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Medical Imaging 2017: Digital Pathology
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Volume Number: 10140
Date Published: 17 April 2017
Softcover: 35 papers (286) pages
ISBN: 9781510607255

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Front Matter: Volume 10140
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Determining local and contextual features describing appearance of difficult to identify mitotic figures
Author(s): Ziba Gandomkar; Patrick C. Brennan; Claudia Mello-Thoms
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Fast clustering in linear 1D subspaces: segmentation of microscopic image of unstained specimens
Author(s): Ivica Kopriva; Maria Brbić; Dijana Tolić; Nino Antulov-Fantulin; Xinjian Chen
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Applications of QCL mid-IR imaging to the advancement of pathology
Author(s): Hari Sreedhar; Vishal K. Varma; Benjamin Bird; Grace Guzman; Michael J. Walsh
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Data-driven sampling method for building 3D anatomical models from serial histology
Author(s): Snehal Ulhas Salunke; Tova Ablove; Theresa Danforth; John Tomaszewski; Scott Doyle
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Automatic evaluation of skin histopathological images for melanocytic features
Author(s): Mohaddeseh Koosha; S. Pourya Hoseini Alinodehi; Mircea Nicolescu; Zahra Safaei Naraghi
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Automated wholeslide analysis of multiplex-brightfield IHC images for cancer cells and carcinoma-associated fibroblasts
Author(s): Auranuch Lorsakul; Emilia Andersson; Suzana Vega Harring; Hadassah Sade; Oliver Grimm; Joerg Bredno
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Lumen-based detection of prostate cancer via convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Jin Tae Kwak; Stephen M. Hewitt
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Hierarchical patch-based co-registration of differently stained histopathology slides
Author(s): Mehmet Yigitsoy; Günter Schmidt
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Automated high-grade prostate cancer detection and ranking on whole slide images
Author(s): Chao-Hui Huang; Daniel Racoceanu
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Automated plasmodia recognition in microscopic images for diagnosis of malaria using convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Sebastian Krappe; Michaela Benz; Alexander Gryanik; Egbert Tannich; Christine Wegner; Marc Stamminger; Thomas Wittenberg; Chrisitan Münzenmayer
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A model of tumor architecture and spatial interactions with tumor microenvironment in breast carcinoma
Author(s): Bassem Ben Cheikh; Catherine Bor-Angelier; Daniel Racoceanu
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Identification and characterization of neutrophil extracellular trap shapes in flow cytometry
Author(s): Brandon Ginley; Tiffany Emmons; Prabhu Sasankan; Constantin Urban; Brahm H. Segal; Pinaki Sarder
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FOXP3-stained image analysis for follicular lymphoma: optimal adaptive thresholding with maximal nucleus coverage
Author(s): C. Senaras; M. Pennell; W. Chen; B. Sahiner; A. Shana’ah; A. Louissaint; R. P. Hasserjian; G. Lozanski; M. N. Gurcan
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Context-sensitive patch histograms for detecting rare events in histopathological data
Author(s): Kristians Diaz; Maximilian Baust; Nassir Navab
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Automatic computational labeling of glomerular textural boundaries
Author(s): Brandon Ginley; John E. Tomaszewski; Pinaki Sarder
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Convolutional neural networks for prostate cancer recurrence prediction
Author(s): Neeraj Kumar; Ruchika Verma; Ashish Arora; Abhay Kumar; Sanchit Gupta; Amit Sethi; Peter H. Gann
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Leveraging unsupervised training sets for multi-scale compartmentalization in renal pathology
Author(s): Brendon Lutnick; John E. Tomaszewski; Pinaki Sarder
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A computational framework to detect normal and tuberculosis infected lung from H and E-stained whole slide images
Author(s): M. Khalid Khan Niazi; Gillian Beamer; Metin N. Gurcan
