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MIPPR 2017: Automatic Target Recognition and Navigation
Editor(s): Jianguo Liu; Jayaram K. Udupa; Hanyu Hong
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Volume Number: 10608
Date Published: 28 February 2018
Softcover: 27 papers (212) pages
ISBN: 9781510617193

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 10608
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The improvement of VIBE foreground detection algorithm
Author(s): Ahong Xu; Jun Zhang; Jinwen Tian; Daimeng Zhang; Xiaomao Liu
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An improved KCF tracking algorithm based on multi-feature and multi-scale
Author(s): Wei Wu; Ding Wang; Xin Luo; Yang Su; Weiye Tian
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Infrared maritime target detection using a probabilistic single Gaussian model of sea clutter in Fourier domain
Author(s): Anran Zhou; Weixin Xie; Jihong Pei; Yapei Chen
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Low-resolution ship detection from high-altitude aerial images
Author(s): Shengxiang Qi; Jianmin Wu; Qing Zhou; Minyang Kang
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High-precision relative position and attitude measurement for on-orbit maintenance of spacecraft
Author(s): Bing Zhu; Feng Chen; Dongdong Li; Ying Wang
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An advanced analysis method of initial orbit determination with too short arc data
Author(s): Binzhe Li; Li Fang
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Gaussian mixture models-based ship target recognition algorithm in remote sensing infrared images
Author(s): Shoukui Yao; Xiaojuan Qin
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Dim target detection method based on salient graph fusion
Author(s): Ruo-lan Hu; Yi-yan Shen; Jun Jiang
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Joint image restoration and location in visual navigation system
Author(s): Yuefeng Wu; Nong Sang; Wei Lin; Yuanjie Shao
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Target tracking system based on preliminary and precise two-stage compound cameras
Author(s): Yiyan Shen; Ruolan Hu; Jun She; Yiming Luo; Jie Zhou
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Robust object tacking based on self-adaptive search area
Author(s): Taihang Dong; Sheng Zhong
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Saliency detection algorithm based on LSC-RC
Author(s): Wei Wu; Weiye Tian; Ding Wang; Xin Luo; Yingfei Wu; Yu Zhang
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Discussion among different methods of updating model filter in object tracking
Author(s): Taihang Dong; Sheng Zhong
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A street rubbish detection algorithm based on Sift and RCNN
Author(s): XiPeng Yu; Zhong Chen; Shuo Zhang; Ting Zhang
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Complex background suppression using global-local registration strategy for the detection of small-moving target on moving platform
Author(s): Tianhao Zou; Zhengrong Zuo
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A new method of small target detection based on neural network
Author(s): Jing Hu; Yongli Hu; Xinxin Lu
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A novel line segment detection algorithm based on graph search
Author(s): Hong-dan Zhao; Guo-ying Liu; Xu Song
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Infrared images target detection based on background modeling in the discrete cosine domain
Author(s): Han Ye; Jihong Pei
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Monocular visual odometry-based 3D-2D motion estimation
Author(s): Yongyuan Jiang; Tongwei Lu; Yao Zhang; Shihui Ai
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Segmentation of oil spills in SAR images by using discriminant cuts
Author(s): Xianwen Ding; Xiaolin Zou
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A novel visual-inertial monocular SLAM
Author(s): Xiaofeng Yue; Wenjuan Zhang; Li Xu; JiangGuo Liu
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Infrared vehicle recognition using unsupervised feature learning based on K-feature
Author(s): Jin Lin; Yihua Tan; Haijiao Xia; Jinwen Tian
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A threshold auto-adjustment algorithm of feature points extraction based on grid
Author(s): Zili Yao; Jun Li; Gaojie Dong
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Real-time object detection and semantic segmentation for autonomous driving
Author(s): Baojun Li; Shun Liu; Weichao Xu; Wei Qiu
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An improved feature extraction algorithm based on KAZE for multi-spectral image
Author(s): Jianping Yang; Jun Li
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Improved CORF model of simple cell combined with non-classical receptive field and its application on edge detection
Author(s): Xiao Sun; Guobei Chai; Wei Liu; Wenzhuo Bao; Xiaoning Zhao; Delie Ming
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Parallax adjustment algorithm based on Susan-Zernike moments
Author(s): Yan Deng; Kun Zhang; Xiaoqin Shen; Huiyun Zhang
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