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Broadband Access Communication Technologies XII
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Volume Number: 10559
Date Published: 23 May 2018
Softcover: 26 papers (208) pages
ISBN: 9781510616035

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Front Matter: Volume 10559
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Secure long-range and high bit-rate distribution of shared key using dark states ultra-long fiber laser (UFL)
Author(s): Jacob Scheuer
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Quantum key distribution in multicore fibre for secure radio access networks
Author(s): Roberto Llorente; Antoine Provot; Maria Morant
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Coincidence studies of entangled photon pairs using nanowire detection and high-resolution time tagging for QKD application
Author(s): Evan J. Katz; Nathaniel C. Wilson; Ian R. Nemitz; Sarah A. Tedder; Brian E. Vyhnalek; Bertram M. Floyd; Tony D. Roberts; Pushkar Pandit; Skyler Baugher; Roger P. Tokars; John J. Pouch; John D. Lekki
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Cloaking data in optical networks
Author(s): Avi Klein; Shir Shahal; Gilad Masri; Hamootal Duadi; Moti Fridman
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Field trial of a QKD and high-speed classical data hybrid metropolitan network (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Adrian Wonfor; Han Qin; Rupesh Kumar; Xinke Tang; James F. Dynes; Andrew J. Shields; Richard V. Penty; Ian H. White
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Liquid surface oscillations for a time-dependent random-phase security system
Author(s): David R. Schipf; Wei-Chih Wang
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Distributed MIMO network for 5G enhanced mobile broadband
Author(s): Fumiyuki Adachi; Amnart Boonkajay; Tomoyuki Saito; Yuta Seki
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Photonic-based heterogeneous wireless links for 5G network in dense user environment (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hiroshi Murata; Hiroyuki Toda; Naruto Yonemoto; Yasuyuki Kakubari; Nobuhiko Shibagaki; Kensuke Ikeda; Hiroshi Mano
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5G small-cell networks leveraging optical technologies with mm-wave massive MIMO and MT-MAC protocols
Author(s): S. Papaioannou; G. Kalfas; C. Vagionas; C. Mitsolidou; P. Maniotis; A. Miliou; N. Pleros
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Coexistence of enhanced mobile broadband communications and ultra-reliable low-latency communications in mobile front-haul
Author(s): Kai Ying; John M. Kowalski; Toshizo Nogami; Zhanping Yin; Jia Sheng
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Vector signal generation and transmission by radio over fiber system with frequency doubling at 96 GHz
Author(s): Naoki Kanada; Naruto Yonemoto; Tetsuya Kawanishi
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Approaching fundamental limits to free-space communication through atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Aniceto Belmonte; Joseph M. Kahn
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Optimized optical wireless channel for indoor and intra-vehicle communications: power distribution and SNR analysis
Author(s): Rana Shaaban; Saleh Faruque
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Indoor communications networks realized through hybrid free-space optical and Wi-Fi links
Author(s): Spencer Liverman; Qiwei Wang; Yu-Chung Chu; Anindita Borah; Songtao Wang; Arun Natarajan; Thinh Nguyen; Alan X. Wang
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LED-based high-speed visible light communications
Author(s): Nan Chi; Meng Shi; Yiheng Zhao; Fumin Wang; Jianyang Shi; Yingjun Zhou; Xingyu Lu; Liang Qiao
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Optical wireless communication in data centers
Author(s): Shlomi Arnon
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Novel modulation scheme for VLC
Author(s): Rizwana Ahmad; Anand Srivastava; Hossam A. I. Selmy
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Optical antenna for a visible light communications receiver
Author(s): Juan Camilo Valencia-Estrada; Jorge García-Márquez; Suat Topsu; Luc Chassagne
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Bend-insensitive optical fiber with high-mechanical reliability for silicon photonic packaging
Author(s): Ming-Jun Li; Jeffery Stone; Kevin Bennett; Clifford Sutton; Douglas Butler
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Passive optical networks for 5G evolution
Author(s): Jun Shan Wey; Junwen Zhang
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QoS-aware integrated fiber-wireless standard compliant architecture based on XGPON and EDCA
Author(s): Ravneet Kaur; Anand Srivastava
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Experimental characterization of first-order polarization-mode dispersion in multi-core fiber
Author(s): Andrés Macho; Roberto Llorente
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Radio over fiber network technology for millimeter-wave distributed radar systems
Author(s): Atsushi Kanno; Naokatsu Yamamoto
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Large-capacity long-distance bidirectional wireless signal transmission at hybrid K- and W-band
Author(s): Xinying Li; Jianjun Yu
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Wide-range visible light communication technique based on path loss compensation and threshold map
Author(s): Yong Up Lee; Kyeong-Yoon Kang; Gillyoung Jung
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Proposal analysis and basic experimental evaluation of MIMO radio over fiber relay system
Author(s): Yuki Mizusawa; Ikuya Kitamura; Kazuo Kumamoto; Hong Zhou
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Lightweight multi-carrier modulation for IoT
Author(s): Ahmed F. Hussein; Hany Elgala
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Enhancing security of optical cryptosystem against ciphertext-only attack with position-multiplexing and ultra-broadband illumination
Author(s): Sujit Kumar Sahoo; Dongliang Tang; Cuong Dang
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