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Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Applications of Fibers
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Volume Number: 0990
Date Published: 19 January 1989
Softcover: 27 papers (206) pages
ISBN: 9780819400253

Table of Contents
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Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor Development
Author(s): John I. Peterson
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A Fiber Optic System For The Detection Of Entero-Gastric Reflux
Author(s): R. Falciai; F. Baldini; G. Conforti; F. Cosi; A. M . Scheggi; P. Bechi
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The Development Of A Generic Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor With Application To The Detection Of Glucose
Author(s): Lina Genovesi; Henrik Pedersen; George H. Sigel
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Invited Paper Rationale For In Situ Environmental Monitoring With Fiber Optics
Author(s): Larry Eccles; DeLyle Eastwood
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Evolution Of An FOCS For Monitoring Dissolved Volatiles
Author(s): Herron N. R.; Whitehead D. W.; Miller V. J.
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Ground Water Monitoring Using Laser Fluorescence And Fiber Optics
Author(s): Wayne Chudyk; Kenneth Pohlig; Nicola Rico; Gregory Johnson
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Fiber Optic Based Multidimensional Fluorcmete:R For Studies Of Marine Pollutants
Author(s): J. B. Zung; R. L. Woodlee; M-R. S. Fuh; I. M. Warner
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Fiber Optic Spectrochemical Emission Sensors
Author(s): J. W. Griffin; K. B. Olsen; B. S. Matson; D. A. Nelson; P. A. Eschbach
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A Fiber Optic Colorimeter For Liquid Phase Chromatography Of Aminoacids
Author(s): S. Donati; T. Tambosso
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Fiber Optic Spectrophotometer With Photodiode Linear Array
Author(s): M. T. Velluet; F. Blanc; P. Vernet
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Chemical Studies On Acid-Base Indicators For The Development Of An Extrinsic Optical Fiber pH Sensor
Author(s): M. Bacci; F. Baldini; A. M. Scheggi
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Remote Analysis By Fiber Optic Raman Spectroscopy
Author(s): M. Anne Leugers; Richard D. McLachlan
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Extruder Mixing Analysis Via A Fiber Optically Coupled Visible Spectrophotometer
Author(s): Stuart Farquharson; Peter T. Keillor
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Intrinsic Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor Based On Two-Stage Fluorescence Coupling
Author(s): R. A. Lieberman; K. E. Brown
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Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor For The Measurement Of Partial Pressure Of Oxygen
Author(s): Kisholoy Goswami; Stanley M. Klainer; John M. Tokar
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Fiber Optic Fluorosensor For Sulfur Dioxide Based On Energy Transfer And Exciplex Quenching
Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma; Otto S. Wolfbeis
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New Optical Chemical Sensors Based On The Langmuir-Blodgett Technique
Author(s): Bernhard B. P. Schaffar; Otto S. Wolfbeis
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In Situ Studies Of Modified Organic Thin Films With Optical Guided Waves
Author(s): Paul W. Bohn; Nicholas F. Fell
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Multicore Optical Fibers For Sensors And Telemetric Systems
Author(s): Jan Dorosz; Artur M. Ziolkowski
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Applications Of Fiber Optic Coupler Sensors
Author(s): David W. Gerdt
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The Effects Of Temperature On The Response Of A Porous Fiber Optic Humidity Sensor
Author(s): Q. Zhou; M. R. Shahriari; G. H. Sigel
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Non-Destructive Testing Of Reflow On Si Wafer
Author(s): B. Laloux; J. F. Teissier; A. Tissier
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An Optical Fiber Refractometer
Author(s): L. C. Bobb; H. D. Krumboltz; J. P. Davis
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All-Fiber Spectroscopic Probe Based On An Evanescent Wave Sensing Mechanism
Author(s): Michael D. DeGrandpre; Lloyd W. Burgess
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Optical Characteristics Of Fiber Optic Evanescent Wave Sensors
Author(s): W. F. Love; L. J. Button
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Bragg Effect Refractometer
Author(s): Marek T. Wlodarczyk
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Chemical Sensing By Evanescent Field Absorption: The Sensitivity Of Optical Waveguides.
Author(s): G. Stewart; J. Norris; D. Clark; M. Tribble; I. Andonovic; B. Culshaw
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