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High Frequency Analog Communications
Editor(s): Paul Sierak
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Volume Number: 0995
Date Published: 17 January 1989
Softcover: 23 papers (171) pages
ISBN: 9780819400307

Table of Contents
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High Speed 1.31µm InGaAsP Lasers With Semi-Insulating Current-Blocking Layers: Experiment And Modeling
Author(s): S. Y. Huang; W. H. Cheng; J. Pooladdej; A. Appelbaum; D. Renner; K. L. Hess; S. W. Zehr
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High Power 1.3 µm Laser With Modulation Bandwidth To X-Band
Author(s): W. Ng
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Narrow-band Modulation of Semiconductor Lasers at Millimeter Wave Frequencies (>100GHz) by Mode-locking
Author(s): K. Y. Lau
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Electro-Optic Modulators In III-V Materials For Microwave Bandwidths
Author(s): R. G. Walker; A. C. Carter
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Velocity-Matched Optical Transmitter
Author(s): Pao -Lo Liu
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Nonlinear Generation Of High Power Millimeter Wave Optical Intensity Modulation
Author(s): Elliot Eichen; Andrew Silletti
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Packaging Techniques For Broadband Microwave Optoelectronic Components
Author(s): J. Schlafer; L. Ulbricht
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High Frequency Performance Of Planar InGaAs/InP Avalanche Photodiodes
Author(s): J. N. Hollenhorst; D. T. Ekholm; J. M. Geary; V. D. Mattera; R. Pawelek
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High Speed InGaAs/InP Photodiodes For Applications To 40 Ghz
Author(s): A J Moseley; A C Carter; M Q Kearley; C A Park; D A Humphreys
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Picosecond Response Of A Planar GAAS/AL[sub]0.3[/sub]GA[sub]0.7[/sub]AS Schottky Barrier Photodiode
Author(s): D. H. Lee; S. S. Li; N. G. Paulter
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Design And Performance Of Very High Speed InGaAs And GaAs Photodiodes
Author(s): Y. Zebda; P. K. Bhattacharya
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Wideband Lightwave Systems Using Microwave Subcarriers
Author(s): R. Olshansky; P. Hill; V. Lanzisera
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Cost-Effective Microwave Fiberoptic Links Using The Heterodyne Laser
Author(s): J J. Pan
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Coherent Analog Fiber Optic Links
Author(s): B T Debney; J Metcalfe; B U Chen; K V Vaidyanathan
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High Signal To Noise Operation Of Fiber Optic Links To 18 Ghz
Author(s): H. Blauvelt; K. Lau
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High Speed, High Reliability Direct Modulated Laser Diode
Author(s): Scott Pavlik; Robert Plastow; Alex Rosiewicz
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Fiber Optic Links For Microwave/Millimeter-Wave Systems
Author(s): J. J. Pan
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Microwave Domain Fiber Optic Based Signal Processing
Author(s): D. C. Jou; C. J. Lii; K. V. Vaidyanathan; B. U. Chen; I. Bennion; C. J. Grooves-Kirkby
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Design Procedures Of High Speed Low Loss Fiberoptic Links
Author(s): A. S. Daryoush; I. Koffman; J. Perino; E. Ackerman
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Reduction Of In-Band Intermodulation Products In Microwave Analog Fiberoptic Links By Application Of A Strong Out-Of-Band Tone
Author(s): R. .P. Schloss; A. C. Chipaloski; J. W. Carlin; J. E Bowers
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High Frequency GaAlAs Modulator And Photodetector For Phased Array Antenna Applications
Author(s): P. C. Claspy; C. M. Chorey; S . M. Hill; K. B. Bhasin
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Optical Phase And Gain Control Of A GaAs Mmic Transmit-Receive Module
Author(s): P. R. Herczfeld; A. Paolella; A. Daryoush; W. Jemison; A. Rosen; N. Jesperson
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Wavelength-Polarization Double Multiplexed Fiber-Optic Link
Author(s): Suwat Thaniyavarn; Jack Lin; William Dougherty; Roger Hsiao
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