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Advances in Photochemotherapy
Editor(s): Tayyaba Hasan
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Volume Number: 0997
Date Published: 17 March 1989
Softcover: 23 papers (170) pages
ISBN: 9780819400321

Table of Contents
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Photodynamic Therapy Of Cancer
Author(s): Thomas J. Dougherty
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Cellular And Preclinical Examination Of Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): Charles J. Gomer; Angela Ferrario; Natalie Rucker; Sam Wong; Elisa Morinelli; Grace Liu; Bernard C. Szirth
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Normal Tissue Effects Of The Metallopurpurin, SnET2 And Light
Author(s): Steven H. Selman; Leif D. Eriksen; Kevin N. Foster; Greta M. Garbo; Rick w. Keck; Gary D. Stoner; Alan R. Morgan
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In Vitro Fluorescence Studies With Hematoporphyrin Derivative
Author(s): Janine R. Shulok; Margaret H. Wade; Chi-Wei Lin
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HPD Administration By Infra-Tumor Injection: Distribution, Photodynamic Effect And Utilities
Author(s): Chi-Wei Lin; Toshiyasu Amano; Adrienne R. Rutledge; Janine R. Shulok
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Photochemical Targeting Of Phagocytic Trabecular Meshwork Cells Using Chlorin E6 Coupled Microspheres
Author(s): M. A. Latina; P. H. Kobsa; S. L. Rakestraw; E. A. Crean; T. Hasan; M. L. Yarmush
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Selective Phototoxicity Using Monoclonal Antibody-Chromophore Conjugates
Author(s): T. Hasan
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Phototoxicity Of Rhodamine Dyes
Author(s): Christopher R. Shea; Norah Chen; Tayyaba Hasan
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Study Of The Specificity Of Xanthene Dye Binding To Mitochondria
Author(s): James R. Bunting; Eleanor Kamali; Trung V. Phan; Robert M. Dowben; J. Lester Matthews
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EDKC Selectively Photosensitizes Respiration Of Malignant Cells In Vitro.
Author(s): G. Ara; L. Lewandowski; A. R. Oseroff
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Targetable Photoactivatable Drugs. 1. Synthesis Of Water-Soluble Galactosamine . Containing Polymeric Carriers Of Chlorin E6 And Their Photodynamic Effect On Plc Cells In Vitro
Author(s): N. L. Krinick; B. Rihova; K. Ulbrich; J. D. Andrade; J. D. Andrade; J. Kopecek
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Electron Enhancement Of Photodynamic Action (EE-PA)
Author(s): M . R. Swartz; G. A Clark
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Photochemotherapy: Molecular And Cellular Processes Involved
Author(s): John D. Spikes
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Oxidative Processes In Photosensitization
Author(s): Christopher S. Foote
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Photoproperties Of Naphthalocyanines
Author(s): W. .E. Ford; P. A. Firey; J. R. Sounik; B. Rihter; M. E. Kenney; M. A.J. Rodgers
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Chemical Principles In The Design Of Improved Porphyrin Photosensitizers
Author(s): B. Franck; G. Fulling; M . Gosmann; G. Kniibel; H. Mertes; D. Schroder
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Chemical Modification Of Molecular Probes And Its Application To Targeting Strategies In Photochemotherapyl
Author(s): S. Devanathan; T. A. Dahl; D. C. Neckers
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Fluorescence Detection Of Occult Non-Palpable Metastases In Lymph Nodes Following Injection Of Low Doses Of Photofrin II®
Author(s): T. S. Mang; C. McGinnis; N. Castillio; W. R. Potter
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Antineoplastic And Antiviral Properties Of Merocyanine 540
Author(s): Fritz Sieber
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Characterization Of Benzoporphyrin Derivative, A New Photosensitizer
Author(s): Anna Richter; Ethan Sternberg; Elizabeth Waterfield; David Dolphin; Julia G. Levy
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Photophysical And Photochemical Properties Of Purpurins
Author(s): Alan R. Morgan; Greta M. Garbo; T. George Truscott
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Novel Phenothiazinium Photosensitizers For Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): Louis Cincotta; James W. Foley; Anthony H. Cincotta
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Cationic Triarylmethane Photosensitizers For Selective Photochemotherapy: Victoria Blue-Bo, Victoria Blue-R And Malachite Green
Author(s): K. Wadwa; S. Smith; A. R. Oseroff
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