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High-Performance Computing in Geoscience and Remote Sensing VI
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Volume Number: 10007
Date Published: 19 December 2016
Softcover: 19 papers (190) pages
ISBN: 9781510604186

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Front Matter: Volume 10007
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A new tool for supervised classification of satellite images available on web servers: Google Maps as a case study
Author(s): Agustín García-Flores; Abel Paz-Gallardo; Antonio Plaza; Jun Li
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A study on computation optimization method for three-dimension scene light field radiation simulation in visible light band
Author(s): Ligang Li; Wei Ni; Xiaoshan Ma; Zhen Yang; Xin Meng; Feifei Shen
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Increasing the object recognition distance of compact open air on board vision system
Author(s): Sergey Kirillov; Ivan Kostkin; Valery Strotov; Vladimir Dmitriev; Vadim Berdnikov; Eduard Akopov; Aleksey Elyutin
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Performance of the dot product function in radiative transfer code SORD
Author(s): Sergey Korkin; Alexei Lyapustin; Aliaksandr Sinyuk; Brent Holben
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Parallel hyperspectral image reconstruction using random projections
Author(s): Jorge Sevilla; Gabriel Martín; José M. P. Nascimento
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A new semi-supervised classification strategy combining active learning and spectral unmixing of hyperspectral data
Author(s): Yanli Sun; Xia Zhang; Antonio Plaza; Jun Li; Inmaculada Dópido; Yi Liu
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Parallel implementation of a hyperspectral image linear SVM classifier using RVC-CAL
Author(s): D. Madroñal ; H. Fabelo; R. Lazcano; G. M. Callicó; E. Juárez; C. Sanz
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The implementation of contour-based object orientation estimation algorithm in FPGA-based on-board vision system
Author(s): Boris Alpatov; Pavel Babayan; Maksim Ershov; Valery Strotov
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OpenCL-library-based implementation of SCLSU algorithm for remotely sensed hyperspectral data exploitation: clMAGMA versus viennaCL
Author(s): Sergio Bernabé ; Guillermo Botella; Carlos Orueta; José M. R. Navarro; Manuel Prieto-Matías; Antonio Plaza
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A multiple criteria-based spectral partitioning method for remotely sensed hyperspectral image classification
Author(s): Yi Liu; Jun Li; Antonio Plaza; Yanli Sun
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A new comparison of hyperspectral anomaly detection algorithms for real-time applications
Author(s): María Díaz; Sebastián López; Roberto Sarmiento
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A new hyperspectral image compression paradigm based on fusion
Author(s): Raúl Guerra; José Melián; Sebastián López; Roberto Sarmiento
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Toward an optimisation technique for dynamically monitored environment
Author(s): Orabi M. Shurrab
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Parallelism exploitation of a PCA algorithm for hyperspectral images using RVC-CAL
Author(s): R. Lazcano; I. Sidrach-Cardona ; D. Madroñal; K. Desnos; M. Pelcat; E. Juárez; C. Sanz
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Spatial-spectral preprocessing for endmember extraction on GPU's
Author(s): Luis I. Jimenez; Javier Plaza; Antonio Plaza; Jun Li
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Fast DPCM scheme for lossless compression of aurora spectral images
Author(s): Wanqiu Kong; Jiaji Wu
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Generation of OAM waves using metamaterials substrate antenna
Author(s): X. S. Meng; J. J. Wu; Z. S. Wu; T. Qu
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Hardware design and implementation of fast DOA estimation method based on multicore DSP
Author(s): Rui Guo; Yingxiao Zhao; Yue Zhang; Qianqiang Lin; Zengping Chen
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Coastline change mapping using a spectral band method and Sobel edge operator
Author(s): Saeed Al-Mansoori; Fatima Al-Marzouqi
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