxide nanocomposites for γ-ray sensors
Author(s): N. B. Singh; Ching Hua Su; Bradley Arnold; Fow-Sen Choa; Christopher Cooper; Stacey Sova; Puneet Gill; Vishall Dayal; Lisa Kelly; Narasimha Prasad; Paul Smith; Brian Cullum
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Radiation induced defects in high-Z shielded Ytterbium doped fibers
Author(s): D. Cruz; S. D. Butler; B. J. Singleton
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Development of the Virtual Source Training Toolkit for physically accurate simulation of the response of handheld radiation detectors
Author(s): John Wright; Kirill Shokhirev; Eric Rappeport; Daniel Brown; Bogdan R. Cosofret
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Characterization of uranium ore concentrate chemical composition via Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Yin-Fong Su; Russell G. Tonkyn; Lucas E. Sweet; Jordan F. Corbey; Samuel A. Bryan; Timothy J. Johnson
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Advancements in MOF characterization for enhanced MALDI sensing
Author(s): Rabih E. Jabbour; Ashish Tripathi; Erik D. Emmons; Phillip G. Wilcox; Jason A. Guicheteau; Gregory Peterson; Jared Decoste
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Grating coupled-surface plasmon resonance and fluorescent plasmonics biosensor for diagnosis of Lyme disease
Author(s): Eunice Chou; Gabriel Zenteno; Benjamin Taubner; Arturo Pilar; Ernest Guignon; William Page; Yi-Pin Lin; Nathaniel C. Cady
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Rapid optical detection and classification of microbes in suspicious powders
Author(s): W. F. Hug; R. Bhartia; K. Sijapati; Q. Nguyen; P. Oswal; R. D. Reid
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Recent development of UV Raman standoff explosive detection systems for near trace detection
Author(s): Rob Waterbury; Robert Babnick; Thuyan Conghuyentonnu; Hunter Hardy; Tim Molner; Darius Vunck
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Comparison of handheld Raman sensors through opaque containers
Author(s): Phillip G. Wilcox; Jason A. Guicheteau
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Using infrared backscatter imaging spectroscopy to detect trace explosives at standoff distances
Author(s): Christopher J. Breshike; Christopher A. Kendziora; Robert Furstenberg; Viet Nguyen; Andrew Kusterbeck; R. Andrew McGill
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High-confidence discrimination of explosive materials on surfaces using a non-spectroscopic optical biomimetic sensing method
Author(s): Kevin J. Major; Kenneth J. Ewing; Jasbinder S. Sanghera; Thomas C. Hutchens; Menelaos K. Poutous; Matthew G. Potter; Christopher R. Wilson; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Mikella E. Farrell; Ellen L. Holthoff; Paul M. Pellegrino
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Enhanced whispering gallery mode sensors
Author(s): Cheng Li; M. H. Teimourpour; Euan McLeod; Judith Su
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Whispering-gallery microresonators for sensing technologies
Author(s): Xuefeng Jiang; Abraham J. Qavi; Lan Yang
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Remote sensing of chlorine using UV lidar at U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground
Author(s): James T. Pearson; George W. Lemire; William L. Brown; R. James Berry; Joshua P. Herron
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Four-wavelength lidar for in-situ speciation of aerosols
Author(s): Michael Wojcik; Alan Bird; Jason Wooden; Jim Peterson; Morgan Davidson; Monte Frandsen
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Development and calibration of an eye-safe elastic backscatter lidar for chemical and biological aerosol tracking
Author(s): Joshua P. Herron; Michael Wojcik; George W. Lemire; William L. Brown; Kori D. Moore
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Optical parametric oscillator-based trace detection of gases in the mid-infrared region using phase-fluctuation optical heterodyne spectroscopy
Author(s): Jack W. Thomas; Adam Polak; Gerald M. Bonner; Sandra Enderle; Malcolm H. Dunn; David J. M. Stothard
