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X-Ray Nanoimaging: Instruments and Methods III
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Volume Number: 10389
Date Published: 7 November 2017
Softcover: 9 papers (78) pages
ISBN: 9781510612358

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Front Matter: Volume 10389
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Increasing spatial resolution in full-field soft x-ray nanotomography of cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Eva Pereiro; Joaquín Otón; Javier Conesa; Javier Chichon; Ana Perez-Berna; Andrea Sorrentino; Jose L. Carrascosa; Jose Maria Carazo
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Coherent high-energy x-ray microscopy for mesoscopic materials (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Irina Snigireva; Anatoly A. Snigirev
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The imaging and coherence beamline I13L at DIAMOND (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Christoph Rau; Ulrich H. Wagner; Malte Ogurreck; Xiaowen Shi; Darren Batey; Silvia Cipiccia; Shashidhara Marathe; Andrew J. Bodey; Marie-Christine Zdora; Irene Zanette; Mirna Saliba; Venkata S. C. Kuppili; Simone Sala; Stefanos H. Chalkidis; Pierre Thibault
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Double-sided Fresnel zone plates for high-efficiency x-ray nanofocusing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Istvan Mohacsi; Ismo Vartiainen; Manuel Guizar-Sicairos; Vitaliy A. Guzenko; Ian McNulty; Robert P. Winarski; Martin V. Holt; Elisabeth Mueller; Andrea Somogyi; Christian David
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Focus of a multilayer Laue lens with an aperture of 102 microns determined by ptychography at beamline 1-BM at the Advanced Photon Source
Author(s): Albert Macrander; Michael Wojcik; Jörg Maser; Nathalie Bouet; Raymond Conley; Barry Lai
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Commissioning of the Montel nano-optics for the x-ray nanoprobe at Taiwan Photon Source (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Gung-Chian Yin; Shi-Hung Chang; Bo Yi Chen; Chien-Yu Lee; Bi-Hsuan Lin; Shao-Chin Tseng; Xiao-Yun Li; Huang-Yeh Chen; Jian-Xing Wu; Mau-Tsu Tang
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Integration of ptychography with the nanoscale multimodality imaging instrument at HXN of NSLS-II (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Xiaojing Huang; Hanfei Yan; Evgeny Nazaretski; Mingyuan Ge; Nathalie Bouet; Juan Zhou; Petr P. Ilinski; Yong S. Chu
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Simulations and experiments on vibration damping for zoom-holography and nano-scanning at the GINIX
Author(s): Markus Osterhoff; Peter Luley; Michael Sprung; Tim Salditt
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PtyNAMi: ptychographic nano-analytical microscope at PETRA III: interferometrically tracking positions for 3D x-ray scanning microscopy using a ball-lens retroreflector
Author(s): Christian G. Schroer; Martin Seyrich; Maik Kahnt; Stephan Botta; Ralph Döhrmann; Gerald Falkenberg; Jan Garrevoet; Mikhail Lyubomirskiy; Maria Scholz; Andreas Schropp; Felix Wittwer
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High-energy cryo x-ray nano-imaging at the ID16A beamline of ESRF
Author(s): Julio C. da Silva; Alexandra Pacureanu; Yang Yang; Florin Fus; Maxime Hubert; Leonid Bloch; Murielle Salome; Sylvain Bohic; Peter Cloetens
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Self-absorption correction in x-ray fluorescence nanotomography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mingyuan Ge; Xiaojing Huang; Hanfei Yan; Evgeny Nazaretski; Li Li; Petr P. Ilinski; Wilson K. S. Chiu; Kyle S. Brinkman; Yong S. Chu
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Current status of the hard x-ray nanoprobe beamline at the SSRF
Author(s): Aiguo Li; Hui Jiang; Hua Wang; Zhaohong Zhang; Yan He; Gaofeng Zhao; Deming Shu
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First x-ray nanoimaging experiments at NanoMAX
Author(s): Ulrich Vogt; Karolis Parfeniukas; Tomaš Stankevič; Sebastian Kalbfleisch; Marianne Liebi; Zdenek Matej; Alexander Björling; Gerardina Carbone; Anders Mikkelsen; Ulf Johansson
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The Velociprobe: A fast hard x-ray nanoprobe for ptychographic imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Junjing Deng; Curt A. Preissner; Christian Roehrig; Michael Wojcik; Shane Sullivan; David J. Vine; Barry Lai; Stefan Vogt
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A new cryo scanning transmission x-ray microscope at the Canadian Light Source (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jan Geilhufe; Adam F. G. Leontowich; Russ Berg; Chris Regier; Darwin M. Taylor; Jian Wang; John Swirsky; Chithra Karunakaran; Robert Peters; Mirwais Aktary; Adam P. Hitchcock; Stephen G. Urquhart
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New type of on-the-fly scanning data acquisition system for x-ray nanoprobe at Taiwan Photon Source (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Chien-yu Lee; Gung-Chian Yin; Bo-Yi Chen; Bi-Hsuan Lin; Shao-Chin Tseng; Shi-Hung Chang; Jian-Xing Wu; Xiao-Yun Li; Mau-Tsu Tang
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Faster scanning and higher resolution: new setup for multilayer zone plate imaging
Author(s): Markus Osterhoff; Jakob Soltau; Christian Eberl; Hans-Ulrich Krebs
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PyXRF: Python-based X-ray fluorescence analysis package
Author(s): Li Li; Hanfei Yan; Wei Xu; Dantong Yu; Annie Heroux; Wah-Keat Lee; Stuart I. Campbell; Yong S. Chu
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Arsenic distribution and valence state variation studied by fast hierarchical length-scale morphological, compositional, and speciation imaging at the Nanoscopium, Synchrotron Soleil
Author(s): Andrea Somogyi; Kadda Medjoubi; Maria Sancho-Tomas; P. T. Visscher; Gil Baranton; Pascal Philippot
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