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Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers XXII
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Volume Number: 10552
Date Published: 11 April 2018
Softcover: 18 papers (160) pages
ISBN: 9781510615892

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Front Matter: Volume 10552
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
50 Gb/s NRZ and 4-PAM data transmission over OM5 fiber in the SWDM wavelength range
Author(s): M. Agustin; N. Ledentsov; J.-R. Kropp; V. A. Shchukin; V. P. Kalosha; K. L. Chi; Z. Khan; J. W. Shi; N. N. Ledentsov
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Behavioral modeling of VCSELs for high-speed optical interconnects
Author(s): Krzysztof Szczerba; Chris Kocot
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VCSEL noise characterization for data rates beyond 25 Gb/s
Author(s): M. V. Ramana Murty; Jingyi Wang; An-Nien Cheng; Ann L. Harren; Zheng-Wen Feng; Jason Chu; Laura M. Giovane
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Mode selection and tuning of single-frequency short-cavity VECSELs
Author(s): Darwin K. Serkland; Haley M. So; Gregory M. Peake; Michael G. Wood; Alejandro J. Grine; Christopher P. Hains; Kent M. Geib; Gordon A. Keeler
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Thermally stable surface-emitting tilted wave laser
Author(s): V. A. Shchukin; N. N. Ledentsov; V. P. Kalosha; N. Ledentsov; M. Agustin; J. R. Kropp; M. V. Maximov; F. I. Zubov; Yu. M. Shernyakov; A. S. Payusov; N. Yu Gordeev; M. M. Kulagina; A. E. Zhukov
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Quantum-cascade vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser integrated with monolithic high-contrast grating
Author(s): Tomasz Czyszanowski; Sandra Grzempa; Maciej Dems; Włodzimierz Nakwaski
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Demonstrating ultrafast polarization dynamics in spin-VCSELs
Author(s): Markus Lindemann; Tobias Pusch; Rainer Michalzik; Nils C. Gerhardt; Martin R. Hofmann
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Electrical birefringence tuning of VCSELs
Author(s): Tobias Pusch; Markus Lindemann; Nils C. Gerhardt; Martin R. Hofmann; Rainer Michalzik
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Room temperature continuous wave mid-infrared VCSEL operating at 3.35um
Author(s): V. Jayaraman; S. Segal; K. Lascola; C. Burgner; F. Towner; A. Cazabat; G. D. Cole; D. Follman; P. Heu; C. Deutsch
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Low-divergence high-power VCSEL arrays for lidar application
Author(s): Mial E. Warren; David Podva; Preethi Dacha; Matthew K. Block; Christopher J. Helms; John Maynard; Richard F. Carson
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VCSELs in short-pulse operation for time-of-flight applications
Author(s): Holger Moench; Stephan Gronenborn; Xi Gu; Ralph Gudde; Markus Herper; Johanna Kolb; Michael Miller; Michael Smeets; Alexander Weigl
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Wavelength tunable MEMS VCSELs for OCT imaging
Author(s): Hitesh Kumar Sahoo; Thor Ansbæk; Luisa Ottaviano; Elizaveta Semenova; Ole Hansen; Kresten Yvind
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The vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser incorporating a high contrast grating mirror as a sensing device
Author(s): Magdalena Marciniak; Marcin Gębski; Łukasz Piskorski; Maciej Dems; M. Wasiak; Krassimir Panajotov; James A. Lott; Tomasz Czyszanowski
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Integration of electro-absorption modulator in a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
Author(s): L. Marigo-Lombart; S. Calvez; A. Arnoult; A. Rumeau; C. Viallon; H. Thienpont; K. Panajotov; G. Almuneau
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The influence of the VCSEL design on its electrical modulation properties
Author(s): Paulina Komar; Patrycja Śpiewak; Marcin Gębski; Ricardo Rosales; Luca Sulmoni; Magdalena Marciniak; Tomasz Czyszanowski; James A. Lott; Michał Wasiak
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Simplicity VCSELs
Author(s): Nasibeh Haghighi; Ricardo Rosales; Gunter Larisch; Marcin Gębski; Leszek Frasunkiewicz; Tomasz Czyszanowski; James A. Lott
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Impact of the top DBR in GaAs-based VCSELs on the threshold current and the cavity photon lifetime
Author(s): Patrycja Śpiewak; Marcin Gębski; Nasibeh Haghighi; Ricardo Rosales; Paulina Komar; Jarosław Walczak; Marta Więckowska; Robert P. Sarzała; James A. Lott; Michał Wasiak
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Temperature stable oxide-confined 850-nm VCSELs operating at bit rates up to 25 Gbit/s at 150ºC
Author(s): N. Ledentsov; M. Agustin; J.-R. Kropp; V. A. Shchukin; V. P. Kalosha; K. L. Chi; Z. Khan; J. W. Shi; N. N. Ledentsov
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