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High Power and Solid State Lasers II
Editor(s): George Dube
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Volume Number: 1040
Date Published: 6 July 1989
Softcover: 22 papers (209) pages
ISBN: 9780819400758

Table of Contents
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Materials For High Average Power Lasers
Author(s): John E. Marion; Alexander J. Pertica
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Laser And Laser Related Characteristics Of Nd:BEL
Author(s): W. R. Rapoport; T. Chin
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High Average Power Nd:YAG Slab Laser
Author(s): Takeshi Kasai; Yoshihiko Sindo; Keiji Haga
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Flow, Heat Transfer, And Wavefront Distortion In A Gas Cooled Disk Amplifier
Author(s): G. F. Albrecht; S. B. Sutton; H. F. Robey; B. L. Freitas
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Gas Cooled Slab Scaling Laws And Representative Designs
Author(s): G. F. Albrecht; J. Z. Holtz; S. B. Sutton; W. F. Krupke
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Ground State Depleted (GSD) Solid State Lasers: Principles, Characteristics, And Scaling
Author(s): William F. Kruoke; L. L. Chase
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Ground State Depleted Laser Experiments
Author(s): R. Beach; R. Solarz; S. Mitchell; L. Brewer; S. Weinzapfel
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Diode Pumped Er:LiYF[sub]4[/sub] Cw Laser At 2.8 µm With 10% Slope Efficiency
Author(s): Leon Esterowitz; Robert Stoneman
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Polarization Control Of Diode-Pumped Nd:YAG By External Fields At Various Pumping Wavelengths
Author(s): J. T. Lin; M. Y. Yao
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Space Qualified Diode Pumped Slab Laser
Author(s): Larry E. Long; RoseMary Ryan Benoist; Theodore W. Kononelski
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Q-Switched, Intracavity Doubled Nd:Yag Laser Side-Pumped By A Laser Diode Array
Author(s): I. L. Bass; R. W. Presta
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High Power Diode Pumped 1.06 Micron Solid State Laser
Author(s): M. Arvind; D. Martin; R. Osterhage
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Noncritically Phase-Matched Ktp And KnbO[sub]3[/sub] For Tunable Lasers At Room Temperature
Author(s): J. T. Lin
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Development Of KrF Lasers For Inertial Confinement Fusion
Author(s): Joseph F. Figueira; Louis A. Rasocha; Michael S. Sorem; David B. Harris
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Observation of visible-range laser oscillation in a chemically produced 0[sub]4[/sub]* complex system
Author(s): S. Yoshida; K. Shimizu; M. Taniwaki; T. Sawano; T. Fujioka
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Ultrahigh-brightness XeCl laser system
Author(s): R. B. Gibson; T. R. Gosnell; C. S. Lester; J. P. Roberts; C. R. Tallman; A. J. Taylor
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High Power Induction Free Electron Laser
Author(s): John L. Miller
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Ultra-High Brightness Laser Research at LLNL
Author(s): F. G. Patterson; M. D. Perry; E. M. Campbell
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Performance And Operation Of The Upgraded Nova Laser
Author(s): D. T. Kyrazis; D. R. Speck; C. Bibeau; R. B. Ehrlich; G. L. Hermes; J. R. Smith; T. L. Weiland; P. J. Wegner
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10[sup]13[/sup]W/cm[sup]2[/sup] Focusability of a High Average Power Glass Laser
Author(s): Tadashi Kanabe; Takahisa Jitsuno; Masahiro Nakatsuka; Chiyoe Yamanaka; Sadao Nakai
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OMEGA Upgrade Staging Options
Author(s): J. H. Kelly; M. J. Shoup; D. L. Smith
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Large-signal Theory for Frequency-mixing in Diode-pumped Q-switched Systems
Author(s): J. T. Lin; S. W. Chong
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