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High Data Rate Atmospheric and Space Communications
Editor(s): Robert Hauptman

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Volume Number: 0996
Date Published: 28 November 1988

Table of Contents
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The Challenge
Author(s): Roger L. Freeman
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Laser Communciation Requirements Imposed By High Resolution Sensor Systems
Author(s): J. P. Garmon; M. L. Belcher; R. L. Muse
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Rf And Laser Space-Based Communication Links: Another Perspective
Author(s): R. .H Bittel; W. L. Casey; G. R. Doughty; A. S. Roberts III
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Laser Communication System Design
Author(s): W. L. Casey; G. R. Doughty; J. G. Houston,; R. K. Marston; L. J. O'Pella; L. V. Vo
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Design And Optimization Methods Of Microwave Fiberoptic Systems
Author(s): J. J. Pan
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Optical Multiple Access System For Intersatellite Communications
Author(s): M. A. Grant; D Robson; N. F. Matthews
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The Effects Of Scattering On The Relative ICI Performance Of Optical And Nn-Wave Systems
Author(s): John Oetting; Jerry Hancton
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Laser Communication Uplinks And Downlinks
Author(s): J. L. Conner; T. M. Fletcher
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Tracking System Design For Small Aperture Multiple Access Laser Communications Terminals
Author(s): N. F Matthews; D. Robson; M. A. Grant
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Diode-Laser Transmitter For Space-Based Heterodyne Communication
Author(s): John A. Taylor; Allen D. Pillsbury; Michael F. Richardson; David Welford
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Design And Performance Of An On-Satellite Laser Diagnostic System For A Free Space Optical Heterodyne Frequency-Shift-Keyed Communication System
Author(s): V. Jayaraman; E. S. Kintzer; J. G. Garcia; A. D. Pillsbury
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An Opto-Mechanical Subsystem For Space Based Coherent Optical Communication
Author(s): R. S. Bondurant; S. B. Alexander; V. W.S. Chan,; A. A. Colao; J. E. Kaufmann; E. Lee; A. N Madiwale; P. F. Martin; A D. Pillsbury; E. A. Swanson
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High-Speed Analog Fiber Optic Links For Satellite Communication
Author(s): A. S. Daryoush; P. R. Herczfeld; R. R. Kunath
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Recent Developments Related To An Optically Controlled Microwave Phased Array Antenna.
Author(s): P R Herczfeld; A S Daryoush
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A Fiberoptic Recirculating Delay Line
Author(s): P. R. Herczfeld; I. Koffman; A. S. Daryoush; R. Saedi; B. Even-Or; R. Markowitz
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1.3 µm Ku-Band Fiberoptic Transmission System For Satellite Communications And Antenna Remoting
Author(s): J. J. Pan; M. Shih; P. C. Wen; P. T. Huang
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Fiber Optic Delay Lines For Radar Applications
Author(s): I. L. Newberg; C. M. Gee; G. D. Thurmond; H. W. Yen
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