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2016 International Conference on Robotics and Machine Vision
Editor(s): Alexander V. Bernstein; Adrian Olaru; Jianhong Zhou
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Volume Number: 10253
Date Published: 28 April 2017
Softcover: 21 papers (132) pages
ISBN: 9781510610071

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 10253
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A calibration technique for the stereo camera system with the laser illumination
Author(s): Victoria A. Sablina; Michael B. Nikiforov
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Estimation of velocities via optical flow
Author(s): A. Popov; A. Miller; B. Miller; K. Stepanyan
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Fighting detection using interaction energy force
Author(s): Chonthisa Wateosot; Nikom Suvonvorn
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Verification of applicability two multiplicative closed spectral models for multiple reflection effect description
Author(s): Nuriya Gusamutdinova; Egor Ershov; Sergey Gladilin; Dmitry Nikolaev
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Trainable Siamese keypoint descriptors for real-time applications
Author(s): Fedor A. Fedorenko; Alena A. Ivanova; Elena E. Limonova; Ivan A. Konovalenko
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Noise estimation for color visualization of multispectral images
Author(s): D. Sidorchuk; I. Konovalenko; S. Gladilin; Y. Maximov
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Blind radial distortion compensation from video using fast Hough transform
Author(s): I. A. Kunina; A. P. Terekhin; S. A. Gladilin; D. P. Nikolaev
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Portable digital device UHDTV panoramic image formation
Author(s): I. S. Konstantinov; S. A. Lazarev; K. A. Rubcov; Y. N. Maslakov
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Image fractal coding algorithm based on complex exponent moments and minimum variance
Author(s): Feixia Yang; Ziliang Ping; Suhua Zhou
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CT image quality assessment based on morphometric analysis of artifacts
Author(s): Dmitry Nikolaev; Alexey Buzmakov; Marina Chukalina; Yakimchuk Ivan; Andrey Gladkov; Anastasia Ingacheva
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Bayes filter modification for drivability map estimation with observations from stereo vision
Author(s): Aleksei Panchenko; Viktor Prun; Dmitri Turchenkov
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Stereo-based visual localization without triangulation for unmanned robotics platform
Author(s): Alexey Volkov; Egor Ershov; Sergey Gladilin; Dmitry Nikolaev
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Position control of an industrial robot using fractional order controller
Author(s): Iulia Clitan; Vlad Muresan; Mihail Abrudean; Andrei Clitan; Radu Miron
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Evaluation of approaches combining 2D and 3D data for object recognition developed for the mobile robot Lisa
Author(s): Viktor Seib; Florian Polster; Dietrich Paulus
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Manifold learning in machine vision and robotics
Author(s): Alexander Bernstein
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H-infinity control strategy for a class of switched Hamiltonian systems
Author(s): Huawei Zhu; Zhisen Zhang; Quanjun Zhao; Pu Tu
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Friend or foe: exploiting sensor failures for transparent object localization and classification
Author(s): Viktor Seib; Andreas Barthen; Philipp Marohn; Dietrich Paulus
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A rail wear measurement method based on structured light scanning
Author(s): Peng Chen; Peijun Wang; Martin Lauer; Xiaomin Tang; Jindong Wang
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The stress analysis and tests in the bottom of the hinge beam block of cubic press
Author(s): Liang Ma; Xianglong Ma; Yuan Yuan; Yinghong Zhang
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Statistical analysis of the characteristics of high degree polynomial solving methods used in the five-point algorithm
Author(s): Anton Ovchinkin; Egor Ershov
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Decentralized control algorithms of a group of vehicles in 2D space
Author(s): V. Kh. Pshikhopov; M. Yu. Medvedev; R. V. Fedorenko; B. V. Gurenko
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