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Components for Fiber Optic Applications III and Coherent Lightwave Communications
Editor(s): Paul M. Kopera; Harish R. Sunak
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Volume Number: 0988
Date Published: 23 February 1989
Softcover: 46 papers (355) pages
ISBN: 9780819400239

Table of Contents
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Monomode Fiber Fused-Taper Couplers: Applications As Sensors, Tunable Filters And Lateral Splices
Author(s): F. Bilodeau; D. C. Johnson; S. Faucher; K. O. Hill
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High Performance Single-Mode Coupler For Harsh Environments
Author(s): Arun Agarwal; Paul Rivett
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Compact All-Fiber Wavelength Filter Synthesis For 1300/1550 Nm Demultiplexing Isolation
Author(s): Francois Gonthier.; Suzanne Lacroix; Xavier Daxhelet; Richard J. Black; Jacques Bures
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Reliability Testing Of Fused Couplers
Author(s): D. R. Moore; D. G. Coult
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Manufacture Of Fiber Optic Couplers Using Hard-Clad Silica Fiber
Author(s): Tonglin Xie; Michael Corke; Steve Root
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Characteristics Of Singlemode-To-Multimode Asymmetric Couplers
Author(s): W. G. Morrel; D. R. Moore; V. J. Tekippe
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Low Cost High Quality Plastic Fiber Couplers
Author(s): Jisen Xu; Richard D. Driver; William F. Gasko
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A Fiber Optic Matrix Switchboard Using Acousto Optic Bragg Cells
Author(s): M. L. Wilson; D. L. Fleming; F. R. Dropps
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Polarizing Beam Splitter Of Polished Type.
Author(s): M. N. Zervas; S. Markatos; I. P. Giles
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The Design And Performance Of Fibre Optic Polarizers And Polarization Beamsplitters
Author(s): A N Tobin; T R Hart; P Rainbird; W Johnstone; G Stewart; B Culshaw
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Invited Paper Planar InP/InGaAsP Avalanche Photodiode Fabricated With A Novel Photoelectrochemical Etching Technology
Author(s): G. C. Chi
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Fiber Optic Edge Emitting LED Package For Local Area Network Applications
Author(s): S. J. Anderson; P. G. Abbott; F. W. Scholl
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Multimode Fiberoptic Transceiver With Flexible Electronic Interface
Author(s): D. Werthman; F. Gillham; A. Beaudet; M. Corke
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Planar InP/InGaAs Avalanche Photodiodes Grown By Atmospheric Pressure Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy.
Author(s): M DA MacBean; P M Rodgers; T G Lynch; M D Learmouth; R H Walling; L Davis; M J Robertson
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Optimized Design Of Long-Wavelength Detectors For Integrated Photoreceivers
Author(s): H. Schumacher; J. Soole; G. Moehrke; H. P. LeBlanc
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Optimization Of Fiber Parameters For Different Applications
Author(s): J. A. Wysocki
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Prospects For The Emergence Of A Sol-Gel Waveguide Technology
Author(s): J. B. MacChesney
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Universal Single-Mode Dispersion-Flattened Fluoride Fibers Designed For Optimum Performance From 1.5 To 2.9 um
Author(s): Harish R. D. Sunak; Steven P Bastien
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50Um Diameter Pure Silica Core/55Um Diameter Hard-Clad Optical Fiber
Author(s): James P. Clarkin; B. J. Skutnik; G. A. Drenzek
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Reliability Of Optical Fibers For Missile Payout
Author(s): Joseph Wysocki; Dipak Biswas; Susan J. Charlton; Dave Fox; H. P. Hsu; Gary Redford
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Computational Model Of Fiber Optic, Arc Fusion Splicing; Experimental Comparison
Author(s): Paul Ruffin; Walter Frost; Wayne Long
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Plastic Strength Member For Nonmetallic Optical Fiber Cables Used In Fiber Optic Local Area Networks
Author(s): Jonah Trunk; Evandro Conforti
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Splices And Connectors: Past, Present And Future
Author(s): J. A. Aberson
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Study On The Splice Loss Theory For Single-Mode Fibers
Author(s): Yun-jiang Rao; Shang -lian Huang
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Coupling Non-Circular Core Optical Fibers To Laser Diodes
Author(s): Mark N. Donhowe; Robert G. Hunsperger
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Single-Mode Core-Diffused Tapers For Interconnection Components
Author(s): J. S. Harper; C P. Botham; T. Finegan; S. Hornung; S. R. Mallinson
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A New Micro-Displacement Stage Applied To The Precision Alignment Of Single-Mode Fibers
Author(s): Yun-jiang Rao; Shang-Iian Huang
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Military Qualification Testing Of An FSMA Crimp & Cleave Fiber Optic Connector
Author(s): R. E. Hille; J. J. Vines; B. J. LaGier
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The Performance Of The AT&T Single-Mode ST® Connector And Its Latest Enhanced Features
Author(s): George M. Alamed; A. Wallace Carlisle
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Overview Of Coherent Lightwave Communications
Author(s): Harish R. D. Sunak
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Narrow Linewidth And Frequency Tunable Lasers For Coherent Optical Communications
Author(s): T. P. Lee
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Laser Diode Technology For Coherent Communications
Author(s): D. J. Channin; S. L. Palfrey; M. Toda
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Design Of Distributed Feedback(DFB) Laser-Based External Cavity Structures For Coherent Communications
Author(s): Harish R. D. Sunak; Clark P. Engert
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Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Birefringent Filter For WDM
Author(s): C. S. Brown; J. F. Kuhl; M. A. El
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All-Fiber Frequency Shifter
Author(s): W. H. Chen; S. H. Chen; C. P. Hu
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Phase Delay In A Deformed Fiber At Low Temperatures
Author(s): H. Grebel
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Design Of Fabry-Perot Laser-Based External Cavity Structures For Coherent Communications
Author(s): Harish R. D. Sunak; Il-Whan Oh
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Planar Poincare Chart For Predicting The Change Of Polarization State In The Elliptical Birefringent Material
Author(s): Ken K. Tedjojuwono; William W. Hunter, Jr.; Stewart L. Ocheltree
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Optical PSK Transmission Experiment At 565Mbit/S Incorporating An Endless Polarisation Control System
Author(s): R. C. Steele; M. J. Creaner; G. R. Walker; N. G. Walker
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1.4 Gbit/S Optical DPSK Heterodyne Transmission System Experiment
Author(s): J-M. P. Delavaux; L. D. Tzeng; M. Dixon
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Coherent Transmission With Polarization Modulation: Experimental Results And System Analysis
Author(s): Riccardo Calvani; Renato Caponi; Francesco Cisternino; Giuseppe Marone
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Performance Of Multichannel Coherent Lightwave Systems
Author(s): Y. K. Park
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Coherent Optical Intersatellite Crosslink Systems
Author(s): Vincent W. S. Chan; John E. Kaufmann
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Applications Of Optical Phase Conjugation To Coherent Communications
Author(s): Yves Champagne; Michel Piche; Nathalie McCarthy
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