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Disruptive Technologies in Sensors and Sensor Systems
Editor(s): Russell D. Hall; Misty Blowers; Jonathan Williams
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Volume Number: 10206
Date Published: 28 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10206
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Digital modulation and achievable information rates of thru-body haptic communications
Author(s): Natalie Hanisch; Massimiliano Pierobon
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Modular system for measuring a speech quality in the IP telephony infrastructures using autonomous probes
Author(s): Filip Rezac; Jakub Safarik; Lukas Macura; Jan Rozhon; Erik Gresak
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An energy-efficient and secure hybrid algorithm for wireless sensor networks using a mobile data collector
Author(s): Karanam Ravichandran Dayananda; Jeremy Straub
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Multi-physics analysis of hybrid graphene/semiconductor plasmonic terahertz sources (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mona Nafari; Gregory R. Aizin; Josep M. Jornet
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An optofluidic channel model for in vivo nanosensor networks in human blood
Author(s): Pedram Johari; Josep M. Jornet
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Temporal dynamics of frequency-tunable graphene-based plasmonic grating structures for ultra-broadband terahertz communication
Author(s): Josep Miquel Jornet; Ngwe Thawdar; Ethan Woo; Michael A. Andrello III
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Verification of OpenSSL version via hardware performance counters
Author(s): James Bruska; Zander Blasingame; Chen Liu
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Micromanaging the IoT space
Author(s): Irak Vicarte Mayer
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Disruptive innovation in cyber security (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Misty Blowers
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Application of graph-based semi-supervised learning for development of cyber COP and network intrusion detection
Author(s): Georgiy Levchuk; John Colonna-Romano; Mohammed Eslami
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Application of free energy minimization to the design of adaptive multi-agent teams
Author(s): Georgiy Levchuk; Krishna Pattipati; Adam Fouse; Daniel Serfaty
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Practical comparison of distributed ledger technologies for IoT
Author(s): Val A. Red
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A computational framework for modeling targets as complex adaptive systems
Author(s): Eugene Santos Jr.; Eunice E. Santos; John Korah; Vairavan Murugappan; Suresh Subramanian
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Data provenance assurance in the cloud using blockchain
Author(s): Sachin Shetty; Val Red; Charles Kamhoua; Kevin Kwiat; Laurent Njilla
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Use of head-worn sensors to detect lapses in vigilance through the measurement of PERCLOS and cerebral blood flow velocity
Author(s): Lindsey K. McIntire; R. Andy McKinley; Chuck Goodyear; John P. McIntire
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Design and simulation of sensor networks for tracking Wifi users in outdoor urban environments
Author(s): Christopher Thron; Khoi Tran; Douglas Smith; Daniel Benincasa
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M and S supporting unmanned autonomous systems (UAxS) concept development and experimentation
Author(s): Marco Biagini; Alfio Scaccianoce; Fabio Corona; Sonia Forconi; Frank Byrum; Olivia Fowler; James L. Sidoran
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Towards noise-aware surrogate models of carrier population dynamics in optically excited GaN
Author(s): Brent Kraczek; Sara Shishehchi; Enrico Bellotti
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An integrated radar model solution for mission level performance and cost trades
Author(s): John Hodge; Kerron Duncan; Madeline Zimmerman; Rob Drupp; Mike Manno; Donald Barrett; Amelia Smith
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Improving developer productivity with C++ embedded domain specific languages
Author(s): Stephen Kozacik; Evenie Chao; Aaron Paolini; James Bonnett; Eric Kelmelis
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A preliminary architecture for building communication software from traffic captures
Author(s): Jaime C. Acosta; Pedro Estrada Jr.
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Simulated transient thermal infrared emissions of forest canopies during rainfall events
Author(s): Jerrell R. Ballard Jr.; William R. Hawkins; Stacy E. Howington; Raju V. Kala
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Simplifying BRDF input data for optical signature modeling
Author(s): Tomas Hallberg; Anna Pohl; Jan Fagerström
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Non-destructive evaluation of specialty coating degradation using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Carley R. Nicoletti; Laura Cramer; Alan Fletcher; David Zimdars; Zafar Iqbal; John F. Federici
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Inverse analysis of diffuse reflectance spectra for explosives monitoring
Author(s): R. Furstenberg; A. Shabaev; S. G. Lambrakos; C. Kendziora; Y. Kim; R. A. McGill
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