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Evaluation of nucleus segmentation in digital pathology images through large scale image synthesis
Author(s): Naiyun Zhou; Xiaxia Yu; Tianhao Zhao; Si Wen; Fusheng Wang; Wei Zhu; Tahsin Kurc; Allen Tannenbaum; Joel Saltz; Yi Gao
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Automated epidermis segmentation in histopathological images of human skin stained with hematoxylin and eosin
Author(s): Paweł Kłeczek; Grzegorz Dyduch; Joanna Jaworek-Korjakowska; Ryszard Tadeusiewicz
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Automated cancer stem cell recognition in H and E stained tissue using convolutional neural networks and color deconvolution
Author(s): Wolfgang Aichinger; Sebastian Krappe; A. Enis Cetin; Rengul Cetin-Atalay; Aysegül Üner; Michaela Benz; Thomas Wittenberg; Marc Stamminger; Christian Münzenmayer
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Convolutional neural networks for an automatic classification of prostate tissue slides with high-grade Gleason score
Author(s): Oscar Jiménez del Toro; Manfredo Atzori; Sebastian Otálora; Mats Andersson; Kristian Eurén; Martin Hedlund; Peter Rönnquist; Henning Müller
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Heterogeneity characterization of immunohistochemistry stained tissue using convolutional autoencoder
Author(s): Erwan Zerhouni; Bogdan Prisacari; Qing Zhong; Peter Wild; Maria Gabrani
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A computational study on convolutional feature combination strategies for grade classification in colon cancer using fluorescence microscopy data
Author(s): Aritra Chowdhury; Christopher J. Sevinsky; Alberto Santamaria-Pang; Bülent Yener
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Evaluating color performance of whole-slide imaging devices by multispectral-imaging of biological tissues
Author(s): Firdous Saleheen; Aldo Badano; Wei-Chung Cheng
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Automatic Gleason grading of H and E stained microscopic prostate images using deep convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Anna Gummeson; Ida Arvidsson; Mattias Ohlsson; Niels Christian Overgaard; Agnieszka Krzyzanowska; Anders Heyden; Anders Bjartell; Kalle Aström
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Integrative analysis on histopathological image for identifying cellular heterogeneity
Author(s): Young Hwan Chang; Guillaume Thibault; Brett Johnson; Adam Margolin; Joe W. Gray
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Extraction of glomeruli in whole slide imaging of kidney biopsy specimens
Author(s): Masahiro Ishikawa; Sumire Watanabe; Natsuki Honda; Naoki Kobayashi; Tokiya Abe; Akinori Hashiguchi; Michiie Sakamoto
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Unsupervised segmentation of H and E breast images
Author(s): Tyna A. Hope; Martin J. Yaffe
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Optimized color decomposition of localized whole slide images and convolutional neural network for intermediate prostate cancer classification
Author(s): Naiyun Zhou; Yi Gao
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Panning artifacts in digital pathology images
Author(s): Ali R. N. Avanaki; Christian Lanciault; Kathryn S. Espig; Albert Xthona; Tom R. L. Kimpe
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Tissue classification of liver pathological tissue specimens image using spectral features
Author(s): Emi Hashimoto; Masahiro Ishikawa; Kazuma Shinoda; Madoka Hasegawa; Hideki Komagata; Naoki Kobayashi; Naoki Mochidome; Yoshinao Oda; Chika Iwamoto; Kenoki Ohuchida; Makoto Hashizume
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Color normalization of histology slides using graph regularized sparse NMF
Author(s): Lingdao Sha; Dan Schonfeld; Amit Sethi
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Frequency analysis of gaze points with CT colonography interpretation using eye gaze tracking system
Author(s): Shoko Tsutsumi; Wataru Tamashiro; Mitsuru Sato; Mika Okajima; Toshihiro Ogura; Kunio Doi
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Content-based histopathological image retrieval for whole slide image database using binary codes
Author(s): Yushan Zheng; Zhiguo Jiang; Yibing Ma; Haopeng Zhang; Fengying Xie; Huaqiang Shi; Yu Zhao
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