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Biophotonics—Riga 2017
Editor(s): Janis Spigulis
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Volume Number: 10592
Date Published: 10 January 2018
Softcover: 21 papers (138) pages
ISBN: 9781510616769

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Front Matter: Volume 10592
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Microscopic and macroscopic spectral peculiarities of cutaneous tumours
Author(s): Ekaterina Borisova; Tsanislava Genova; Petranka Troyanova; Ivan Terziev; Valery Zakharov; Ivan Bratchenko; Maria Lomova; Dmitry Gorin; Latchezar Avramov
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Remote photoplethysmography system for unsupervised monitoring regional anesthesia effectiveness
Author(s): U. Rubins; A. Miscuks; Z. Marcinkevics; M. Lange
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Rosacea assessment by erythema index and principal component analysis segmentation maps
Author(s): Ilona Kuzmina; Uldis Rubins; Inga Saknite; Janis Spigulis
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Application of fluorescent and vibration spectroscopy for septic serum human albumin structure deformation during pathology
Author(s): A. Zyubin; E. Konstantinova; V. Slezhkin; K. Matveeva; I. Samusev; V. Bryukhanov
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Semi-automated non-invasive diagnostics method for melanoma differentiation from nevi and pigmented basal cell carcinomas
Author(s): I. Lihacova; K. Bolocko; A. Lihachev
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Evaluation of skin pathologies by RGB autofluorescence imaging
Author(s): Alexey Lihachev; Emilija V. Plorina; Alexander Derjabo; Marta Lange; Ilze Lihacova
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Cavity ring down spectrometry for disease diagnostics using exhaled air
Author(s): G. Revalde; K. Grundšteins; J. Alnis; A. Skudra
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First results of cavity ring down signals from exhaled air
Author(s): G. Revalde; K. Grundšteins; J. Alnis; A. Skudra
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Computed aided system for separation and classification of the abnormal erythrocytes in human blood
Author(s): Michał Wąsowicz; Michał Grochowski; Marek Kulka; Agnieszka Mikołajczyk; Mateusz Ficek; Katarzyna Karpieńko; Maciej Cićkiewicz
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Development of optical WGM resonators for biosensors
Author(s): I. Brice; A. Pirktina; A. Ubele; K. Grundsteins; A. Atvars; R. Viter; J. Alnis
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Application of quantum dots CdZnSeS / ZnS luminescence, enhanced by plasmons of silver rough surface for detection of albumin in blood facies of infected person
Author(s): E. Konstantinova; A. Zyubin; E. Moiseeva; K. Matveeva; V. Slezhkin; I. Samusev; V. Bryukhanov
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Monitoring soft tissue coagulation by optical spectroscopy
Author(s): A. Lihachev; I. Lihacova; H. Heinrichs; J. Spigulis; T. Trebst; M Wehner
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Evaluation of nitroglycerin effect on remote photoplethysmogram waveform acquired at green and near infra-red illumination
Author(s): Z. Marcinkevics; U. Rubins; A. Caica; A. Grabovskis
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Image quality enhancement for skin cancer optical diagnostics
Author(s): Dmitrijs Bliznuks; Ilona Kuzmina; Katrina Bolocko; Alexey Lihachev
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Color constancy in dermatoscopy with smartphone
Author(s): Blaž Cugmas; Franjo Pernuš; Boštjan Likar
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AOTF-based optical system of a microscope module for multispectral imaging techniques
Author(s): Olga Polschikova; Alexander Machikhin; Vladislav Batshev; Alina Ramazanova; Artyom Belov; Vitold Pozhar
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Conjugation of fiber-coupled wide-band light sources and acousto-optical spectral elements
Author(s): Alexander Machikhin; Vladislav Batshev; Olga Polschikova; Demid Khokhlov; Vitold Pozhar; Alexey Gorevoy
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The silver layers in fiber-optic sensors
Author(s): Paulina Listewnik; Melike Aydoğan; Daria Majchrowicz; Małgorzata Jędrzejewska-Szczerska
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Implicit dosimetry of microorganism photodynamic inactivation
Author(s): Mindaugas Tamošiūnas; Neringa Kuliešienė; Rimantas Daugelavičius
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pEGFP transfection into murine skeletal muscle by electrosonoporation
Author(s): Mindaugas Tamošiūnas; Dainis Jakovels; Uldis Rubins; Roberts Kadikis; Ramona Petrovska; Saulius Šatkauskas
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Estimation of the effect of radionuclide contamination on Vicia sativa L. induction of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters using "Floratest" optical biosensor
Author(s): Yu. Ruban; V. Illienko; N. Nesterova; O. Pareniuk; K. Shavanova
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