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Excimer Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): Dirk Basting
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Volume Number: 1023
Date Published: 26 April 1989
Softcover: 44 papers (283) pages
ISBN: 9780819400581

Table of Contents
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Trends In Materials Processing With Laser Radiation
Author(s): G. Herziger; E. W. Kreutz
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High Repetition Rate High Power Excimer Lasers
Author(s): Hubertus M. von Bergmann; Gordon L. Bredenkamp; Piet H. Swart
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High Efficiency Switchless Operation Of A 0.5 J UV Preionized Excimer Laser
Author(s): Didier Beaupere; Claude Gagnol; Michel Huguet; Bernard Lacour; Annick Lavenant; Pierre Pinson
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Study of a 10-liter active volume, X-ray preionized XeCl Discharge Laser System
Author(s): T. Letardi; S. Bollanti; P. Di Lazzaro; F. Flora; G. Giordano; T. Hermsen; C. E. Zheng
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Excimer Lasers With Large Discharge Cross Section
Author(s): H.-J. Cirkel; R. Baumgartl; W. Bette; V. Bruckner; D. Friede; U. Kempfer; R. Muller; M. Schmutzler
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Overview Of Recent Advances In Excimer Laser Technology At Los Alamos
Author(s): Irving J. Bigio; Robert C. Sze; Antoinette J. Taylor; Robert F. Gibson
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High Power Excimer Laser: First Results
Author(s): P. Oesterlin; W. MUckenheim; D. Basting
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Excimer Lasers With Capacitively Excited Tubular Discharges
Author(s): Hans J. Eichler; Helmut Herweg; Jose de la Rosa
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A 1 kW E-Beam Pumped Excimer Laser
Author(s): Craig F. Zahnow
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ArF* And Ar[sub]2[/sub]F* Excimer Systems
Author(s): Peter J. Peters; Bert M. Bastiaens; Umberto del Bello; Wim J. Witteman
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Femtosecond Excimer Lasers
Author(s): S. Szatmari; F. P. Schafer
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Wide Aperture X-Ray Preionized Excimer Laser With Variable Cross-Section Using Flat Electrodes
Author(s): Michael Steyer; Ouyang Bin; Krassimir A. Stankov; Gabor Szabo; Hakaru Mizoguchi; Fritz P. Schafer
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A Long Pulse (5 µs), Narrowband (300 MHz) E-Beam Pumped XeCl Master Oscillator Power Amplifier Laser
Author(s): Michael C. Cates
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Stretching Of Excimer Laser Pulses
Author(s): F. VoB; U. Rebhan; P. Oesterlin; E. Muller-Horsche; W. Muckenheim
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Experimental Analysis Of An X-Ray Preionized XeCl Laser
Author(s): J. Bonnet; D. Pigache; E. Estocq; P. Laborde; M. Stehle
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Low Pressure Glow Discharge Switches For High Power Excimer Lasers
Author(s): K. Frank; J. Christiansen; W. Hartmann; O. Almen; A. Goertler; C. Kozlik; A. Tinschmann
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Advanced Control System For Excimer Lasers
Author(s): H. Rosenkranz; D. Basting; U. Rebhan; W. Muckenheim
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Optical Control Of High Power Excimer Lasers
Author(s): J. Ashton; A. D. Boardman; E. Hodgson; P. Papadopoulos
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Numbers Of Merit In Excimer Laser Reliability Analysis
Author(s): Lindsay Austin; Dirk Basting; Hans-Jurgen Kahlert; Ulrich Rebhan; Wolfgang Muckenheim
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Excimer Lasers And Geometric Optics
Author(s): Klaus Schildbach
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Generalized Self-Filtering Unstable Resonators Applied To XeCl Lasers
Author(s): V. Nassisi; M. R. Perrone
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Setup Of A Damage Testing Facility For Excimer Laser Radiation
Author(s): K. Mann; H. Gerhardt
