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Optical Biopsy XVI: Toward Real-Time Spectroscopic Imaging and Diagnosis
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Volume Number: 10489
Date Published: 14 May 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10489
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Circulating tumor cells enrichment and phenotyping by combining dielectrophoresis and metasurface-enhanced infrared spectroscopy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Gennady B. Shvets; Glen Kelp; Shourya Dutta Gupta; Nicholas DiNapoli
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Mid-infrared fiber-coupled supercontinuum spectroscopic imaging using a tapered chalcogenide photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Christian Rosenberg Petersen; Nikola Prtljaga; Mark Farries; Jon Ward; Bruce Napier; Gavin Rhys Lloyd; Jayakrupakar Nallala; Nick Stone; Ole Bang
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Automated pre-processing and multivariate vibrational spectra analysis software for rapid results in clinical settings
Author(s): T. Bhattacharjee; P. Kumar; L. Fillipe
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In vivo, noncontact, real-time, optical and spectroscopic assessment of the immediate local physiological response to spinal cord injury in a rat model
Author(s): Seth Fillioe; Kyle Kelly Bishop; Alexander Vincent Struck Jannini; Jon Kim; Ricky McDonough; Steve Ortiz; Jerry Goodisman; Julie Hasenwinkel; J. Chaiken
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Multi-color autofluorescence and scattering spectroscopy provides rapid assessment of kidney function following ischemic injury
Author(s): Rajesh N. Raman; Chris D. Pivetti; Rajendra Ramsamooj; Christoph Troppmann; Stavros G. Demos
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Calibration-free technique for the measurement of oxygen saturation changes in muscles of marine mammals and its proof of concept
Author(s): Antonio Ortega-Martinez; Chhavi Goenka; Marloes Booker; Robert M. H. Grange; Allyson G. Hindle; Walfre Franco
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In-vivo fluorescence detection of breast cancer growth factor receptors by fiber-optic probe
Author(s): Gilbert Bustamante; Bingzhi Wang; Frank DeLuna; LuZhe Sun; Jing Yong Ye
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In vivo measurements of optical properties of human muscles with visible and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Chiao Yi Wang; Ting Wen Yu; Kung Bin Sung
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MUSE microscopy for thick tissue imaging with extended depth of field (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Farzad Fereidouni; John Tracy; Richard M. Levenson M.D.
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Novel fiber optic-based needle redox imager for cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Udayakumar Kanniyappan; He N. Xu; Qinggong Tang; Brandon Gaitan; Yi Liu; Lin Z. Li; Yu Chen
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Colorectal cancer detection by hyperspectral imaging using fluorescence excitation scanning
Author(s): Silas J. Leavesley; Joshua Deal; Shante Hill; Will A. Martin; Malvika Lall; Carmen Lopez; Paul F. Rider; Thomas C. Rich; Carole W. Boudreaux
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Mapping optical properties of the esophagus using sub-diffuse spatial frequency domain imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jordan Sweer; Nicholas J. Durr
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A colinear backscattering Mueller matrix microscope for reflection Muller matrix imaging
Author(s): Zhenhua Chen; Yue Yao; Yuanhuan Zhu; Hui Ma
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Noninvasive optical monitoring multiple physiological parameters response to cytokine storm
Author(s): Zebin Li; Ting Li
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Towards real-time non contact spatial resolved oxygenation monitoring using a multi spectral filter array camera in various light conditions
Author(s): Jacob R. Bauer; Karlijn van Beekum; John Klaessens; Herke Jan Noordmans; Christa Boer; Jon Y. Hardeberg; Rudolf M. Verdaasdonk
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In vivo and in situ spectroscopic imaging by a handheld stimulated Raman microscope (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ji-Xin Cheng; Chien-Sheng Liao
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New advances in RCM-OCT imaging for non-melanoma skin cancer detection and therapy guidance (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nicusor V. Iftimia; Gopi N. Maguluri; Jesung Park; William J. Fox; Milind Rajadhyaksha