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Regional sensing with an open-path dual comb spectroscopy and a UAS (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ian Coddington; Kevin Cossel; Eleanor Waxman; Fabrizio Giorgetta; Esther Baumann; Robert Wright; Sean Coburn; Daniel Hesselius ; Michael Cermak; Eli Hoenig; Gregory Rieker; Nathan Newbury
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Detecting unknown chemical clouds at distance with multispectral imagery
Author(s): Le Brun Gay; Aymeric Alazarine; Sylvain Favier; Sébastien Blanchard
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Localization and quantification of trace-gas fugitive emissions using a portable optical spectrometer
Author(s): Eric J. Zhang; Chu C. Teng; Theodore G. van Kessel; Levente Klein; Ramachandran Muralidhar; Chi Xiong; Yves Martin; Jason S. Orcutt; Marwan Khater; Laurent Schares; Tymon Barwicz; Nathan Marchack; Swetha Kamlapurkar; Sebastian Engelmann; Gerard Wysocki; Norma Sosa; William M. J. Green
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Design, manufacture, and testing of a silicon nitride ring resonator-based biosensing platform
Author(s): Michael R. Bryan; Daniel J. Steiner; John S. Cognetti; Benjamin L. Miller
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Fish-bone subwavelength grating waveguide photonic integrated circuit sensor array
Author(s): Justin R. Bickford; Pak Cho; Mikella Farrell; Ellen Holthoff
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Real-time gas analysis using mid-infrared microcavities
Author(s): Tiening Jin; Junchao Zhou; Pao Tai Lin
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Accurate measurement of the optical constants for modeling organic and organophosphorous liquid layers and drops
Author(s): Tanya L. Myers; Russell G. Tonkyn; Tyler O. Danby; Brent M. De Vetter; Bruce E. Bernacki; Matthew S. Taubman; Timothy J. Johnson
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Simulating ATR spectra for detecting nerve agent-sorbent binding
Author(s): M. R. Papantonakis; C. A. Roberts; A. Shabaev; Y. Kim; R. A. McGill; C. A. Kendziora; R. Furstenberg; S. G. Lambrakos
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On constructing surface-distributed-scatterer ensembles for analysis of deposited-explosive-particle diffuse-reflectance spectra
Author(s): R. Furstenberg; C. A. Kendziora; A. Shabaev; Y. Kim; R. A. McGill; S. G. Lambrakos
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Mid-infrared reflection signatures for trace chemicals on surfaces
Author(s): Derek Wood; David B. Kelley; Anish K. Goyal; Petros Kotidis
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Modeling liquid organic thin films on substrates
Author(s): Bruce E. Bernacki; Timothy J. Johnson; Tanya L. Myers; Thomas A. Blake
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Infrasound threat classification: a statistical comparison of deep learning architectures
Author(s): Mitchell L. Solomon; Kaylen J. Bryan; Kaleb E. Smith; Dean A. Clauter; Anthony O. Smith; Adrian M. Peter
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Deep wavelet scattering features for infrasonic threat identification
Author(s): Kaylen J. Bryan; Kaleb E. Smith; Mitchell L. Solomon; Dean A. Clauter; Anthony O. Smith; Adrian M. Peter
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Active standoff chemical identification detector
Author(s): Jay P. Giblin; Julia R. Dupuis; John P. Dixon; Joel M. Hensley; David J. Mansur; William J. Marinelli
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Enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy sensitivity through intra-cavity OPO excitation
Author(s): Adam Polak; David J. M. Stothard
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Fiber-based chemical sensing and sensing platforms with colorimetric dyes
Author(s): Richard P. Kingsborough; Stephen Giardini; Do-Joong Lee; Jin Ho Kim; Keegan Quigley; Alexander Stolyarov; Lauren Cantley; Shane Tysk; Conor Hennessy; Mordechai Rothschild; Rachel Odessey; Jimmy Xu; Richard M. Osgood
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Near-field infrasound classification of rocket launch signatures
Author(s): Kaleb E. Smith; Mitchell L. Solomon; Kaylen J. Bryan; Anthony O. Smith; Adrian M. Peter
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