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Ablation Of Polymers With Pairs Of Ultraviolet Laser Pulses With Controlled Temporal Separation
Author(s): R. Srinivasan; Bodil Braren
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UV-Laser Photoablation Of Polymers
Author(s): D. Feldmann; J. Kutzner; J. Meyer; K. H. Welge
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Generation Of VUV - Radiation By Means Of Excimer-Lasers And Application To Fluorescence Diagnostics
Author(s): U. Czarnetzki; H. F. Dobele; M. Rowekamp
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Accelerated Laser Ageing Of Plastics
Author(s): Kenneth G. Snowdon; Stephen Rolt
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Excimer Laser Surface Treatment Of Non-Ferrous Alloys
Author(s): M. Georgopoulos; E. Hontzopoulos; C. Fotakis; D. N. Tsipas; T. Floros
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Excimer Lasers For Material Processing: Results And Industrial Applications
Author(s): H.-J. Kahlert; U. Sowada; D. Basting
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Cutting With The Excimer Laser, Effects Of Pulse Width And Repetition Rate On Cutting Edge Quality Of Fibre-Reinforced Polymers And Alumina Ceramics
Author(s): M. Wehner; R. Poprawe; F. J. Trasser
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Excimer Laser Based Machining Of Amorphous Metals
Author(s): Rolf Butje
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Precision Machining Of Coating Layers By Irradiation With A High Pulse Energy Excimer Laser
Author(s): K. J. Schmatjko; H. Durchholz; G. Endres
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Advances In Excimer Laser Materials Processing: An Update
Author(s): G. Darcy Poulin; Peter A. Eisele; Thomas A. Znotins
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Metal Surface Treatments By Means Of High Energy U.V. Laser Pulses
Author(s): S. Tosto; P. Di Lazzaro; T. Letardi; S. Martelli
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Enhanced Corrosion Resistance Of Fe[sub]40[/sub]Ni[sub]38[/sub]Mo[sub]4[/sub]B[sub]18[/sub] And Nd[sub]15[/sub]Fe[sub]77[/sub]B[sub]8[/sub] By Laser Glazing
Author(s): J. G. Lunney; J. V. Armstrong; J. M. D. Coey; M. E. G. Lyons
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Laser Plasmas As X-Ray Sources For Lithographic Imaging Of Submicron Structures
Author(s): F. Bijkerk; G. E. van Dorssen; M. J. van der Wiel
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Holographic Generation Of Gratings With Periodicities Below 150 nm With An Excimer Laser
Author(s): T. Ahlhorn; H. Pohlmann; J. P. Kotthaus
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Surface Treatments Of Metals With Excimer Lasers
Author(s): B. Juckenath; H. Durchholz; H. W. Bergmann; J. Dembowski
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Investigation Of Excimer Laser Ablated Y-Ba-Cu-O Superconductors Using Spectroscopy And Ion Probes
Author(s): P. E. Dyer; R. D. Greenough; A. Issa; P. H. Key
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Excimer Laser Fiber Coupling Using Pulse Lengths Between 15 And 300 ns
Author(s): U. Sowada; H.-J. Kahlert; F. Voss; D. Basting
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Optical Fiber Transmission Of Excimer Laser Pulses
Author(s): Hermine Hitzler; Norbert Leclerc; Karl-Friedrich Klein; Karl-Otto Greulich; Jurgen Wolfrum
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Experimental Results Of The Application Of Excimer Lasers In Surgical Treatment Of Cartilage Removal In Knee Joints
Author(s): K. O. Moller; G. Hohlbach; G. Baretton; U. Schramm
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Excimer Laser Angioplasty: Initial Clinical Results With A Percutaneous Transluminal Procedure In Total Peripheral Artery Occlusion
Author(s): Gregor Wollenek; Gunther Laufer; Kristian Hohla; Florian Grabenwoger; Walter Klepetko
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Application Of The Excimer Laser To Area Recontouring Of The Cornea
Author(s): Paul R. Yoder; William B. Telfair; John W. Warner; Clifford A. Martin; Francis A. L'Esperance
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Kilowatt Excimer Lasers: A European Joint Effort
Author(s): Dirk Basting
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