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Slow Light, Fast Light, and Opto-Atomic Precision Metrology X
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Volume Number: 10119
Date Published: 12 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10119
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Cold-atoms: A clean system for clocks based on coherent population trapping (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Donley; Xiaochi Liu; Eugene N. Ivanov; Valeriy I. Yudin; John E. Kitching
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AC atom interferometry with quantum lock-in sensing
Author(s): Jonathan Coslovsky; Gadi Afek; Nir Davidson
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New method for enhancement of contrast of coherent population trapping resonance in Rb vapour
Author(s): Sergey Khripunov; Sergey Kobtsev; Daba Radnatarov; Ivan Popkov; Valeriy Andryushkov; Tatiana Steschenko; Vladimir Lunin; Yury Zarudnev
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Stabilization and line narrowing of a frequency comb locked to an acetylene stabilized fibre laser (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Thomas Talvard; Nicolai F. Mortensen; Bjarke Gøth; Philip G. Westergaard; Michael V. DePalatis; Michael Drewsen; Jan Hald
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Analytical tools for point source interferometry
Author(s): Gregory W. Hoth; Bruno Pelle; John Kitching; Elizabeth A. Donley
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0.75 atoms improve the clock signal of 10,000 atoms
Author(s): I. Kruse; K. Lange; J. Peise; B. Lücke; L. Pezzè; J. Arlt; W. Ertmer; C. Lisdat; L. Santos; A. Smerzi; C. Klempt
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Slow and fast light via two-wave mixing in the rare-earth doped optical fibers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Serguei I. Stepanov; Marcos Plata Sánchez; Eliseo Hernández
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Transient quantum coherent effects in the acetylene-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): S. Stepanov; N. Rodríguez Casillas; M. Ocegueda Miramontes; E. Hernández Hernández
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Possibility of femtosecond soliton mode propagation with complicated pulse chirp
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Tatiana M. Lysak
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Superluminal and slow light in eye-like ring resonator
Author(s): Yundong Zhang; Kai Ma; Yongfeng Wu; Huaiyin Su; Hui Li; Ping Yuan
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Tunable fast and slow light based on ring resonators and Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Author(s): Yundong Zhang; Huaiyin Su; Yongfeng Wu; Hui Li; Kai Ma; Ping Yuan
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Design of periodic waveguide for enhancing the interaction of light and atoms in a vacuum
Author(s): Rémi Faggiani; Xiaorun Zang; Jianji Yang; Philippe Lalanne
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Theory of few-photon quantum scattering in nanophotonic structures
Author(s): Shanshan Xu; Shanhui Fan
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Microfabricated optically pumped magnetometer arrays for biomedical imaging
Author(s): A. R. Perry; D. Sheng; S. P. Krzyzewski; S. Geller; S. Knappe
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Level anti-crossing magnetometry with color centers in diamond
Author(s): Huijie Zheng; Georgios Chatzidrosos; Arne Wickenbrock; Lykourgos Bougas; Reinis Lazda; Andris Berzins; Florian Helmuth Gahbauer; Marcis Auzinsh; Ruvin Ferber; Dmitry Budker
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Toward custom design of diamond-based quantum sensors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Philip R. Hemmer
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Measurement of magnetic field gradients using Raman spectroscopy in a fountain
Author(s): Arvind Srinivasan; Matthias Zimmermann; Maxim A. Efremov; Jon P. Davis; Frank A. Narducci
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Slow light in an optomechanical microresonator system
Author(s): A. T. Rosenberger
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Thermal self-stability, multi-stability, and memory effects in Brillouin fiber lasers
Author(s): Omer Kotlicki; Jacob Scheuer
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Observation of thermodynamic phase noise using a slow-light resonance in a fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): George Skolianos; Arushi Arora; Martin Bernier; Michel Digonnet
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Phase and group delay control of femtosecond pulses with liquid crystal cells and application to hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Aurélie Jullien; Umberto Bortolozzo; Stefania Residori; Stéphanie Grabielle; Nicolas Forget; Jean-Pierre Huignard
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On the threshold of photonic-crystal slow-light lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jesper Mork; Yi Yu; Elizaveta Semenova; Kresten Yvind
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Dynamical holography and wavefront control with liquid-crystal light valve
Author(s): S. Residori; U. Bortolozzo; D. Dolfi; P. Nouchi; J. P. Huignard; S. Molin; A. Peigné
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Advanced slow-light modulators (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Toshihiko Baba
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All-optical sampling without optical source
Author(s): Thomas Schneider; Stefan Preussler
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