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Optics and Measurement International Conference 2016
Editor(s): Jana Kovacicinova
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Volume Number: 10151
Date Published: 18 January 2017
Softcover: 47 papers (390) pages
ISBN: 9781510607538

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Front Matter: Volume 10151
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Field lens multiplexing in holographic 3D displays by using Bragg diffraction based volume gratings
Author(s): G. Fütterer
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Innovative opto-mechanical design of a laser head for compact thin-disk
Author(s): Karolina Macúchová; Martin Smrž; Martina Řeháková; Tomáš Mocek
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Passive optical resonator for OSQAR LSW experiment
Author(s): Š. Kunc; G. Messineo; M. Schott; M. Šulc
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Imaging in laser spectroscopy by a single-pixel camera based on speckle patterns
Author(s): K. Žídek; J. Václavík
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Automatic road edge detection from Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS)
Author(s): Carlos Cabo; Silverio García-Cortés; Agustín Menéndez-Díaz; Celestino Ordoñez
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Reducing forces during drilling brittle hard materials by using ultrasonic and variation of coolant
Author(s): C. Schopf; R. Rascher
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Diamond machining of a single shot ellipsoidal focusing plasma mirror
Author(s): C. Bourgenot; D. N. Crosby; D. J. Robertson
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Detection and magnification of bridge displacements using video images
Author(s): Leticia Terán; Celestino Ordóñez; Silverio García-Cortés; Agustín Menéndez
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Visualization and measurement of the air film close ultra-hydrophobic surfaces
Author(s): D. Jasikova; M. Gasic; M. Kotek; Václav Kopecky
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Development of swinging part profilometer for optics
Author(s): Peng Zhang; Jie Li; Guoyu Yu; David D. Walker
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Qualification of a 3D structured light sensor for a reverse engineering application
Author(s): Alexandre Z. Guarato; Alexandre C. Loja; Leonardo P. Pereira; Sergio L. Braga; Thales R. B. Trevilato
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Freeform metrology using subaperture stitching interferometry
Author(s): Chris Supranowitz; Jean-Pierre Lormeau; Chris Maloney; Paul Murphy; Paul Dumas
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Simulations of lensless imaging in water window
Author(s): L. Sveda; L. Pina
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Multi-wavelength digital holography for shape measurement of grinded surfaces with ultimate accuracy
Author(s): Pavel Psota; Vít Lédl; Petr Vojtíšek; Tomáš Vít
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Positioning system and lattice design for subaperture stitching interferometry
Author(s): Jan Kredba; Pavel Psota
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Absolute and relative surface profile interferometry using multiple frequency-scanned lasers
Author(s): Marek Peca; Pavel Psota; Petr Vojtíšek; Vít Lédl
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Use of schlieren methods to study gas flow in laser technology
Author(s): Libor Mrňa; Jan Pavelka; Petr Horník; Jozef Hrabovský
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Digital holographic tomography method for 3D observation of domain patterns in ferroelectric single crystals
Author(s): Pavel Mokrý; Pavel Psota; Kateřina Steiger; Jan Václavík; David Vápenka; Roman Doleček; Petr Vojtíšek; Juraj Sládek; Vít Lédl
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Minimising back reflections from the common path objective in a fundus camera
Author(s): A. Swat
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Experimental setup for laser-induced breakdown in aqueous media
Author(s): D. Jasikova; P. Schovanec; M. Kotek; M. Muller; V. Kopecky
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Attempt to prepare perovskite PZT at low temperatures using IBAD
Author(s): David Vapenka; Jiri Hlubucek; Petra Horodyska
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Compact and robust hyperspectral camera based on compressed sensing
Author(s): K. Žídek; O. Denk; J. Hlubuček; J. Václavík
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Zeeko precession for free-form polishing
Author(s): F. Procháska; I. Poláková; J. Polák; O. Matoušek; D. Tomka
