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Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning VII
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Volume Number: 10589
Date Published: 9 May 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10589
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
3D memory: etch is the new litho
Author(s): Christopher Petti
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Evolution of roughness during the pattern transfer of high-chi, 10nm half-pitch, silicon-containing block copolymer structures
Author(s): Gregory Blachut; Stephen M. Sirard; Andrew Liang; Chris A. Mack; Michael J. Maher; Paulina A. Rincon-Delgadillo; Boon Teik Chan; Geert Mannaert; Geert Vandenberghe; C. Grant Willson; Christopher J. Ellison; Diane Hymes
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Selective dry etching of silicon containing anti-reflective coating
Author(s): Shyam Sridhar; Andrew Nolan; Li Wang; Erdinc Karakas; Sergey Voronin; Peter Biolsi; Alok Ranjan
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New frontiers of atomic layer etching
Author(s): Sonam D. Sherpa; Alok Ranjan
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Exploration of post-lithography smoothening methods applied to 16nm half-pitch EUV lines and spaces (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Frederic Lazzarino; Ming Mao; Sara Paolillo; Suseendharan Sakthikumar; Danilo De Simone; Alain Moussa; Nadia Vandenbroeck; Daniele Piumi; Kathy Barla
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Graphoepitaxy integration and pattern transfer of lamellar silicon-containing high-chi block copolymers
Author(s): P. Bézard; X. Chevalier; A. Legrain; C. Navarro; C. Nicolet; G. Fleury; I. Cayrefourcq; R. Tiron; M. Zelsmann
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Wafer edge overlay control solution for N7 and beyond
Author(s): Richard van Haren; Victor Calado; Leon van Dijk; Jan Hermans; Kaushik Kumar; Fumiko Yamashita
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Exploration of BEOL line-space patterning options at 12 nm half-pitch and below
Author(s): S. Decoster; F. Lazzarino; L. Petersen Barbosa Lima; W. Li; J. Versluijs; S. Halder; A. Mallik; G. Murdoch
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Advanced process and defect characterization methodology to support process development of advanced patterning structures
Author(s): Supriya Ketkar; Junhan Lee; Sen Asokamani; Winston Cho; Shailendra Mishra
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Thermal atomic layer etching using sequential, self-limiting surface reactions (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Steven George
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A cellular automata simulation of atomic layer etching
Author(s): Jan Strotmann; Meghali Chopra; Roger T. Bonnecaze
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Isotropic atomic level etching of tungsten using formation and desorption of tungsten fluoride
Author(s): Kazunori Shinoda; Nobuya Miyoshi; Hiroyuki Kobayashi; Yuko Hanaoka; Kohei Kawamura; Masaru Izawa; Kenji Ishikawa; Masaru Hori
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Minimum reaction network necessary to describe Ar/CF4 plasma etch
Author(s): Sofia Helpert; Meghali Chopra; Roger T. Bonnecaze
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Introduction of pre-etch deposition techniques in EUV patterning
Author(s): Xun Xiang; Genevieve Beique; Lei Sun; Andre Labonte; Catherine Labelle; Bhaskar Nagabhirava; Phil Friddle; Stefan Schmitz; Michael Goss; Dominik Metzler; John Arnold
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Self-aligned blocking integration demonstration for critical sub-30nm pitch Mx level patterning with EUV self-aligned double patterning
Author(s): Angélique Raley; Joe Lee; Jeffrey T. Smith; Xinghua Sun; Richard A. Farrell; Jeffrey Shearer; Yongan Xu; Akiteru Ko; Andrew W. Metz; Peter Biolsi; Anton Devilliers; John Arnold; Nelson Felix
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EUV patterning using CAR or MOX photoresist at low dose exposure for sub 36nm pitch
Author(s): Sophie Thibaut; Angélique Raley; Frederic Lazarrino; Ming Mao; Danilo De Simone; Daniele Piumi ; Kathy Barla; Akiteru Ko; Andrew Metz; Kaushik Kumar; Peter Biolsi
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Ion-beam nanopatterning: experimental results with chemically-assisted beam
Author(s): Sebastien C. R. Pochon
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Cost modeling 22nm pitch patterning approaches
Author(s): Ed Korczynski
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Optimized plasma etch window of block copolymers and neutral brush layers for enhanced direct self-assembly pattern transfer into a hardmask layer
Author(s): Nickolas Brakensiek; Kui Xu; Daniel Sweat; Mary Ann Hockey
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Line roughness improvements on self-aligned quadruple patterning by wafer stress engineering
Author(s): Eric Liu; Akiteru Ko; Peter Biolsi; Soo Doo Chae; Chia-Yun Hsieh; Munehito Kagaya; Choongman Lee; Tsuyoshi Moriya; Shimpei Tsujikawa; Yusuke Suzuki; Kazuya Okubo; Kiyotaka Imai
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Modeling of block copolymer dry etching for directed self-assembly lithography
Author(s): Zelalem Belete; Eberhard Baer; Andreas Erdmann
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Computational nanometrology of line-edge roughness: noise effects, cross-line correlations and the role of etch transfer
Author(s): Vassilios Constantoudis; George Papavieros; Gian Lorusso; Vito Rutigliani; Frieda Van Roey; Evangelos Gogolides
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