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Statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms for optical biopsy
Author(s): Binlin Wu; Cheng-hui Liu; Susie Boydston-White; Hugh Beckman; Vidyasagar Sriramoju; Laura Sordillo; Chunyuan Zhang; Lin Zhang; Lingyan Shi; Jason Smith; Jacob Bailin; Robert R. Alfano
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Determination of human skin optical properties from hyper spectral data with deep-learning neural networks (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alexander Doronin; Igor Meglinski; Alexander V. Bykov; Holly Rushmeier
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Combination absorption and fluorescence for detection of vessels in intestinal sub-mucosa (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Stewart Russell; Shirley Chan; Min Jing Zheng; Yury Budansky; Robert R. Alfano
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Characterization and discrimination of human breast cancer and normal breast tissues using resonance Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Binlin Wu; Jason Smith; Lin Zhang; Xin Gao; Robert R. Alfano
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Early determination of molecular alterations in breast cancer-colonized bone with Raman spectroscopy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Chi Zhang; Ishan Barman
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Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for noninvasive in situ assessment of implanted tissue-engineered constructs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): William R. Lloyd III; Seung Yup Lee; Sakib F. Elahi; Leng-Chun Chen; Shiuhyang Kuo ; Hyungjin Myra Kim Kim ; Cynthia L. Marcelo; Stephen E. Feinberg; Mary-Ann Mycek
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Near infrared spectroscopy of human muscles
Author(s): R. Gasbarrone; A. Currà; A. Cardillo; G. Bonifazi; S. Serranti
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Developing visible and near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy to detect changes of the dermal collagen concentration
Author(s): Chiao-Yi Wang; Andy Ying Chi Liao; Kung Bin Sung
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Application of wavelet based MFDFA on Mueller matrix images for cervical pre-cancer detection
Author(s): Mohammad Zaffar; Asima Pradhan
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Stokes shift spectroscopy for the early diagnosis of epithelial precancers in DMBA treated mouse skin carcinogenesis
Author(s): Ebenezar Jeyasingh; Ganesan Singaravelu; Aruna Prakasarao
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Fermat single pixel camera for characterizing optical properties of biological tissues over the visible to SWIR spectral range
Author(s): Bixin Zeng; Jian Liu; Xin Chen; Wenlei Yu; Dandan Wang; Xiuwei Zhu; Weihao Lin; Yang Zheng; M. Xu
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A pilot study for distinguishing chromophobe renal cell carcinoma and oncocytoma using second harmonic generation imaging and convolutional neural network analysis of collagen fibrillar structure
Author(s): Nicolas Judd; Jason Smith; Manu Jain; Sushmita Mukherjee; Michael Icaza; Ryan Gallagher; Richard Szeligowski; Binlin Wu
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Fluorescence spectroscopy for throat cancer detection using human saliva
Author(s): Pavan Kumar; Ashutosh Singh; Mohammad Zaffar; Asima Pradhan
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Resonance Raman imaging for detecting and monitoring molecular pathological changes in human brain tumors related to Warburg effect
Author(s): Yan Zhou; Cheng-hui Liu; Ke Zhu; Chunyuan Zhang; Yang Yang; Xinguang Yu; Hailong Hu; Gangge Cheng; Binlin Wu; Lingyan Shi; Robert R. Alfano
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Alzheimer's disease evaluation using label-free, stainless, fluorescence to measure tryptophan metabolism along the kynurenine pathway
Author(s): Laura A. Sordillo; Lin Zhang; Lingyan Shi; Vidyasagar Sriramoju; Peter P. Sordillo; Robert R. Alfano
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Thermographic analysis of photodynamic therapy with intense pulsed light and needle-free injection photosensitizer delivery: an animal study
Author(s): Michelle B. Requena; Mirian D. Stringasci; Sebastião Pratavieira; José Dirceu Vollet-Filho; Andrigo B. de Nardi; Andre Escobar; Rozana W. da Rocha; Vanderlei S. Bagnato; Priscila F. C. de Menezes
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Intrinsic fluorescence based in-vivo detection of cervical precancer with hand held prototype device
Author(s): Bharat Lal Meena; Akanksha Raikwar; Kiran Pandey; Asha Agarwal; Chayanika Pantola; Asima Pradhan
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