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33rd European Mask and Lithography Conference
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Volume Number: 10446
Date Published: 18 October 2017
Softcover: 25 papers (256) pages
ISBN: 9781510613560

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Front Matter: Volume 10446
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Latest developments on EUV reticle and pellicle research and technology at TNO
Author(s): Rogier Verberk; Norbert Koster; Edwin te Sligte; Wilbert Staring
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ILT optimization of EUV masks for sub-7nm lithography
Author(s): Kevin Hooker; Bernd Kuechler; Aram Kazarian; Guangming Xiao; Kevin Lucas
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Improvements in the imaging performance of a high volume manufacturing EUV scanner with a special emphasis on the added value of the new illuminator for increased pupil flexibility
Author(s): Bartosz Bilski; Ziyang Wang; Friso Wittebrood; John McNamara; Dorothe Oorschot; Mark van de Kerkhof; Timon Fliervoet
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Multi-beam mask writer MBM-1000
Author(s): Hiroshi Matsumoto; Hiroshi Yamashita; Takao Tamura; Kenji Ohtoshi
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Multi-trigger resist for electron beam lithography
Author(s): Carmen Popescu; Alexandra McClelland; Guy Dawson; John Roth; Dimitrios Kazazis; Yasin Ekinci; Wolfgang Theis; Alex P. G. Robinson
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Update on optical material properties for alternative EUV mask absorber materials
Author(s): Frank Scholze; Christian Laubis; Kim Vu Luong; Vicky Philipsen
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The role of model-based MPC in advanced mask manufacturing
Author(s): Ingo Bork; Peter Buck
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Parallel compression/decompression-based datapath architecture for multibeam mask writers
Author(s): Narendra Chaudhary; Serap A. Savari
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Technical trends of large-size photomasks for flat panel displays
Author(s): Koichiro Yoshida
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Challenges for scanning electron microscopy and inspection on the nanometer scale for non-IC application: and how to tackle them using computational techniques
Author(s): Jens Bolten; Kerim T. Arat; Nezih Ünal; Caroline Porschatis; Thorsten Wahlbrink; Max C. Lemme
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SEM AutoAnalysis: enhancing photomask and NIL defect disposition and review
Author(s): Kristian Schulz; Kokila Egodage; Gilles Tabbone; Christian Ehrlich; Anthony Garetto
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Challenges of nanostructure-integration in Fabry-Pérot interferometers as alternative to Bragg reflectors: an example for Match 1:1-, eBeam-, and nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Christian Helke; Karla Hiller; Jens W. Erben; Danny Reuter; Marco Meinig; Steffen Kurth; Christoph Nowak; Herberth Kleinjans; Thomas Otto
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Line edge roughness measurement through SEM images: effects of image digitization and their mitigation
Author(s): George Papavieros; Vassilios Constantoudis
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Advanced metrology by offline SEM data processing
Author(s): Amine Lakcher; Loïc Schneider; Bertrand Le-Gratiet; Julien Ducoté; Vincent Farys; Maxime Besacier
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Contour-based etch modeling enablement: from pattern selection to final verification
Author(s): Jirka Schatz; François Weisbuch; Andrey Lutich
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Splendidly blended: a machine learning set up for CDU control
Author(s): Clemens Utzny
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Machine learning for fab automated diagnostics
Author(s): Manuel Giollo; Auguste Lam; Dimitra Gkorou; Xing Lan Liu; Richard van Haren
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New overlay measurement technique with an i-line stepper using embedded standard field image alignment marks for wafer bonding applications
Author(s): P. Kulse; K. Sasai; K. Schulz; M. Wietstruck
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Half circle chrome loss by electrochemical effects
Author(s): D. Caspary; S. Jähne; P. Nesladek; M. Kristlib; L. Bahrig; A. Feicke; M. Kaiser; J. Lorbeer; T. Wandel
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Characterizing electron beam induced damage in metrology and inspection of advance devices
Author(s): Abbas Mohtashami; Violeta Navarro; Hamed Sadeghian; Ilan Englard; Dror Shemesh; Nitin Singh Malik
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Aerial image metrology for OPC modeling and mask qualification
Author(s): Ao Chen; Yee Mei Foong; Thomas Thaler; Ute Buttgereit; Angeline Chung; Andrew Burbine; John Sturtevant; Chris Clifford; Kostas Adam; Peter De Bisschop
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Experimental verification of sub-wavelength holographic lithography physical concept for single exposure fabrication of complex structures on planar and nonplanar surfaces
Author(s): Michael V. Borisov ; Dmitry A. Chelyubeev; Vitaly V. Chernik; Peter A. Miheev; Vadim I. Rakhovskiі; Alexei S. Shamaev
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Function follows form: combining nanoimprint and inkjet printing
Author(s): M. Muehlberger; M. J. Haslinger; J. Kurzmann; M. Ikeda; A. Fuchsbauer; T. Faury; T. Koepplmayr; H. Ausserhuber; J. Kastner; C. Woegerer; D. Fechtig
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Pattern sampling for etch model calibration
Author(s): François Weisbuch; Andrey Lutich; Jirka Schatz
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Depth-profiling of vertical material contrast after VUV exposure for contact-free polishing of 3D polymer micro-optics
Author(s): R. Kirchner; R. Hoekstra; N. Chidambaram; H. Schift
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