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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Sensing XVIII
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Volume Number: 10183
Date Published: 20 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10183
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Methodology for using active infrared spectroscopy in standoff detection of trace explosives
Author(s): Christopher J. Breshike; Christopher A. Kendziora; Robert Furstenberg; Viet Nguyen; R. Andrew McGill
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Real-time, wide-area hyperspectral imaging sensors for standoff detection of explosives and chemical warfare agents
Author(s): Nathaniel R. Gomer; Shawna Tazik; Charles W. Gardner; Matthew P. Nelson
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High-speed mid-infrared hyperspectral imaging using quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): David B. Kelley; Anish K. Goyal; Ninghui Zhu; Derek A. Wood; Travis R. Myers; Petros Kotidis; Cara Murphy; Chelsea Georgan; Gil Raz; Richard Maulini; Antoine Müller
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Advanced LWIR hyperspectral sensor for on-the-move proximal detection of liquid/solid contaminants on surfaces
Author(s): Jay P. Giblin; John Dixon; Julia R. Dupuis; Bogdan R. Cosofret; William J. Marinelli
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Measurement of infrared refractive indices of organic and organophosphorous compounds for optical modeling
Author(s): Russell G. Tonkyn; Tyler O. Danby; Jerome L. Birnbaum; Matthew S. Taubman; Bruce E. Bernacki; Timothy J. Johnson; Tanya L. Myers
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Improved detection of chemical substances from colorimetric sensor data using probabilistic machine learning
Author(s): Lasse L. Mølgaard; Ole T. Buus; Jan Larsen; Hamid Babamoradi; Ida L. Thygesen; Milan Laustsen; Jens Kristian Munk; Eleftheria Dossi; Caroline O'Keeffe; Lina Lässig; Sol Tatlow; Lars Sandström; Mogens H. Jakobsen
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Raman imaging using fixed bandpass filter
Author(s): L. Landström; F. Kullander; H. Lundén; P. Wästerby
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Ultraviolet Raman scattering from V-agents
Author(s): F. Kullander; H. Lundén; Pär Wästerby; L. Landström
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Photo-vibrational sensing of trace chemicals and explosives by long-distance differential laser Doppler vibrometer
Author(s): Yu Fu; Huan Liu; Qi Hu; Jiecheng Xie
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Detecting unknown chemical clouds at distance with multispectral imagery
Author(s): Sylvain Favier; Aymeric Alazarine; Manon Verneau; Romain Verollet; Sébastien Blanchard
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Performance comparison of single and dual-excitation-wavelength resonance-Raman explosives detectors
Author(s): Balakishore Yellampalle; Robert Martin; Kenneth Witt; William McCormick; Hai-Shan Wu; Mikhail Sluch; Robert Ice; Brian Lemoff
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Physical and environmental factors affecting the persistence of explosives particles (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michael R. Papantonakis; Viet K. Nguyen; Robert Furstenberg; Caitlyn White; Melissa Shuey; Christopher A. Kendziora; R. Andrew McGill
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Single-particle detection of virus simulants under microfluidic flow with two-dimensional photonic crystals (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Benjamin L. Miller; James E. Baker; Rashmi Sriram
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Thermal bioaerosol cloud tracking with Bayesian classification
Author(s): Christian W. Smith; Julia R. Dupuis; Elizabeth C. Schundler; William J. Marinelli
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Performance characterization of scintillators using a method of enhanced layered wavelength shifting coatings (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Amanda C. Madden; Shawn Tornga; Daniel Wakeford; Jillian Adams; Olivia Trautschold; Markus P. Hehlen; Hayley D Suitts
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Development of a large area microstructure photomultiplier assembly (LAMPA)
Author(s): E. T. H. Clifford; M. Dick; M. Facina; D. Wakeford; H. R. Andrews; H. Ing; D. Best; M. J. Baginski
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