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X-Ray Multilayers in Diffractometers, Monochromators, and Spectrometers
Editor(s): Finn Erland Christensen
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Volume Number: 0984
Date Published: 16 December 1988
Softcover: 33 papers (279) pages
ISBN: 9780819400192

Table of Contents
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Common Aspects And Basic Differences Of Optical Devices For X-Ray And Neutron Scattering
Author(s): Andreas K. Freund
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Soft X-Ray Monochromators For Synchrotron Radiation
Author(s): Josef Feldhaus
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Application Of W/Si Multilayers For Monochromatization Of Soft X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation
Author(s): F. Schaefers; M. Grioni; J. Wood; H van Brug; E. J. Puik.; M. Dapor; F. Marchetti
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A Monochromator Based On WIC Multilayers Of 40A Layer Spacing
Author(s): A. Smith; C. Riedel; B. Edwards; D. Savage; B Lai; A. Ray-Chaudhuri; F. Cerrina; M Lagally; J. Underwood; C. Falco
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Theory Of Multilayer Neutron Monochromators
Author(s): V. F. Sears
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Neutron Reflectivity Of Ni-Si Multilayers
Author(s): J. B Al -Dabbagh; B L Evans
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Multilayer X-Ray Mirrors; The State Of The Art.
Author(s): M P Bruijn; J. Verhoeven; E. Puik; M J van der Wiel
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Manufacture, Structure And Performance Of W/B4C Multilayer X-Ray Mirrors
Author(s): A. F. Jankowski; D. M. Makowiecki
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Molecular Beam Epitaxy For Multilayer Fabrication
Author(s): Dean W. Schulze; J. M. Slaughter; Charles M. Falco
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Multilayer Characterization At LPARL
Author(s): D. L. Windt; R. C. Catura
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Tests Of Short Period X-Ray Multilayer Mirrors Using A Position Sensitive Proportional Counter
Author(s): P. Dhez; S. Megtert; M F Ravet; E Ziegler
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Analysis Of The Smoothing Process Observed During The Soft X-Ray Multilayer Deposition
Author(s): Ph. Houdy; P. Boher; C. Schiller; P. Luzeau; R. Barchewitz; N. Alehyane; M. Ouahabi
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The Soft X-Ray To Euv Performance Of Plane And Concave Pt-Si Multilayer Mirrors
Author(s): B L Evans; J. Al-Dabbagh; B J. Kent
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Layered synthetic multilayers for high resolution X-ray reflection in the 6 to 8 keV region.
Author(s): E J. Puik; M J van der Wiel; J. Verhoeven
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A New X-Ray Reflectometer
Author(s): J. Corno; B. Pardo; A Raynal
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Overview Of Japanese Multilayer Research
Author(s): Takeshi Namioka
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Evaluation Of Alternative Mo-Si Multilayer For Soft X-Ray Mirrors By Electron Microscopy And X-Ray Diffraction
Author(s): Shigetaro Ogura; Mas ami Hayashida; Akemi Ishizaki; Yoshiaki Kato; James L. Wood
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Comparison Among Multilayer Soft X-Ray Mirrors Fabricated By Electron Beam, Dc-, Rf-Magnetron Sputtering And Ion Beam Sputtering Deposition
Author(s): Shigetaro Ogura; Masahito Niibe; Yutaka Watanabe; Masami Hayashida; Takashi Iizuka
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The Modelling Of X-Ray Reflectivity From Ideal And Imperfect Multilayer Systems.
Author(s): P. G. Harper
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Optimum Design Method Of Multilayer Elements
Author(s): Masaki Yamamoto; Shigeru Nakayama; Takeshi Namioka
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Matricial Formalism For Interfacial Roughness Analysis Of LSMs
Author(s): B. Pardo; L. Nevot; J-M Andre
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Measurements Of X-Ray Surface Scattering And Diffraction Properties Of Selected Multilayers
Author(s): A. Hornstrup; F. E. Christensen; J L. Wood; M. Bending; H W. Schnopper
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Soft X-Ray Multilayers Produced By Sputtering And Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE): Substrate And Interfacial Roughness
Author(s): Patrick A. Kearney; J. M. Slaughter; K. D. Powers; Charles M. Falco
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Surface Roughness Healing Of Substrates For XUV Multi Layer Coatings
Author(s): Zoran Milanovic; M A. Voelker; M. F Kelley; K. D. Powers; Charles M. Falco
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The Effects Of Surface Quality Upon The Performance Of Normal Incidence X-Ray/XUV Imaging Systems
Author(s): William P. Zmek; Edward C. Moran; James E. Harvey
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Recent Results In Multilayer Research
Author(s): R. C. Catura; E. G. Joki; T. E. Whittemore; W. J. Brookover
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Characterization Of Focusing Multilayer Mirrors For Use In Collection Of Carbon K Fluorescent Radiation
Author(s): Jeffrey Colbert; Daniel A Fischer
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Multilayer Reflection Filters For Soft X-Rays
Author(s): Mihiro Yanagihara; Masaki Yamamoto; Akira Arai; Jianlin Cao; Takeshi Namioka
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Design Of An Imaging Microscope For Soft X-Ray Applications
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; D avid L. Shealy; David R. Gabardi; Arthur B.C. Walker; Joakim F. Lindblom; Troy W. Barbee
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Sputtered-Sliced Multilayers: Zone Plates And Transmission Gratings For 8-kev X Rays
Author(s): R. M. Bionta; E. Ables; K. J. Cook; O. D. Edwards; P C. Gabriele; A. F. Jankowski; D M Makowiecki; L L Ott; N. Thomas
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Assessment Of Multilayer Mirror For XUV Laser Use
Author(s): M Grande; B L Evans; A M. H. Al Arab; N H Rizvi; Shi Xu
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Monolithic Fabry-Perot Structure For Soft X-Rays
Author(s): Felix E. Fernandez; C. Riedel; A. Smith; B. Edwards; B. Lai; F. Cerrina; Martin J. Carr; A. D. Romig; J. Corno; L. Nevot
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Semitransparent Multilayer Mirrors In The Soft X-Ray Range
Author(s): J . Susini; R. Barchewitz; R Marmoret; R. Rivoira; Y Lepetre
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