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Integrated Modeling of Complex Optomechanical Systems II
Editor(s): Marco Riva

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Volume Number: 10012
Date Published: 21 July 2016
: 12 papers (114) pages
ISBN: 9781510604322

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 10012
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
E-ELT vibration modeling, simulation, and budgeting
Author(s): B. Sedghi; M. Müller; G. Jakob
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The opto-mechanical performance prediction of thin mirror segments for E-ELT
Author(s): Jan Nijenhuis; Ben Braam; Roger Hamelinck
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Science cases in the integrated modeling of Chinese Giant Solar Telescope
Author(s): Zhong Liu; Haisheng Ji; Zhenyu Jin; Jun Lin; Yuanyong Deng
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Polarization modeling for the main optics of Chinese Giant Solar Telescope
Author(s): Shu Yuan; Yu Fu; Zhenyu Jin
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The BlackGEM array in search of black hole mergers: integrated performance modelling
Author(s): Ronald Roelfsema; Marc Klein Wolt; Steven Bloemen; Paul Groot; Felix Bettonvil; Harry Balster; Peter Dolron; Arjen van Elteren; Arno Engels; Menno de Haan; Rik ter Horst; Jan Kragt; Ramon Navarro; Gijs Nelemans; Willem Jelle Paalberends; Sari Pal; Gert Raskin; Harrie Rutten; Bart Scheers; Menno Schuil; Piotr Sybilski
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Models for the active optics system of the ASTRI SST-2M prototype proposed for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
Author(s): Daniele Gardiol; Enrico Giro; Luigi Lessio; Davide Loreggia; Gabriele Rodeghiero; Federico Russo
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An integrated thermo-structural model to design a polarimeter for the GTC
Author(s): I. Di Varano; K. G. Strassmeier; M. Woche; U. Laux
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Instrument physical model for the SOXS (Son Of X-Shooter) spectrograph
Author(s): Davide Loreggia; Daniele Gardiol
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Extracting the scalloping error from closed loop AO data
Author(s): Miska Le Louarn; Henri Bonnet; Michael Esselborn; Pierre-Yves Madec; Enrico Marchetti
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Integrate modelling of smart structures for astronomy: design future technologies
Author(s): M. Riva; M. Moschetti
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Strategies for the dynamical-optical simulation of high-performance optics
Author(s): Johannes Störkle; Peter Eberhard
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Integrated optomechanical structural optimization through coupling of sensitivity matrixes
Author(s): M. Riva; M. Moschetti
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