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Remote Sensing Technologies and Applications in Urban Environments
Editor(s): Thilo Erbertseder; Thomas Esch; Nektarios Chrysoulakis
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Volume Number: 10008
Date Published: 28 December 2016
Softcover: 37 papers (386) pages
ISBN: 9781510604209

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Front Matter: Volume 10008
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Improved MODIS aerosol retrieval in urban areas using a land classification approach and empirical orthogonal functions
Author(s): Nathaniel Levitan; Barry Gross
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Pollutant monitoring of aircraft exhaust with multispectral imaging
Author(s): Emily E. Berkson; David W. Messinger
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Estimation of turbulence production by nocturnal low level jets in Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Author(s): Cassia M. L. Beu; Márcia T. A. Marques; Walter M. Nakaema; Yoshiaki Sakagami; Pedro A. A. Santos; A. C. de C. A. Moreira; Eduardo Landulfo
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High-grade, compact spectrometers for Earth observation from SmallSats
Author(s): L. F. van der Wal; B. T. G. de Goeij; R. Jansen; J. A. J. Oosterling; B. Snijders
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Gas detection by using transmittance estimation and segmentation approaches
Author(s): Didem Özısık Baskurt; Yusuf Gür; Fatih Ömrüuzun; Yasemin Yardımcı Çetin
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Aerial thermography for energy efficiency of buildings: the ChoT project
Author(s): Emanuele Mandanici; Paolo Conte
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Assessing the urban solar energy resource potential of Davao City, Philippines, using LiDAR Digital Surface Model (DSM) and GRASS GIS
Author(s): Justine Teves; Eula Fae Sola; Ben Hur Pintor; Ma. Rosario Concepcion Ang
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The measurement of carbon dioxide levels in a city canyon
Author(s): Jenny Boyd; Daniel Budinov; Iain Robinson; James Jack
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Spatio-temporal analysis of preterm birth in Portugal and its relation with environmental variables
Author(s): M. Oliveira; Ana C. Teodoro; A. Freitas; J. Bernardes; H. Gonçalves
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Anthropogenic heat flux estimation from space: results of the first phase of the URBANFLUXES project
Author(s): Nektarios Chrysoulakis; Mattia Marconcini; Jean-Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry; C.S.B. Grimmond; Christian Feigenwinter; Fredrik Lindberg; Fabio Del Frate; Judith Klostermann; Zina Mitraka; Thomas Esch; Lucas Landier; Andy Gabey; Eberhard Parlow; Frans Olofson
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Study on urban heat island effect and its response to the vegetation eco-environmental quality
Author(s): Saiping Xu; Qianjun Zhao; Kai Yin; Bei Cui; Xiupeng Zhang
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Dynamics of thermal inertia over highly urban city: a case study of Delhi
Author(s): Shivesh Berwal; Dinesh Kumar; Alok Kumar Pandey; Vinay Pratap Singh; Ritesh Kumar; Krishan Kumar
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Extraction of urban vegetation with Pleiades multiangular images
Author(s): Antoine Lefebvre; Jean Nabucet; Thomas Corpetti; Nicolas Courty; Laurence Hubert-Moy
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Evaluation of bispectral LIDAR data for urban vegetation mapping
Author(s): Jean Nabucet; Laurence Hubert-Moy; Thomas Corpetti; Patrick Launeau; Dimitri Lague; Cyril Michon; Herve Quenol
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Identifying pure urban image spectra using a learning urban image spectral archive (LUISA)
Author(s): Marianne Jilge; Uta Heiden; Martin Habermeyer; André Mende; Carsten Juergens
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Use of multispectral satellite imagery and hyperspectral endmember libraries for urban land cover mapping at the metropolitan scale
Author(s): Frederik Priem; Akpona Okujeni; Sebastian van der Linden; Frank Canters
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Spectral unmixing of urban land cover using a generic library approach
Author(s): Jeroen Degerickx; Marian-Daniel Lordache; Akpona Okujeni; Martin Hermy; Sebastian van der Linden; Ben Somers
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Effective delineation of urban flooded areas based on aerial ortho-photo imagery
Author(s): Ying Zhang; Bert Guindon; Don Raymond; Gang Hong
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Airborne SAR on circular trajectories to reduce layover and shadow effects of urban scenes
Author(s): Stephan Palm; Rainer Sommer; Nils Pohl; Uwe Stilla
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An improved automated procedure for informal and temporary dwellings detection and enumeration, using mathematical morphology operators on VHR satellite data
Author(s): Małgorzata Jenerowicz; Thomas Kemper
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Systematic infrared image quality improvement using deep learning based techniques
Author(s): Huaizhong Zhang; Pablo Casaseca-de-la-Higuera; Chunbo Luo; Qi Wang; Matthew Kitchin; Andrew Parmley; Jesus Monge-Alvarez
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Building block extraction and classification by means of Markov random fields using aerial imagery and LiDAR data
Author(s): E. Bratsolis; M. Sigelle; E. Charou
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ICARE-HS: atmospheric correction of airborne hyperspectral urban images using 3D information
Author(s): Xavier Ceamanos; Xavier Briottet; Guillaume Roussel; Hugo Gilardy
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Incremental road discovery from aerial imagery using curvilinear spanning tree (CST) search
Author(s): Guozhi Wang; Yuchun Huang; Rongchang Xie; Hongchang Zhang
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Automatic pole-like object modeling via 3D part-based analysis of point cloud
Author(s): Liu He; Haoxiang Yang; Yuchun Huang
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Galaxy: a new state of the art airborne lidar system
Author(s): Daryl Hartsell; Paul E. LaRocque; Jeffrey Tripp
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Identification and correction of road courses by merging successive segments and using improved attributes
Author(s): Dimitri Bulatov; Gisela Häufel; Melanie Pohl
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Detection of asphalt pavement cracks using remote sensing techniques
Author(s): Christodoulos Mettas; Athos Agapiou; Kyriacos Themistocleous; Kyriacos Neocleous; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
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Tunable mechanical monolithic sensors for real-time broadband monitoring of large civil infrastructures
Author(s): F. Barone; G. Giordano
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Vehicle detection from very-high-resolution (VHR) aerial imagery using attribute belief propagation (ABP)
Author(s): Yanli Wang; Ying Li; Li Zhang; Yuchun Huang
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Investigation of air pollution and regional climate change due to anthropogenic aerosols
Author(s): Makiko Nakata; Itaru Sano; Sonoyo Mukai
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Landcover change and light pollution in Kota Bandarlampung
Author(s): Akmal F. Rohman; Muhammad Hafidz; Azra Q. Hazairin; Fitri Riadini
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Improvement of retrieval algorithms for severe air pollution
Author(s): Sonoyo Mukai; Itaru Sano; Makiko Nakata
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Impacts of urban growth and heat waves events on the urban heat island in Bucharest city
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Roxana S. Savastru; Dan M. Savastru; Adrian I. Dida
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Synergy use of satellite remote sensing and in-situ monitoring data for air pollution impacts on urban climate
Author(s): Dan M. Savastru; Maria A. Zoran; Roxana S. Savastru
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Software for hyperspectral, joint photographic experts group (.JPG), portable network graphics (.PNG) and tagged image file format (.TIFF) segmentation
Author(s): L. S. Bruno; B. P. Rodrigo; A. de C. Jorge Lucio
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Optimization and evaluation of the human fall detection system
Author(s): Hadeel Alzoubi; Naeem Ramzan; Hasan Shahriar; Raid Alzubi; Ryan Gibson; Abbes Amira
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