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EUV and X-ray Optics: Synergy between Laboratory and Space V
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Volume Number: 10235
Date Published: 10 July 2017
Softcover: 21 papers (190) pages
ISBN: 9781510609716

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Front Matter: Volume 10235
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
X-ray Lobster Eye all-sky monitor for rocket experiment
Author(s): V. Dániel; A. Inneman; L. Pína; V. Zadražil; T. Báča; V. Stehlíková; O. Nentvich; M. Urban; V. Maršíková; R. McEntaffer; J. Tutt; T. Schulz
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Prototyping iridium coated mirrors for x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Thorsten Döhring; Anne-Catherine Probst; Manfred Stollenwerk; Florian Emmerich; Veronika Stehlíková; Adolf Inneman
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Study of lobster eye optics with iridium coated x-ray mirrors for a rocket experiment
Author(s): Veronika Stehlikova; Martin Urban; Ondrej Nentvich; Adolf Inneman; Thorsten Döhring; Anne-Catherine Probst
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The future of high angular resolution x-ray optics for astronomy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Paul Gorenstein
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Current developments and tests of small x-ray optical systems for space applications
Author(s): L. Pina; R. Hudec; A. Inneman; D. Doubravová; V. Marsikova
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Application of biomimetics in x-ray optics
Author(s): R. Hudec; K. Remisova
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Optimization of microroughness of replicated x-ray optics
Author(s): Lenka Mikulickova; Ladislav Pina; Adolf Inneman; Daniela Doubravova; Veronika Marsikova; Ladislav Sieger; Martin Urban; Veronika Stehliková; Ondrej Nentvich; Jaromir Mirovsky
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Joint observations of solar corona in space projects ARKA and KORTES
Author(s): Eugene A. Vishnyakov; Sergey A. Bogachev; Alexey S. Kirichenko; Anton A. Reva; Ivan P. Loboda; Ilya V. Malyshev; Artem S. Ulyanov; Sergey Yu. Dyatkov; Nataliya F. Erkhova; Andrei A. Pertsov; Sergey V. Kuzin
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Deformation-free rim for the primary mirror of telescope having sub-second resolution
Author(s): I. V. Malyshev; N. I. Chkhalo; M. N. Toropov; N. N. Salashchenko; A. E. Pestov; S. V. Kuzin; V. N. Polkovnikov
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Reflective optics for effective collection of x-ray and EUV radiation: use for creation of photoionized plasmas and detection of weak signals
Author(s): A. Bartnik; W. Skrzeczanowski; P. Wachulak; I. Saber; H. Fiedorowicz; T. Fok; Ł. Węgrzyński
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Micro-X-ray fluorescence spectrometer with x-ray single bounce metallic capillary optics for light element analysis (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Robert Mroczka; Grzegorz Żukociński; Rafał Łopucki
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Study of Pd/Y based multilayers using high energy photoemission spectroscopy combined with x-ray standing waves
Author(s): M.-Y. Wu; V. Ilakovac; J.-M. André; K. Le Guen; A. Giglia; J.-P. Rueff; Q.-S. Huang; Z.-S. Wang; P. Jonnard
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Development of depth-graded W/Si multilayer mirrors for x-ray focusing telescope application
Author(s): Runze Qi; Qiushi Huang; Yang Yang; Zhong Zhang; Zhanshan Wang
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Diffraction losses in monocrystalline x-ray refractive lenses
Author(s): M. Polikarpov; H. Emerich; N. Klimova; I. Snigireva; A. Snigirev
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Polarizers tuned at key far-UV spectral lines for space instrumentation
Author(s): Juan I. Larruquert; A. Marco Malvezzi; Luis Rodríguez-de Marcos; Angelo Giglia; Nuria Gutiérrez-Luna; Lucía Espinosa-Yáñez; Carlos Honrado-Benítez; José A. Aznárez; Giuseppe Massone; Gerardo Capobianco; Silvano Fineschi; Stefano Nannarone
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Flat-field VLS spectrometers for laboratory applications
Author(s): Evgeny N. Ragozin; Aleksei A. Belokopytov; Aleksei O. Kolesnikov; Eduard R. Muslimov; Aleksei N. Shatokhin; Eugene A. Vishnyakov
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Effect of ion beam etching on the surface roughness of bare and silicon covered beryllium
Author(s): N. I. Chkhalo; M. S. Mikhaylenko; A. V. Mil'kov; A. E. Pestov; V. N. Polkovnikov; N. N. Salashchenko; I. L. Strulya; M. V. Zorina; S. Yu. Zuev
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Data processing from lobster eye type optics
Author(s): Ondrej Nentvich; Veronika Stehlikova; Martin Urban; Rene Hudec; Ladislav Sieger
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Uncooled spectrometer for x-ray astrophysics
Author(s): Martin Urban; Ondrej Nentvich; Veronika Stehlikova; Ladislav Sieger
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Development and demonstration of a water-window soft x-ray microscope using a Z-pinching capillary discharge source
Author(s): M. F. Nawaz; Alexandr Jancarek; Michal Nevrkla; Martin Jakub Duda; Ladislav Pina
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Development of lidar for remote sensing of the Martian surface
Author(s): Leonid V. Smirnov; Victoria A. Ryzhova; Alexander S. Grishkanich
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High-aperture monochromator-reflectometer and its usefulness for CCD calibration
Author(s): Eugene A. Vishnyakov; Alexander V. Shcherbakov; Andrei A. Pertsov; Vladimir N. Polkovnikov; Alexey E. Pestov; Dmitry E. Pariev; Nikolai I. Chkhalo
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A table top polarimetric facility for the EUV spectral range: implementations and characterization
Author(s): A. E. H. Gaballah; P. Zuppella; Nadeem Ahmed; K. Jimenez; G. Pettinari; A. Gerardino; P. Nicolosi
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