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Reliability of Photovoltaic Cells, Modules, Components, and Systems X
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Volume Number: 10370
Date Published: 18 December 2017
Softcover: 17 papers (160) pages
ISBN: 9781510611979

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Front Matter: Volume 10370
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Comparison of higher irradiance and black panel temperature UV backsheet exposures to field performance
Author(s): Thomas C. Felder; William J. Gambogi; Nancy Phillips; Steven W. MacMaster; Bao-Ling Yu; T. John Trout
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Degradation analysis of field-exposed photovoltaic modules with non-fluoropolymer-based backsheets
Author(s): Andrew Fairbrother; Scott Julien; Kai-Tak Wan; Liang Ji; Kenneth Boyce; Sebastien Merzlic; Amy Lefebvre; Greg O'Brien; Yu Wang; Laura Bruckman; Roger French; Michael Kempe; Xiaohong Gu
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Degradation of photovoltaic backsheet materials under multi-factor accelerated UV light exposures
Author(s): Addison G. Klinke; Abdulkerim Gok; Silas I. Ifeanyi; Roger H. French; Laura S. Bruckman
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Characterizing the weathering induced changes in optical performance and properties of poly(ethylene-terephthalate) via MaPd:RTS spectroscopy
Author(s): Devin A. Gordon; Lin DeNoyer; Corey W. Meyer; Noah W. Sweet; David M. Burns; Laura S. Bruckman; Roger H. French
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Comparison of modeled and experimental PV array temperature profiles for accurate interpretation of module performance and degradation
Author(s): Teri Elwood; Kelly Simmons-Potter
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Temperature coefficient of power (Pmax) of field aged PV modules: impact on performance ratio and degradation rate determinations
Author(s): Farrukh Mahmood; Hatif Majeed; Haider Agha; Saddam Ali; Sai Tatapudi; Telia Curtis; GovindaSamy TamizhMani
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Stability of unpackaged CIGS solar cells under illumination with damp heat, dry heat and dry cold followed by cycling
Author(s): M. Theelen; G. De Amorim Soares; K. Beyeler; H. Steijvers; N. Barreau
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Ultrashort pulsed laser ablation for decollation of solid state lithium-ion batteries
Author(s): C. Hördemann; H. Anand; A. Gillner
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Impact of PID on industrial rooftop PV-installations
Author(s): Claudia Buerhop; Frank W. Fecher; Tobias Pickel; Tirth Patel; Cornelia Zetzmann; Christian Camus; Jens Hauch; Christoph J. Brabec
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Effect of light irradiation and forward bias during PID tests of CIGS PV modules
Author(s): Keiichiro Sakurai; Hiroshi Tomita; Kinichi Ogawa; Darshan Schmitz; Hajime Shibata; Shuuji Tokuda; Atsushi Masuda
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Mitigation of PID in commercial PV modules using current interruption method
Author(s): Birinchi Bora; Jaewon Oh; Sai Tatapudi; Oruganty S. Sastry; Rajesh Kumar; Basudev Prasad; Govindasamy Tamizhmani
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Data acquisition and PV module power production in upgraded TEP/AzRISE solar test yard
Author(s): Whit E. Bennett; Asher D. Fishgold; Teh Lai; Barrett G. Potter; Kelly Simmons-Potter
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Analyzing the degradation of pre-damaged PV-modules
Author(s): Claudia Buerhop; Thilo Winkler; Sven Wirsching; Tobias Pickel; Andreas Bemm; Christian Camus; Jens Hauch; Christoph J. Brabec
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Application of computational fluids dynamics in the flow on photovoltaic panels
Author(s): K. Bittencourt Mendes Leitão; André L. T. Rezende; Neelkanth G. Dhere
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Comparison of efficiency degradation in polycrystalline-Si and CdTe thin-film PV modules via accelerated lifecycle testing
Author(s): T. Lai; B. G. Potter; K. Simmons-Potter
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Image analysis of PV module electroluminescence
Author(s): T. Lai; C. Ramirez; B. G. Potter; K. Simmons-Potter
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Model development of degradation of PV modules backsheet with locating place of module
Author(s): Yu Wang; Andrew Fairbrother; Sebastien Merzlic; Scott Julien; Lucas S. Fridman; Camille Loyer; Amy L. Lefebvre; Gregory O'Brien; Xiaohong Gu; Liang Ji; Kenneth P. Boyce; Michael Kempe; Kai-tak Wan; Roger H. French; Laura S. Bruckman
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