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X-Ray Instrumentation in Astronomy II
Editor(s): Leon Golub
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Volume Number: 0982
Date Published: 21 December 1988
Softcover: 44 papers (432) pages
ISBN: 9780819400178

Table of Contents
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Assembly Of The ROSAT Flight X-Ray Mirror System
Author(s): K. Beckstette; B. Aschenbach; M. Schmidt
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Grazing Incidence Telescopes For ESA's X-Ray Astronomy Mission XMM
Author(s): Bernd Aschenbach; Heinrich Brauninger
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A Hard X-Ray Spectrometer For High Angular Resolution Observations Of Cosmic Sources
Author(s): C. J. Hailey; K. P. Ziock; F. Harrison; S. M. Kahn; D. Liedahl; P. M. Lubin; M. Seiffert
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The Flight Test Of A Grazing Incidence Relay Optics Telescope For Solar X-Ray Astronomy Utilizing A Thinned, Back-Illuminated CCD Detector
Author(s): J.Daniel Moses; John M. Davis
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A Concentrating Hard X-Ray Collector
Author(s): A S Krieger; K. D. Shaw
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A Multilayer X-Ray Mirror For Solar Photometric Imaging Flown On A Sounding Rocket
Author(s): B. M. Haisch; T E Whittemore; E. G. Joki; W. J. Brookover; G. J. Rottman
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The AXAF High Resolution Camera
Author(s): Stephen S. Murray; Jon H. Chappell
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Design Considerations For Soft X-Ray Television Imaging Detectors
Author(s): Kenneth Kalata; Leon Golub
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Fano-Noise-Limited CCDs
Author(s): James Janesick; Tom Elliott; Richard Bredthauer; Charles Chandler; Barry Burke
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Linear CCD With Enhanced X-Ray Quantum Efficiency
Author(s): Elden Ables; Richard Bionta
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Advances In Microchannel Plate Detectors
Author(s): G W Fraser; J. F. Pearson; J. E. Lees; W B. Feller
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Investigations Of Bonded, And Curved Microchannel Plate Stacks
Author(s): O.H. W Siegmund
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X-Ray Imaging Spectroscopy With EEV CCDS
Author(s): David H Lumb; Andrew D Holland
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Performance Characteristics Of CCD's For The Acis Experiment
Author(s): Gordon P. Garmire; John Nousek; David Burrows; George Ricker; Mark Bautz; John Doty; Stewart Collins; James Janesick; Robert W. Mountain; Barry E. Burke
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Development And Test Of Fully Depleted Pn-CCD's For X-Ray Detection
Author(s): L. Struder; H. Brauninger; G. Lutz; M. Meier; P. Predehl; M. Sterzik; J. Kemmer; P. Rehak
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A Large aperture imaging gas scintillation proportional counter
Author(s): Marc Heppener; Dirk G. Simons
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Primary Scintillation As Fast Trigger For Gas Scintillation Proportional Counters
Author(s): S. Giarrusso; G. Manzo; S. Re
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X-Ray Gas Detector Development At The Danish Space Research Institute
Author(s): C. Budtz-Jorgensen; M. M. Madsen; P. Jonasson; P. Jonasson; H. W. Schnopper; A. Oed
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The All Sky Monitor For The X-Ray Timing Explorer
Author(s): John P. Doty
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Miniature Satellite Technology Capabilities For Space Astronomy
Author(s): Rick Fleeter
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ALEXIS: An Ultrasoft X-Ray Monitor Experiment Using Miniature Satellite Technology
Author(s): W. C. Priedhorsky; J J Bloch; B. W. Smith; K. Strobel; M. Ulibarri; J. Chavez; E. Evans; O.H. W Siegmund; H. Marshall; J. Vallerga
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Transmission Grating Spectroscopy And The Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF)
Author(s): M. L. Schattenburg; C R. Canizares; D. Dewey; A M. Levine; T H Markert; Henry I. Smith
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High Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy Using Microcalorimeters