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FEM analysis of bonding process used for minimization of deformation of optical surface under Metis coronagraph mirrors manufacturing
Author(s): F. Procháska; T. Vít; O. Matoušek; R. Melich
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Geometric calibration of rotational kaleidoscopic instrument
Author(s): Vlastimil Havran; Šárka Němcová; Jiří Čáp; Jan Hošek; Jiří Bittner; Karolina Macúchová
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Losses in TiO2/SiO2 multilayer coatings
Author(s): Jiří Budasz; Jan Huťka; Jan Václavík
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Control of chemical composition of PZT thin films produced by ion-beam deposition from a multicomponent target
Author(s): Jiri Hlubucek; David Vapenka; Petra Horodyska; Jan Vaclavik
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Broadband antireflective coating for NEOSTED
Author(s): Jiří Budasz; Jiří Junek; Jan Václavík
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The design of the control algorithm for corrective manufacturing of 5 axis machining centre
Author(s): J. Beneš; F. Procháska; O. Matoušek
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The mounting system of lenses in ASPIICS coronagraph
Author(s): Martin Veselý; Tomáš Vít; Jan Pleštil
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Scratch and dig analysis for Metis mirrors surfaces defects evaluation
Author(s): M. Špína; F. Procháska; R. Melich
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Coordinate interferometric system for measuring the position of a sample with infrared telecom laser diode
Author(s): Miroslava Holá; Josef Lazar; Martin Čížek; Václav Hucl; Šimon Řeřucha; Ondřej Číp
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Methods for refractive-index homogeneity calculation using Fourier-transform phase-shifting interferometry
Author(s): O. Matoušek; V. Lédl; P. Psota; P. Vojtíšek
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Iterative method for solving the eikonal equation
Author(s): Pavel Mokrý
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Possibilities in optical monitoring of laser welding process
Author(s): Petr Horník; Libor Mrňa; Jan Pavelka
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Multi-wavelength simulations of the wavefront deformation of the optical wave passing through the domain patterns in ferroelectric single crystals
Author(s): Kateřina Steiger; Pavel Mokrý
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Effect of finite dimensions of diffraction grating to Talbot imaging
Author(s): Petr Pokorný; Antonín Mikš; Jiří Novák; Pavel Novák; Stefan Rinner
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Robust retrieval of optical surfaces phase maps in sub-Nyquist multi-wavelength interferometry
Author(s): Pavel Psota; Vít Lédl; Petr Vojtíšek; Ondřej Matoušek
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Four new variable stars in Cassiopea discovered with DSLR camera
Author(s): Pavel Pintr; David Vápenka; Martin Mašek
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Monitoring of overmodulation effect in high efficient generally slanted transmission gratings produced in photopolymers
Author(s): Petr Vojtíšek; Milan Kvĕtoň; Ivan Richter
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The simulation of residual optical aberrations of the 8-inch Clark objective of the astronomical observatory in Ondřejov
Author(s): Zdeněk Rail; Pavel Pintr; Bohdan Šrajer
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Influence of oxygen on the quality of the PZT thin films prepared by IBS
Author(s): Petra Horodyska; Jiri Hlubucek; Karel Zidek; Jan Vaclavik
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Design, manufacturing, performance and application of wide angle aspherical achromatic doublet
Author(s): Radek Melich; František Procháska; David Tomka; Zdeněk Rail; Jiří Bartoňíček; Jan Pleštil; Bohdan Šrajer
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Heat and mass transfer measurement using method of digital holographic tomography
Author(s): Roman Doleček; Pavel Psota; Vít Lédl; Tomáš Vít
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Sol-gel preparation of silica and titania thin films
Author(s): Tomáš Thoř; Jan Václavík
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Sensitivity vector map retrieval in digital holography used for shape measurement
Author(s): Vít Lédl; Pavel Psota; Petr Vojtíšek
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Sub-aperture stitching for data measured on spherical and aspherical lenses using interferometry
Author(s): Marek Stašík
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