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Laser Florence 2017: Advances in Laser Medicine
Editor(s): Leonardo Longo
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Volume Number: 10582
Date Published: 2 May 2018
Softcover: 18 papers (156) pages
ISBN: 9781510620056

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Front Matter: Volume 10582
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Low level laser therapy (photobiomodulation) for the management of breast cancer-related lymphedema: an update
Author(s): G. David Baxter; Lizhou Liu; Cathy Chapple; Simone Petrich; Juanita J. Anders; Steve Tumilty
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Laser biostimulation therapy planning supported by imaging
Author(s): Adam R. Mester
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Treatment of complicated gangrene using infrared photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Robert Szabo
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Approach and potentiality of low level laser therapy in veterinary medicine
Author(s): Valentina Paterniani; Stefano Grolli
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Photobiomodulation laser improves the early repair process of hypothyroid rats
Author(s): V. D. Uzêda e Silva; T. T. Rodriguez; F. C. A. Xavier; J. N. dos Santos; R. M. Vasconcelos; L. M. P. Ramalho
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The effect of phototherapies on bone repair of euthyroid and hypothyroid rats: Raman spectroscopic study
Author(s): Amanda P. Soares; Tania T. Rodriguez; Luiz G. P. Soares; Jean Nunes dos Santos; Landulfo Silveira ; Antonio Luiz B. Pinheiro
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Laser therapy in women genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection complicated with PID and infertility
Author(s): Daniela Brinzan; Lucian Paiusan; Claudia-Ramona Smeu
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Clinical and histological evaluation of laser therapy in the treatment of oral mucositis in an animal model
Author(s): L. A. Vitória; R. M. Machado; C. R. B. Oliveira; T. T. Rodriguez; M. C. T. Cangussu; C. C. Mathias ; L. M. P. Ramalho
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Evaluation of phototherapy in the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in the tissue repair of rats submitted to a hyperlipidemic diet
Author(s): C. R. B. Oliveira; L. S. Santos; V. D. U. Silva ; L. A. Vitória; T. T. Rodriguez; A. M. C. Marques; F. C. A. Xavier; L. Ramalho
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Muscle shortening maneuver and not topical anti-inflammatory therapy is effective in reducing the width of subacromial-subdeltoid bursa in shoulder impingement syndrome
Author(s): Daniela Melchiorre; Paolo Lippi; Alberto Marchi; Marco Maresca; Riccardo Bravi; Quarta Eros; Patrizia Lazzerini; Maria Angela Bagni
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Laser synthesis of hybrid nanoparticles for biomedicine
Author(s): H. K. Avetissian; A. A. Lalayan
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Low-level laser therapy equipment needs calibration before clinical use
Author(s): André Machado de Senna; Rosa Maria Machado-de-sena; Arseni Lázaro Facundes; Patrícia Barros Nepomuceno; Wanilza Sávya Florentino; Ronyere Olegário de Araújo
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Automatic classification of fluorescence and optical diffusion spectroscopy data in neuro-oncology
Author(s): T. A. Savelieva; V. B. Loshchenov; S. A. Goryajnov; A. A. Potapov
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Non-contact procedure to measure heart and lung activities in preterm pediatric patients with skin disorders
Author(s): P. Marchionni; L. Scalise; L. Antognoli; S. Nobile; V. P. Carnielli
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Face and labial rejuvenation with the new Nd-Yag 1064 picoseconds laser
Author(s): Heitor Teixeira; Carolina Teixeira
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Varicose veins endoluminal laser ablation from the beginning EVLT till now CELIV
Author(s): Heitor Teixeira; Carolina Teixeira
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Differential expression of myofibroblasts on CO2 laser wounds and scalpel wounds: an experimental model
Author(s): R. M. Machado; C. R. B. Oliveira; L. A. Vitória; F. C. A. Xavier; A. L. B. Pinheiro; A. C. Freitas; L. M. P. Ramalho
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Ultrastructural analysis of dental ceramic surface processed by a 1070 nm fiber laser
Author(s): C. Fornaini; E. Merigo; F. Poli; J.-P. Rocca; S. Selleri; A. Cucinotta
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