Author(s): R L. Kelley; S S. Holt; G, M. Madejski; S H. Moseley; R. J. Schoelkopf; A. E. Szymkowiak; D. McCammon; B. Edwards; M. Juda; M. Skinner
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The High Throughput X-Ray Astrophysics Cornerstone
Author(s): A. Peacock; J . Ellwood
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Bragg Crystal Spectroscopy And The Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF)
Author(s): T H Markert; T R Powers; A M Levine; C. B. McCullum; J J Mohr; C R. Canizares
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Gas Mixtures For X-Ray Proportional Counters
Author(s): B. D Ramsey; P C. Agrawal
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The Transmission Grating Spectrometer Of Spektrosat
Author(s): P. Predehl; W Burkert; B. Aschenbach; J. Triimper; M. Kiihne; P. Miiller
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Performance Of High Spatial Frequency X-Ray Transmission Gratings
Author(s): K F Fischbach; A. M. Levine; M. L. S chattenburg; D Dewey; R. L. Renshaw; J. Dalcanton; R. Newman; W. Fissell
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Efficiency Of X-Ray Reflection Gratings
Author(s): A.J. F den Boggende; P.A. J de Korte; P. H. Videler; A. C. Brinkman; S. M. Kahn; W. W Craig; C. J. Hailey; M. Neviere
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Soft X-Ray Spectrographs For Solar Observations
Author(s): M E. Bruner
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Comments On The Observability Of Coronal Variations
Author(s): Leon Golub; Alice C Quillen; Thomas W. Hartquist
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Soft X-Ray/Extreme Ultraviolet Images Of The Solar Atmosphere With Normal Incidence Multilayer Optics
Author(s): Joakim F. Lindblom; Arthur B. C Walker; Richard B. Hoover; Troy W Barbee; Richard A. VanPatten; John P. Gill
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VUV And Soft X-Ray Radiometry At The Laboratory Of PTB At The Berlin Storage Ring Bessy
Author(s): M. Kuhne
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The Berkeley Extreme Ultraviolet Calibration Facility
Author(s): Barry Y. Welsh; Patrick Jelinsky; Roger F. Malina
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The GSFC Diffraction Grating Evaluation Facility - An Overview
Author(s): John F. Osantowski; Douglas B. Leviton
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Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility (SURF-II) Radiometric Instrumentation Calibration Facility
Author(s): M. L. Furst; R. P. Madden
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Synchrotron Radiation Calibration Of The EUVE Variable Line-Spaced Diffraction Gratings At The NBS Surf II Facility
Author(s): P. Jelinsky; S. R. Jelinsky; A Miller; J. Vallerga; R. F. Malina
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A General Purpose Calibration Facility For Use In X-Ray Astronomy
Author(s): W. W. Craig; C. J. Halley; R. I. Morales; S. M. Kahn; B. J. Wargelin
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Evaluation Of Toroidal Gratings In The EUV
Author(s): M.C. E. Huber; G. Lemaitre; G. Naletto; P. Nicolosi; G. Tondello; E. Jannitti; J. S. Morgan; J. G. Timothy
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Derivation Of Requirements For Calibrating The Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF) Telescope
Author(s): J. P. Hughes; D. A. Schwartz; D. M. Worrall; M. V. Zombeck
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Two Normal Incidence Collimators Designed For The Calibration Of The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer
Author(s): Sharon R. Jelinsky; Barry Welsh; Patrick Jelinsky; Eberhard Spiller
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X-Ray Rocking Curve Measurements Of Bent Crystals
Author(s): M. B. Hakim; W. S. Muney; W. B. Fowler; B. E. Woodgate
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X-Ray Calibration Of The Rosat Position Sensitive Proportional Counter
Author(s): U. G. Briel; E Pfeffermann; G. Hartner; G. Hasinger
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Total Reflectivity X-Ray Measurements From Au, Ir,, Pt And Ni Mirrored Surfaces
Author(s): A. Hornstrup; F E. Christensen; J. Polny; H. W. Schnopper
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