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Photochemistry in Thin Films
Editor(s): Thomas F. George

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Volume Number: 1056
Date Published: 15 August 1989

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Raman Spectroscopy Of Molecules Adsorbed On Solid Surfaces
Author(s): Scott S. Perry; Curtis Shannon; Alan Campion
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Laser Diagnostics Of Nascent Gaseous Product Species Formed In Chemical Reactions On Surfaces
Author(s): David S.Y Hsu
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Laser Observation Of An Adsorbate's Vibrational Line Strength And Stark Tuning Rate
Author(s): David K Lambert
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Optical Second-Harmonic Generation Studies Of Ag Layer And 3-D Cluster Growth On Cu(110)
Author(s): Mark A. Hoffbauer; Ross E Muenchausen
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Surface Plasmons As Interfacial Light For The Characterization Of Thin Films
Author(s): Wolfgang Knoll; Benno Rothenhausler; Werner Hickel
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Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Kinetics Diagnostics Of Thin Film Polymerization Photoinitiated By Excimer Laser Pulses
Author(s): David Klick; M Alfred Akerman; George L Paul; Darko Supurovic; Haruki Tsuda
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Vibrational Energy Relaxation In A Molecular Monolayer Measured By Picosecond Sum Spectroscopy
Author(s): A L Harris; N. J. Levinos
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Second-Harmonic Diffraction From Periodically Modulated Molecular Monolayers
Author(s): T. F. Heinz; T. Suzuki
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Femtosecond Time-Resolved Nonlinear Optics On Semiconductor Surfaces
Author(s): H. W.K Tom
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Second Harmonic Generation Probe Of Adsorbate Structural Transition And Energy Transfer Dynamics On A Metal Surface
Author(s): L E Urbach; D. Heskett; J M. Hicks; K. J. Song; E W Plummer; H L Dai
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Viscoelastic And Electrohydrodynamic Behavior Of Thin Free-Standing Liquid Crystal Films
Author(s): Ron Pindak
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Second Harmonic Generation Studies Of Liquid Crystal Monolayers And Films
Author(s): W Chen; M. Feller; P Guyot-Sionnest; C S Mullin; H Hsiung; Y R Shen
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Brillouin Scatiering In Langnuir-Blodgeit Films
Author(s): Wolfgang Knoll; Sukmock Lee; Fabrizio Nizzoli; Burkard Hillebrands; Gisela Duda; Gerhard Wegner; G I Stegeman
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Nonlinear Optical Effects In Langmuir-Blodgett Films
Author(s): Paras N Prasad; Martin Casstevens; Marek Samoc
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One And Two Photon Photoelectron Emission From Microscopically Rough Silver Surfaces
Author(s): Todd Stuckless; Martin Moskovits
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Surface Photochemistry: 10. Monolayer Dissociation Of Methyl Halides On Pt(111)
Author(s): J . M. White
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Photochemistry At Corrugated Thin Metal Films: A Phenomenological Approach
Author(s): P. T. Leung; Young Sik Kim; Thomas F. George
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UV Surface Photochemistry And Hot Electron Transfer
Author(s): James P Cowin; Eugene P Marsh; Wolfgang Meier; Terry L. Gilton; Mark R. Schneider
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Nonthermal Photon-Assisted Chemistry Of Oriented Molecules On Solid Surfaces
Author(s): W. Ho
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Laser Photothermal Effects For Measurements And Materials Processing
Author(s): Andrew C. Tam
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Photophysics And Spectroscopy Of Surface Adlayers: Pyrene On Al2O3(1120)
Author(s): N J Tro; D R Haynes; A M Nishimura; S M George
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ArF Excimer Laser-Induced Epitaxial Growth Of Gallium Arsenide Films
Author(s): Shirley S Chu
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Reactions Of Photogenerated Neutral Free Radicals At Semiconductor Surfaces
Author(s): Jeffrey I. Steinfeld; J A Shorter; J. Langan; Xu Xin
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Low Temperature Photochemistry In Amorphous Films
Author(s): Charles A Wight; Thomas W Tang; Edward S. Mansueto
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Mass Spectrometric Studies Of The Laser Ablation Of Bulk YBa2Cu307-8
Author(s): C H Becker; J B Pallix
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Ellipsometric Study Of YBa2Cu3O7-x
Author(s): M K Kelly; D E Aspnes; P Barbour; J M Tarascon; Siu-Wai Chan; K Jenkin
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Advances In Pulsed Laser Deposition Of Y-Ba-Cu-O Superconducting Thin Films
Author(s): E. W Chase; T. Venkatesan; C. C. Chang; M. S. Hegde; D. M. Hwang; L. Nazar; J. M. Tarascon; B. Wilkens; D. Hart; X. D. Wu
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Intense Photon Beam Processing Of Materials
Author(s): K. Moorjani; B. F. Kim; J. Bohandy; F. J. Adrian
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Magnetization Studies Of High Tc Superconducting Thin Films Prepared By Laser Ablation
Author(s): L. Lynds; B. R. Weinberger; D. M. Potrepka
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The Role Of Unsteady Adiabatic Expansion In Laser Sputtering
Author(s): Roger Kelly
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