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Dynamics and Fluctuations in Biomedical Photonics XV
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Volume Number: 10493
Estimated Publication Date: 1 March 2018
Softcover: 0 papers () pages
ISBN: 9781510614710

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Laser speckle imaging of brain blood flow through a transparent nanocrystalline yttria-stabilized-zirconia cranial implant
Author(s): Nami Davoodzadeh; David Halaney; Carrie R. Jonak; Natanael Cuando; Amirhessam Aminfar; Devin K. Binder; Guillermo Aguilar
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Biodynamic imaging of therapeutic efficacy for canine B-cell lymphoma: preclinical trial results
Author(s): H. Choi; J. Turek; Z. Li; M. Childress; D. Nolte
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Poincaré descriptors of long and short-range correlations in the spatial and temporal fluctuations of coherently scattered light
Author(s): Anindya Majumdar; Sean J. Kirkpatrick
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Functional optical coherence tomography for live dynamic analysis of mouse embryonic cardiogenesis
Author(s): Shang Wang; Andrew L. Lopez; Irina V. Larina
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Optical coherence tomography angiography and cutaneous wound healing
Author(s): Wendy Wang; Anthony J. Deegan; Shaojie Men; Ruikang K. Wang
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Heart rate sensitive optical coherence angiography
Author(s): Karl Alvarez; Jordi Lopez-Tremoleda; Rob Donnan; Adina T. Michael-Titus; Peter H. Tomlins
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Monitoring of injury induced brain regeneration of the adult zebrafish by using optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Zhen Yuan; Jian Zhang
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Quantitative detection of breast ductal carcinoma tissues at different progression stages using Mueller matrix microscope
Author(s): Teng Liu; Honghui He; Yang Dong; Hui Ma
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In-vivo assessment of microvascular functional dynamics by combination of cmOCT and wavelet transform
Author(s): Salvatore Smirni; Michael P. MacDonald; Catherine P. Robertson; Paul M. McNamara; Sean O'Gorman; Martin J. Leahy; Faisel Khan
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A cost function approach for the analysis of time-resolved functional near-infrared spectroscopy (TR fNIRS) signals
Author(s): Junwoo Kim; Dug Young Kim
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The microstructural variation during tissue optical clearing by Mueller matrix polarimetry
Author(s): Yu Huang; Nan Zeng; Qiaolin Xie; Valery V. Tuchin; Hui Ma
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DAS: A simple, efficient, scalable and DiI-compatible optical clearing method for intact systems
Author(s): Lingling Chen; Lina Liu; Guiye Li; Ang Liu; Yingchao Li; Xuejuan Hu; Shuangchen Ruan
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Control of epileptic seizures in WAG/Rij rats by means of brain-computer interface
Author(s): Vladimir V. Makarov; Vladimir A. Maximenko; Gilles van Luijtelaar; Annika Lüttjohann; Alexander E. Hramov
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Characterization of vascular dynamics based on experimental recordings with extreme data loss
Author(s): Maria V. Ulanova; Arkady S. Abdurashitov; Olga N. Pavlova; Oxana V. Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya; Alexey N. Pavlov
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Detection of EEG-patterns associated with real and imaginary movements using detrended fluctuation analysis
Author(s): Alexey N. Pavlov; Anastasiya E. Runnova; Vladimir A. Maksimenko; Daria S. Grishina; Alexander E. Hramov
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Nonlinear dynamics and coherent resonance in a network of coupled neural-like oscillators
Author(s): Andrei V. Andreev; Anastasiya E. Runnova; Alexander N. Pisarchik; Alexander E. Hramov
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The study of human higher mental functions as they relate to neurophysiological processes and personal characteristics
Author(s): Anastasiya Runnova; Maxim Zhuravlev; Roman Kulanin; Pavel Protasov; Alexander Hramov; Alexey Koronovskii
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Brain-computer interface for alertness estimation and improving
Author(s): Alexander Hramov; Vladimir Maksimenko; Marina Khramova
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Nonlinear correlation method for the separation of couplings in EEG experiments with neural ensembles
Author(s): Alexander E. Hramov; Anton O. Selskii; Igor V. Egorov
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Effect of filtration of signals of brain activity on quality of recognition of brain activity patterns using artificial intelligence methods
Author(s): Alexander E. Hramov; Nikita S. Frolov; Vyachaslav Yu. Musatov
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Multi-color backscattering Mueller matrix imaging on thick fresh tissues and on living nude mice skin
Author(s): Yuanhuan Zhu; Yue Yao; Yang Dong; Hui Ma
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Analysis of bistable perception based on MEG data
Author(s): Vladimir A. Maksimenko; Nikita S. Frolov; Alexander N. Pisarchik
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Use of parallel computing for analyzing big data in EEG studies of ambiguous perception
Author(s): Vladimir A. Maksimenko; Vadim V. Grubov; Daniil V. Kirsanov
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Study of the interactions in neural ensemble of the brain using wavelet analysis
Author(s): Vladimir Maksimenko; Vladimir Makarov; Mikhail Goremyko
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Effect of luminescence transport through adipose tissue on measurement of tissue temperature by using ZnCdS nanothermometers
Author(s): Elena K. Volkova; Irina Yu. Yanina; Elena Sagaidachnaya; Julia G. Konyukhova; Vyacheslav I. Kochubey; Valery V. Tuchin
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Fibre-optic probe for fluorescence diagnostics with blood influence compensation
Author(s): Evgeny Zherebtsov; Viktor Dremin; Elena Zharkikh; Angelina Zherebtsova; Ilya Rafailov; Andrey Dunaev; Natalia Bazieva; Edik Rafailov
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Monitoring skin microvascular dysfunction of type 1 diabetic mice using in vivo skin optical clearing
Author(s): Feng Wei; Shi Rui; Dan Zhu
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Identification of the patterns of brain activity during the imagination of movements using an artificial neural network
Author(s): Semen A. Kurkin; Vyacheslav Yu. Musatov; Anastasiya E. Runnova; Svetlana V. Pchelintseva; Vadim V. Grubov
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Development and validation of factor analysis for dynamic in-vivo imaging data sets
Author(s): Lukas Goldschmied; Peter Knoll; Siroos Mirzaei; Vyacheslav Kalchenko
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High speed, spatially-resolved diffuse imaging for jet injection depth estimation
Author(s): Kieran A. Brennan; Bryan P. Ruddy; Poul M. F. Nielsen; Andrew J. Taberner
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Laser-assisted nanoceramics reinforced polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering: additional heating and stem cells behavior
Author(s): Igor Shishkovsky; Vladimir Scherbakov; Vladislav Volchkov; Larisa Volova
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