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Laser Communication and Propagation through the Atmosphere and Oceans VI
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Volume Number: 10408
Date Published: 21 November 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10408
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Testing of a compact 10-Gbps Lasercomm system for maritime platforms
Author(s): Juan C. Juarez; Katherine T. Souza; Dustin D. Nicholes; James L. Riggins; Hala J. Tomey; Radha A. Venkat
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Phase and amplitude modification of a laser beam by two deformable mirrors using conventional 4f image encryption techniques
Author(s): Chensheng Wu; Jonathan Ko; John Robertson Rzasa; Christopher C. Davis
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Design and flight test results of high speed optical bidirectional link between stratospheric platforms for aerospace applications
Author(s): S. Briatore; R. Akhtyamov; A. Golkar
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Overwater ultraviolet non-line-of-sight communication channel modeling and analysis
Author(s): Tian Lang; Crystal Han; Juan Marquez; Gang Chen
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Performance analysis of stationary Hadamard matrix diffusers in free-space optical communication links
Author(s): Derek J. Burrell; Christopher T. Middlebrook
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Simulating the performance of adaptive optics techniques on FSO communications through the atmosphere
Author(s): Noelia Martínez; Luis Fernando Rodríguez Ramos; Zoran Sodnik
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Atmospheric propagation of coherently and incoherently combined quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Robert J. Grasso
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Study on the effect of anisotropy on a propagating beam
Author(s): Melissa Beason; Larry Andrews; Ronald Phillips
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Analysis of the covariance function and aperture averaged fluctuations of irradiance to calculate Cn2
Author(s): Galen D. Cauble; David T. Wayne
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Optimization of wavefront-sensorless adaptive optics for horizontal laser beam propagation in a realistic turbulence environment
Author(s): Max Segel; Andreas Zepp; Esdras Anzuola; Szymon Gladysz; Karin Stein
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Cloud free optical link probabilities to satellites from multiple ground stations
Author(s): Lindsey Willstatter; Christopher I. Moore; Taylor Page; Jake Griffiths; Linda Thomas
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Modeling of ground based laser propagation to low Earth orbit object for maneuver
Author(s): Liam C. Smith; Jeffrey H. Allen; Matthew M. Bold
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Polarized photon transport through fog
Author(s): Jonathan Farmer; Christopher M. Persons; Robert DeSilva; James H. Kirkland; Greg A. Finney; Kirk A. Fuller; Brett H. Hokr
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OAM of beam waves in random inhomogeneous medium
Author(s): Mikhail Charnotskii
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Shack-Hartmann measurements of the transverse linear and orbital angular momenta after propagation through turbulence
Author(s): Mikhail Charnotskii; Terry Brennan
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Image blurring due to turbulent wakes for airborne systems: flight tests
Author(s): Stanislav Gordeyev; Nicholas De Lucca; Yakov Diskin; Eric J. Jumper; Matthew R. Whiteley
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Image blurring due to turbulent wakes for airborne systems: simulation and modeling
Author(s): Yakov Diskin; David Goorskey; Matthew Whiteley; Richard Drye; Nicholas De Lucca; Stanislav Gordeyev; Eric Jumper
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Atmospheric characterization on the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility
Author(s): Jonathan Ko; Joseph Coffaro; Chensheng Wu; Daniel Paulson; Christopher Davis
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A machine learning approach for predicting atmospheric aerosol size distributions
Author(s): Joshua J. Rudiger; Kevin Book; John Stephen deGrassie; Stephen Hammel; Brooke Baker
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Climatological assessment of maritime atmospheric profiles: model-based and LIDAR-based approaches
Author(s): Kevin McBryde; Stephen Hammel; James Campbell
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Variability of refractive index structure parameter and aerosols in the marine atmospheric boundary layer (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Qing Wang; Denny P. Alappattu; Benjamin J. Wauer; Ryan T. Yamguchi; John A. Kalogiros; Haflidi Jonsson
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Determination of accurate vertical atmospheric profiles of extinction and turbulence
Author(s): Steve Hammel; James Campbell; Eric Hallenborg
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Investigation of the height dependency of optical turbulence in the surface layer over False Bay (South Africa)
Author(s): Detlev Sprung; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Willie Günter; Derek Griffith; Christian Eisele; Erik Sucher; Dirk Seiffer; Karin Stein
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In-situ and path-averaged measurements of aerosol optical properties
Author(s): Sven A. van Binsbergen; Peter Grossmann; Faith J. February; Leo H. Cohen; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Karin U. Stein
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Determination of the spectral behaviour of atmospheric soot using different particle models
Author(s): Krzysztof Skorupski
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Saturation of the anisoplanatic error in horizontal imaging scenarios
Author(s): Jeffrey Beck; Jeremy P. Bos
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Hybrid wavefront sensing and image correction algorithm for imaging through turbulent media
Author(s): Chensheng Wu; John Robertson Rzasa; Jonathan Ko; Christopher C. Davis
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Numerical simulation and analysis of aero-optical effect of the 3D side window
Author(s): Yi Liu; Ming Liu; Mei Hui; Lingqin Kong; Liquan Dong; Yuejin Zhao; Yong Tan
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Hemispherical optical dome for underwater communication
Author(s): Ron S. Shiri; Emily L. Lunde; Patrick L. Coronado; Manuel A. Quijada
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Coherent optical communication detection device based on modified balanced optical phase-locked loop
Author(s): Bo Zhang; Jianfeng Sun; Mengmeng Xu; Guangyuan Li; Guo Zhang; Chenzhe Lao; Hongyu He; Zhiyong Lu
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The integration of laser communication and ranging
Author(s): Mengmeng Xu; Jianfeng Sun; Yu Zhou; Bo Zhang; Guo Zhang; Guangyuan Li; Hongyu He; Chenzhe Lao
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Radial partially coherent beams for free-space optical communications
Author(s): Minghao Wang; Xiuhua Yuan; Jun Li; Xiaoxin Zhou
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A variable rate communicate method for self-differential coherent DPSK
Author(s): Chenzhe Lao; Jianfeng Sun; Zhiyong Lu; Guo Zhang; Bo Zhang; Mengmeng Xu; Hongyu He
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Fine track system of space coherent optical communication without position detector
Author(s): Hongyu He; Jianfeng Sun; Yu Zhou; Zhiyong Lu; Qian Xu; Guo Zhang; Guangyuan Li; Mengmeng Xu; Bo Zhang; Chenzhe Lao; Liren Liu
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Multiple wavelength spectral system simulating background light noise environment in satellite laser communications
Author(s): Wei Lu; Jianfeng Sun; Peipei Hou; Qian Xu; Yueli Xi; Yu Zhou; Funan Zhu; Liren Liu
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