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Advanced Optics for Defense Applications: UV through LWIR II
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Volume Number: 10181
Date Published: 26 June 2017
Softcover: 25 papers (216) pages
ISBN: 9781510608634

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Front Matter: Volume 10181
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Expanded IR glass map with new NRL glasses for multispectral optics designs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shyam S. Bayya; Daniel Gibson; Vinh Nguyen; Jasbinder Sanghera; Mikhail Kotov; Collin McClain; Jay Vizgaitis
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Design of multiband optics using updated athermal/achromatic glass map
Author(s): J. L. Ramsey; B. L. Unger
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Comparison of gimbal approaches to decrease drag force and radar cross sectional area in missile application
Author(s): Doğan Uğur Sakarya
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Optimization of electro-optic phase shifters for integrated optical phased arrays
Author(s): Dwayne D. Macik; Tyler E. Bravo; Seeley M. Pentecost; Francisco A. Espinal; Christi K. Madsen
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Ternary versus binary material systems for gradient index optics
Author(s): G. Beadie; J. Mait; R. A. Flynn; P. Milojkovic
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Optical design of athermal, multispectral, radial GRIN lenses
Author(s): Andrew M. Boyd
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Using GRIN to save 50% lens weight for an 8x rifle scope design
Author(s): R. A. Flynn; G. Beadie
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IR GRIN optics: design and fabrication
Author(s): Daniel Gibson; Shyam Bayya; Vinh Nguyen; Jas Sanghera; Mikhail Kotov; Collin McClain; John Deegan; George Lindberg; Blair Unger; Jay Vizgaitis
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Athermal achromat theory for polymer gradient index optics
Author(s): G. Beadie; R. A. Flynn
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Using material advances in chalcogenide glasses to improve imaging lenses in the 8-14 µm waveband
Author(s): J. Verplancke; N. Schuster; J. W. Franks
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Digital correction of aberrations introduced by tilted plane-parallel plates in convergent beams
Author(s): C. Greenhalgh; S. Szapiel; M. Thorpe; S. Atalick; G. Marshall
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A system perspective on designing for field-dependent SNR in wide-angle point-source detection lenses
Author(s): S. Craig Olson; Andrew W. Sparks; Robert A. Cline; Timothy D. Goodman
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Expanding the mission plan for large scale telescope systems via skew path optical conditioners
Author(s): John Savastinuk; Troy A. Palmer; Christopher Alexay
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Antireflective surface structures on infrared optics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Lynda E. Busse; Jesse A. Frantz; L. Brandon Shaw; Shyam Bayya; Guillermo Villalobos; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Jas S. Sanghera
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Design of broadband anti-reflective metasurfaces based on an effective medium approach
Author(s): N. S. Nye; A. Swisher; C. Bungay; S. Tuenge; T. Mayer; D. N. Christodoulides; C. Rivero-Baleine
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Large area precision optical coatings by pulse magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Peter Frach; Daniel Gloess; Thomas Goschurny; Andy Drescher; Ullrich Hartung; Hagen Bartzsch; Andreas Heisig; Harald Grune; Lothar Leischnig; Steffen Leischnig; Carsten Bundesmann
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Linear variable narrow bandpass optical filters in the far infrared (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Thomas D. Rahmlow
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The angular dependence of optical interference filters in the Near IR can be greatly reduced through the use of novel coating materials and design strategies
Author(s): Robert W. Sprague
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Optimizing the effect of electric-field enhancement in nodular defects
Author(s): Tao He; Xinbin Cheng; Jinlong Zhang; Hongfei Jiao; Bin Ma; Zhanshan Wang
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Optimizing ITO for incorporation into multilayer thin film stacks for visible and NIR applications
Author(s): Tyler Roschuk; David Taddeo; Zachary Levita; Alan Morrish; Douglas Brown
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Characterization of reactive plasma ion assisted HfO2 films for low loss optical coatings in the DUV and MWIR
Author(s): Jue Wang; Michael J. Cangemi; Christopher J. Chinhong; Michael J. D'lallo; Jim E. Platten; Jean Francois Oudard; Leonard Wamboldt
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Compositional dependence of properties and lens performance of As-Se chalcogenide glass
Author(s): Jacklyn Novak; Spencer Novak; Jeremy Huddleston; William Moreshead; Alan Symmons; Erik Stover
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Structural modification of Ga-La-S glass for a new family of chalcogenides
Author(s): A. Ravagli; C. Craig; K. A. Morgan; I. Zeimpekis; A. Aghajani; E. C. Weatherby; D. W. Hewak
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Assessment of an approach to printed polymer lenses
Author(s): Peter L. Marasco; Bob Foote
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Progress on high-performance rapid prototype aluminum mirrors
Author(s): Kenneth S. Woodard; Bruce H. Myrick
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Chalcogenide molded freeform optics for mid-infrared lasers
Author(s): Francois Chenard; Oseas Alvarez; Allen Yi
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Mid-infrared imaging fiber bundle
Author(s): Francois Chenard; Oseas Alvarez; Dan Gibson; L. Brandon Shaw; Jas Sanghera
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UV scale calibration transfer from an improved pyroelectric detector standard to field UV-A meters and 365 nm excitation sources
Author(s): G. P. Eppeldauer; V. B. Podobedov; C. C. Cooksey
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Non-mechanical beam steering in the mid-wave infrared
Author(s): Jesse A. Frantz; Jason D. Myers; Robel Y. Bekele; Christopher M. Spillmann; Jawad Naciri; Jakub S. Kolacz; Henry Gotjen; Leslie B. Shaw; Jasbinder S. Sanghera; Bennett Sodergren; Ying-Ju Wang; Scott D. Rommel; Mike Anderson; Scott R. Davis; Michael Ziemkiewicz
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