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Advanced Algorithms and Architectures for Signal Processing III
Editor(s): Franklin T. Luk

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Volume Number: 0975
Date Published: 23 February 1988

Table of Contents
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Old And New Algorithms For Toeplitz Systems
Author(s): Richard P. Brent
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A Theoretical Foundation For The Weighted Checksum Scheme
Author(s): Cynthia J. Anfinson; Richard P. Brent; Franklin T. Luk
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Systolic Array For Solving Toeplitz Systems Of Equations
Author(s): J. Chun; V. Roychowdhury; T. Kailath
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Fast Adaptive RLS Algorithms: A Generalized Inverse Unification
Author(s): Sanzheng Qiao
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A Fast QR-Based Array-Processing Algorithm
Author(s): James P. Reilly; W. G. Chen; K. M. Wong
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Approximate Inversion Of Positive Definite Matrices, Specified On A Multiple Band
Author(s): H. Nelis; E. Deprettere; P. Dewilde
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Convergence Of Parallel Block Jacobi Methods
Author(s): Gautam Shroff; Robert Schreiber
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Matrix Downdating Techniques For Signal Processing
Author(s): Adam W. Bojanczyk; Allan O. Steinhardt
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Generalized Minimum Norm And Constrained Total Least Squares With Applications To Array Signal Processing
Author(s): Michael D. Zoltowski
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Near-Field Source Parameter Estimation Using A Spatial Wigner Distribution Approach
Author(s): A. L. Swindlehurst; T. Kailath
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Multi-Frequency Angle-Of-Arrival Estimation: An Experimental Evaluation
Author(s): Vytas Kezys; Simon Haykin
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Signal Subspace Processing Of Experimental Radio Data
Author(s): Gordon E. Martin
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Adaptive Cancellation Of Correlated Signals In A Multiple Beam Antenna System
Author(s): Yanping Lee; John Litva
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Direction Finding Using Dynamic Phase Correction
Author(s): James A. Cadzow; Hal Arnold; Steve Kocsis
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Use Of Higher-Order Statistics In Signal Processing And System Theory: An Update
Author(s): Jerry M. Mendel
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A Systolic Array For Efficient Execution Of The Radon And Inverse Radon Transforms
Author(s): A. J. De Groot; S. G. Azevedo; D. J. Schneberk; E. M. Johansson; S. R. Parker
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Use Of Homomorphic Signal Processing Techniques For The Estimation Of Absorbance Spectra As Encountered In Fourier Transform Spectroscopy.
Author(s): D. J. Gingras
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Time-Frequency Signal Analysis And Synthesis The Choice Of A Method And Its Application
Author(s): Boualem Boashash
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Instantaneous Frequency, Its Standard Deviation And Multicomponent Signals
Author(s): Leon Cohen; Chongmoon Lee
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Application Of The Wigner-Ville Distribution To The Identification Of Machine Noise
Author(s): Boualem Boashash; Peter O'Shea
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Recursion In Wigner Distribution
Author(s): Moeness G. Amin
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Performance Comparison Of Wigner-Ville Based Techniques To Standard Fm-Discriminators For Estimating Instantaneous Frequency Of A Rapidly Slewing Fm Sinusoid In The Presence Of Noise
Author(s): Fred J. Harris; Hana Abu Salem
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A Model For The Analysis Of Fault-Tolerant Signal Processing Architectures
Author(s): V. S. S. Nair; J. A. Abraham
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Multiple Error Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance For Matrix Triangularizations
Author(s): Haesun Park
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A Novel Fault Tolerance Technique For Recursive Least Squares Minimization
Author(s): Cynthia J. Anfinson; Franklin T. Luk; Eric K. Torng
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Synchronous And Asynchronous Algorithms For Matrix Transposition On MCAP
Author(s): Nasser G. Azari; Adam W. Bojanczyk; Soo-Young Lee
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A Parallel VLSI Direction Finding Algorithm
Author(s): Alle-Jan van der Veen; Ed F. Deprettere
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Implementation Of An SVD Processor Using Redundant CORDIC
Author(s): Milos D. Ercegovac; Tomas Lang
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Error Effects On The Processing Of Adaptive Array Data Using The BOC
Author(s): Mustafa A. G. Abushagur; Mohamad Habli
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Recursive Matrix Inverse Update On An Optical Processor
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Edward J. Baranoski
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A Highly Reconfigurable Array Of Powerful Processors
Author(s): R. Cohn; H. T. Kung; O. Menzilcioglu; S. W. Song
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High Discrimination Detection Bound And Model Order Control
Author(s): Ira J. Clarke
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A New Criterion For The Determination Of The Number Of Signals In High-Resolution Array Processing
Author(s): K. M. Wong; Q. T. Zhang; J. P. Reilly; P. Yip
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Invariance Techniques And High-Resolution Null Steering
Author(s): R. Roy; T. Kailath
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Reduced-Dimension Beam-Space Broad-Band Source Localization: Preprocessor Design
Author(s): Kevin M. Buckley; Xiao Liang Xu
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Self Calibration Techniques For High-Resolution Array Processing
Author(s): Benjamin Friedlander
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Efficient MVDR Processing Using A Systolic Array
Author(s): J. G. McWhirter; T. J. Shepherd
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