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Low-Dimensional Materials and Devices 2017
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Volume Number: 10349
Date Published: 19 October 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10349
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Plasmon-enhanced photon emission and absorption in monolayer, two-dimensional semiconductors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Koray Aydin
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Inkjet printed graphene-based field-effect transistors on flexible substrate
Author(s): Mahmuda Akter Monne; Evarestus Enuka; Zhuo Wang; Maggie Yihong Chen
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Correlated structural and optical properties of the MoTe2-WTe2 alloy system (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Patrick Vora; Ryan Beams; Sean M. Oliver; Jaydeep Joshi; Sergiy Krylyuk; Irina Kalish; Alina Bruma; Iris Stone; Arunima Singh; Francesca Tavazza; Stephan J. Stranick; Albert V. Davydov
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Laser treated molybdenum disulfide nanosheets: towards engineering better 2D photodetectors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Moh Amer; Frank DelRio; Fadhel Alsaffar; Abdullah Alrasheed
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Two-dimensional van der Waals materials based nonvolatile memory field-effect transistors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Do Kyung Hwang; Young Tack Lee; Won-Kook Choi; Min-Chul Park
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Interfacial dynamics during lateral epitaxy of one-dimensional (1D) nanocrystals over 2D membranes (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Babak Nikoobakht
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Reversible intercalation of lithium and sodium ions into layered and tunnel structured manganese oxides: one-dimensional versus two-dimensional diffusion
Author(s): Bryan W. Byles; Ekaterina Pomerantseva
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The ion dependent change in the mechanism of charge storage of chemically preintercalated bilayered vanadium oxide electrodes
Author(s): Mallory Clites; Ekaterina Pomerantseva
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Monolithic integration of III-V nanostructures for electronic and photonic applications
Author(s): B. Mayer; S. Wirths; H. Schmid; S. Mauthe; C. Convertino; Y. Baumgartner; L. Czornomaz; M. Sousa; H. Riel; K. E. Moselund
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Self-aligned nanoscale processing solutions via selective atomic layer deposition of oxide, nitride, and metallic films
Author(s): Necmi Biyikli; Ali Haider; Petro Deminskyi; Mehmet Yilmaz
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Triangle-lattice InGaN/GaN nanocolumn arrays exhibiting photonic crystal effect (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Katsumi Kishino; Shunsuke Ishizawa; Yuzo Matsui; Jun Yoshida; Ai Yanagihara
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Controlling reabsorption effect of bi-color CdSe quantum dots-based white light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Cyuan-Bin Siao; Shu-Ru Chung; Kuan-Wen Wang
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Fabrication of single crystalline stripe in Si and Ge film on rolled flexible glass substrate by UV cw micro-chevron laser beam
Author(s): Wenchang Yeh
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Fabrication of effective photon trapping and light manipulating micro/nano structures
Author(s): Yang Gao; Hilal Cansizoglu; Soroush Ghandiparsi; Cesar Bartolo-Perez; Ekaterina Ponizovskaya Devine; Aly Elrefaie; Shih-yuan Wang; M. Saif Islam
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Improved bandwidth and quantum efficiency in silicon photodiodes using photon-manipulating micro/nanostructures operating in the range of 700-1060 nm
Author(s): Hilal Cansizoglu; Yang Gao; Soroush Ghandiparsi; Ahmet Kaya; Cesar Bartolo Perez; Ahmed Mayet; Ekaterina Ponizovskaya Devine; Mehmet F. Cansizoglu; Toshishige Yamada; Aly F. Elrefaie; Shih-Yuan Wang; M. Saif Islam
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Silver film grain boundary pinning by ion bombardment decreases surface plasmon resonance absorption (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): David M. Fryauf; Juan J. Diaz Leon; Andrew C. Phillips; Nobuhiko P. Kobayashi
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Multi-physics simulation of monolithic tantalum oxide memristor-selector structures illustrating negative differential resistance (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): John F. Sevic; Nobuhiko Kobayashi
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Study of thin film oxidation kinetics using a combination of simulations and advanced characterization (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Juan Jose Díaz León; David M. Fryaud; Nobuhiko P. Kobayashi
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Visible light irradiation-induced conductivity change for CVD-grown graphene on different substrates
Author(s): Xiangdi Li; Peng Zhang; Xianming Liu; Xueying Cao; Xiaohua Lei; Weimin Chen
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The performance of quantum dots-based white light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Kuan-Lin Chen; Shu-Ru Chung
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PECVD growth of high quality graphene on interdigital electrodes of MEMS supercapacitor
Author(s): Hafzaliza Erny Zainal Abidin; Azrul Azlan Hamzah; Mohd Ambri Mohamed; Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis
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Synthesis and characterization of Au-MWCNT/PEDOT: PSS composite film for optoelectronic applications
Author(s): M. Jasna; R. Anjana; M. K. Jayaraj
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Photon-trapping micro/nanostructures for high linearity in ultra-fast photodiodes
Author(s): Hilal Cansizoglu; Yang Gao; Cesar Bartolo Perez; Soroush Ghandiparsi; Ekaterina Ponizovskaya Devine; Mehmet F. Cansizoglu; Toshishige Yamada; Aly F. Elrefaie; Shih-Yuan Wang; M. Saif Islam
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Highly efficient silicon solar cells designed with photon trapping micro/nano structures
Author(s): Cesar Bartolo-Perez; Yang Gao; Hilal Cansizoglu; Soroush Ghandiparsi; Ahmet Kaya; Ahmed Mayet; Ekaterina Ponizovskaya Devine; Toshishige Yamada; Aly Elrefaie; Shih-Yuan Wang; M. Saif Islam
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