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Advanced Environmental, Chemical, and Biological Sensing Technologies XIV
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Volume Number: 10215
Date Published: 28 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10215
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Functionalized polymer-based photonic devices for biosensing application
Author(s): Tatsuro Endo
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Nanophotonic interferometric immunosensors for label-free and real-time monitoring of chemical contaminants in marine environment
Author(s): B. Chocarro-Ruiz; S. Herranz; A. Fernández Gavela; L. M. Lechuga
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Rapid on-site monitoring of organophosphorus insecticide chlorpyrifos residue using simple plastic lab-on-a-chip
Author(s): P. Chaumpluk; T. Janduang
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Nanosensors for nucleic acid targets detection using SERS
Author(s): Pietro Strobbia; Bridget M. Crawford; Hsin-Neng Wang; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Ultrasensitive lab-on-a-chip nanophotonic biosensors for portable diagnosis (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Laura Maria Lechuga
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Fano resonances in capped metallic nanostructures for highly sensitive plasmonic sensors
Author(s): Kuang-Li Lee; Pei-Kuen Wei
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Plasmonic nanochip for SERS chemical and biomedical sensing
Author(s): Hoan T. Ngo; Pietro Strobbia; Hsin-Neng Wang; Bridget M. Crawford; Andrew M. Fales; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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In-situ SERS study of propene adsorption over Au nanoparticles (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shuyue He; Hui Chen; Kai Liu; Fei Tian
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Towards chromium speciation in lake-waters by microplasma-optical emission spectrometry
Author(s): Henry So; Daniel A. Cebula; Vassili Karanassios
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Direct imaging of shale gas leaks using passive thermal infrared hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Marc-André Gagnon; Pierre Tremblay; Simon Savary; Vincent Farley; Éric Guyot; Philippe Lagueux; Vince Morton; Jean Giroux; Martin Chamberland
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Direct detection range resolved carbon dioxide differential absorption lidar measurements in the 2 µm range
Author(s): Erwan Cadiou; Jean-Baptiste Dherbecourt; Guillaume Gorju; Jean-Michel Melkonian; Antoine Godard; Jacques Pelon; Myriam Raybaut
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Electronic nose for ambient detection and monitoring
Author(s): Y.-T. Chen; Z. Samborsky; S. Shrestha
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Mid-IR absorbance and its relation to static permittivity as a robust in-field tool tracking oil deterioration
Author(s): Alex Risos; Nicholas Long; Arvid Hunze; Gideon Gouws
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On feasibility of a rotating field eddy current sensor for nondestructive testing of ferromagnetic oil-well casings
Author(s): Darko Vasić; Davorin Ambruš; Vedran Bilas
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UV LED based gas correlation spectrometer of aromatics for the standoff detection of industrials spills and emissions
Author(s): François Babin; Pascal Dufour; Félix Cayer; Jean-François Y. Gravel
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Phosphorescence based oxygen sensors and probes for biomedical research
Author(s): Dmitri B. Papkovsky; Alexander V. Zhdanov
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A terrain-based comparison of chaos modulation in wireless acoustic sensor networks
Author(s): Dasola A. Oluge; Henry Leung
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Instant scanner device for identifying wound infection utilizing Mie scatter spectra
Author(s): Robin E. Sweeney; Elizabeth Budiman; Jeong-Yeol Yoon
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A miniaturized total analysis system for real-time PCR (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hidenori Nagai
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Local sensing of atmospheric electric field around Nalchik City
Author(s): Aida A. Adzhieva; Vitaly A. Shapovalov; Idar Kh. Mashukov
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