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Emerging Digital Micromirror Device Based Systems and Applications X
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Volume Number: 10546
Date Published: 16 May 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10546
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Where fewer pixels give you more image
Author(s): Matthew Edgar; Graham Gibson; Miles Padgett
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Single-pixel imaging using balanced detection and a digital micromirror device
Author(s): F. Soldevila; P. Clemente; E. Tajahuerce; Néstor Uribe-Patarroyo; P. Andrés; J. Lancis
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Programmable CGH on photochromic material using DMD generated masks
Author(s): Romain Alata; Frédéric Zamkotsian; Patrick Lanzoni; Giorgio Pariani; Andrea Bianco; Chiara Bertarelli
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Superfast 3D shape measurement of a flapping flight process with motion based segmentation
Author(s): Beiwen Li
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Universal phase unwrapping for phase measuring profilometry using geometry analysis
Author(s): Jianwen Song; Yo-Sung Ho; Daniel L. Lau; Kai Liu
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Use of digital micromirror devices as dynamic pinhole arrays for adaptive confocal fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Paolo Pozzi; Dean Wilding; Oleg Soloviev; Gleb Vdovin; Michel Verhaegen
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DMD-based quantitative phase microscopy and optical diffraction tomography
Author(s): Renjie Zhou
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Confocal retinal imaging using a digital light projector with a near infrared VCSEL source
Author(s): Matthew S. Muller; Ann E. Elsner
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Structured polarized light microscopy (SPLM) for mapping collagen fiber orientation of ocular tissues
Author(s): Bin Yang; Bryn Brazile; Ning-Jiun Jan; Andrew P. Voorhees; Ian A. Sigal
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Low intensity LiDAR using compressed sensing and a photon number resolving detector
Author(s): Yoni Sher; Lior Cohen; Daniel Istrati; Hagai S. Eisenberg
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Headlamp innovations: optical concepts for fully adaptive light distributions
Author(s): Marvin Knöchelmann; Gerolf Kloppenburg; Roland Lachmayer
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DMDs for multi-object near-infrared spectrographs in astronomy
Author(s): Stephen A. Smee; Robert Barkhouser; Stephen Hope; Devin Conley; Aidan Gray; Gavin Hope; Massimo Robberto
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Automatic real-time tilt correction of DMD-based displays for augmented reality applications
Author(s): David Castells-Rufas; Francesc Bravo-Montero; Byron Quezada-Benalcazar; Marc Codina; Jordi Carrabina
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