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Three-Dimensional and Multidimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and Processing XXIV
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Volume Number: 10070
Date Published: 28 April 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10070
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Implementation of an incoherent 3D patterned illumination design in a structured illumination microscope
Author(s): S. V. King; C. Taylor; A. Doblas; H. Shabani; N. Patwary; G. Saavedra; C. Preza
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Toward multi-focal spot remote focusing two-photon microscopy for high speed imaging
Author(s): Bei Li; Alexander D. Corbett; Ee Chong; Edward Mann; Tony Wilson; Martin J. Booth; Gil Bub
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Lensfree diffractive tomography for the imaging of 3D cell cultures
Author(s): Anthony Berdeu; Fabien Momey; Jean-Marc Dinten; Xavier Gidrol; Nathalie Picollet-D'hahan; Cédric Allier
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Focus-tunable lens in limited-angle holographic tomography
Author(s): A. Kuś; W. Krauze; M. Kujawińska
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Simple and fast spectral domain algorithm for quantitative phase imaging of living cells with digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Junwei Min; Baoli Yao; Steffi Ketelhut; Björn Kemper
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Probing neural tissue with airy light-sheet microscopy: investigation of imaging performance at depth within turbid media
Author(s): Jonathan Nylk; Kaley McCluskey; Sanya Aggarwal; Javier A. Tello; Kishan Dholakia
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Spatially-controlled illumination with rescan confocal microscopy enhances image quality, resolution and reduces photodamage
Author(s): Venkataraman Krishnaswami; Giulia M. R. De Luca; Ronald M. P. Breedijk; Cornelis J. F. Van Noorden; Erik M. M. Manders; Ron A. Hoebe
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Comparison of 3D structured patterns with tunable frequency for use in structured illumination microscopy
Author(s): Ana Doblas; Hasti Shabani; Genaro Saavedra; Chrysanthe Preza
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A state space based approach to localizing single molecules from multi-emitter images
Author(s): Milad R. Vahid; Jerry Chao; E. Sally Ward; Raimund J. Ober
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Remote focusing multifocal plane microscopy for the imaging of 3D single molecule dynamics with cellular context
Author(s): Jerry Chao; Ramraj Velmurugan; Sungyong You; Dongyoung Kim; E. Sally Ward; Raimund J. Ober
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5D imaging approaches reveal the formation of distinct intracellular cAMP spatial gradients
Author(s): Thomas C. Rich; Naga Annamdevula; Kenny Trinh; Andrea L. Britain; Samuel A. Mayes; John R. Griswold; Joshua Deal; Chase Hoffman; Savannah West; Silas J. Leavesley
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Imaging beyond scattering limits utilizing ARF as a guidestar
Author(s): Ali Vakili; Joseph L. Hollmann; R. Glynn Holt; Charles A. DiMarzio
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Fast multiplane functional imaging combining acousto-optic switching and remote focusing
Author(s): Ee Zhuan Chong; Inês Barreiros; Bei Li; Michael M. Kohl; Martin J. Booth
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Fast axial scanning for 2-photon microscopy using liquid lens technology
Author(s): Kayvan Forouhesh Tehrani; Min Kyoung Sun; Lohitash Karumbaiah; Luke J. Mortensen
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Accurate time-domain angular jitter measurements for a high-speed polygon scanner
Author(s): Youn Young Ji; Byung Hwy So; Won Sang Hwang; Don Geun Kim; Jun Woo Kim; Dug Young Kim
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White matter segmentation by estimating tissue optical attenuation from volumetric OCT massive histology of whole rodent brains
Author(s): Joël Lefebvre; Alexandre Castonguay; Frédéric Lesage
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Comparison of two structured illumination techniques based on different 3D illumination patterns
Author(s): H. Shabani; N. Patwary; A. Doblas; G. Saavedra; C. Preza
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Single image sectioning using spatial frequency domain imaging
Author(s): Zachary R. Hoffman; Charles A. DiMarzio
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Time-resolved wavelet-based acquisitions using a single-pixel camera
Author(s): Florian Rousset; Nicolas Ducros; Andrea Farina; Gianluca Valentini; Cosimo D'Andrea; Françoise Peyrin
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Multi-beam optical coherence tomography for microvascular imaging of human skin in vivo
Author(s): Chaoliang Chen; Kyle H. Y. Cheng; Raphael Jakubovic; Jamil Jivraj; Joel Ramjist; Ryan Deorajh; Wanrong Gao; Victor X. D. Yang
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Laser speckle contrast imaging augmented with structured light
Author(s): Jaime Necochea; Jaime Prieto; Zachary Hoffman; Charles DiMarzio
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Theoretical analysis of lateral resolution given by annular super-resolution phase plate
Author(s): Hiroshi Kumagai; Yoshinori Iketaki; Koumei Nagai; Nador Bokor
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Relationship between reconstruction quality and scan type for compressive sensing based on cone beam CT reconstruction
Author(s): Lin Zhang; Huijuan Zhao; Feng Gao; Limin Zhang; Jiao Li; Zhongxing Zhou
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Coherent light 3D materials microscopy without phase retrieval
Author(s): Jian Xing; Jiun-Yann Yu; Simeng Chen; Carol Cogswell
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