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Infrared Technology XIV
Editor(s): Irving J. Spiro
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Volume Number: 0972
Date Published: 7 December 1988
Softcover: 45 papers (439) pages
ISBN: 9780819400079

Table of Contents
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Crosstalk In Closely-Spaced Indium Antimonide Detectors
Author(s): David S. Smith; James T. Wimmers
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Elevated Temperature Operation Of InSb Linear Arrays With Low Power Integral Mechanical Coolers
Author(s): R. M. Davis; M Salcido; J. T Wimmers
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Diagnostics On A PtSi Infrared Imaging Array
Author(s): J. E. Murguia; J. M. Mooney; W S. Ewing
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Characterisation Of Avalanche Photodiodes For LIDAR Atmospheric Return Signal Detectors
Author(s): C. W. Antill; R. M. Holloway
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High-Speed High-Dynamic Range Linear Array
Author(s): Leland Ray Hud son; Chin-Ron Chung; Hsin-Fu Tseng; Savvas G. Chamberlain; William D. Washkurak
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Reduction Of Surface Leakage Current In Cd0.2Hg0.8Te Photodiode
Author(s): Y. Yoshida; Y. Hisa; T Takiguchi; Y Komine; K. Yasumura; K. Sato
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Responsivity Of Silicon Photodiodes From 0.5 To 1.1 µm At 77 K
Author(s): C. Staller; C Niblack; D. Smith
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High-Performance Random-Access Linear Photodiode Array For Spectroscopy Applications
Author(s): Weng -Lyang Wang; Les Bottenberg; Satch Tanaka
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A 2048 X 64 Tapped Time-Delay-And Integration Charge-Coupled Image Device
Author(s): Bu on Tung Nguyen; Hsin-Fu Tseng; Gene P. Weckler
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Computer Simulation Of Spatial Nonuniformity Correction In A Staring Sensor
Author(s): Lizzie Cheung; Eustace Dereniak; Dave Perry; Tim Rogne
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The Santa Barbara Research Center Multimodule Shortwave Ir Linear Array And Scene Simulator
Author(s): Philip Cizdziel; Thomas Merlo; Karen Kormos; Ralph Fuquay
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The National Optical Astronomy Observatories 1-5 Micron Imaging Camera: A New National Resource
Author(s): A. M Fowler; Ian Galley; F. Stuart; R. R. Joyce; R G. Probst
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A 256 By 256 Hgcdte Hybrid Focal Plane For Low-Background Earth Resources And Astronomy Applications
Author(s): Gary C. Bailey
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Design & Performance Of A Dual Multiplexed InSb FPA
Author(s): John J. Forsthoefel; Harold A. Timlin; Nicholas P. Umberg; Jeffrey D. Biggs
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Space Optical Instrumentation For Earth Observation : The Polar Platform Era
Author(s): Armand Peraldi
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Aerosol Effects On Jet-Engine IR Radiation.
Author(s): S. A. Weisrose; R Davidson; M Lindner; S. Jacobson; J Wallace
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Radiometrically Accurate Thermal Imaging In The Landsat Program
Author(s): Jack C. Lansing
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Extraneous Radiation On Space Borne Infrared Experiments
Author(s): Stephan D Price
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Hot Spot Detection Probability Dependence On Thermal Imager Parameters
Author(s): U. Agam; E. Gal; N. Markevich; E. Grimberg
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Figures Of Merit To Characterize Integrating Image Sensors: A Ten-Year Update
Author(s): E. F. Cross; T. M. Reese
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Time Delay And Integration Of Linear Pyroelectric Arrays
Author(s): S. C . Jain; S. S. Santara
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Large Earth Simulator For Testing Low Altitude IR Earth Sensor
Author(s): R K, Gupta; D. P. Jagannatha; K. Rathinam; V. P.V. Varadarajulu; T. K, Alex
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A Conceptual Design Study For The Eos Lidar Atmospheric Sounder And Altimeter Facility
Author(s): Lemuel E Mauldin; Norman P Barnes; Edward V Browell; M.Patrick McCormick
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Infrared High-Speed Fabry-Perot Interferometer For Rapid-Scan Laser Spectroscopy Measurements
Author(s): R. N. Shagam
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Extended Range Performance Model For Thermal Imagers
Author(s): Roderich Ruger
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A Radiometric Method Of Calibrating Infrared Sources, Using The Sr 5000 Infrared Spectroradiometer
Author(s): A. Daniels; D. Cabib; Z. Kopolovich; R A Buckwald
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Thermal Image Analysis Techniques For Seam Tracking In Arc Welding
Author(s): S. Nagarajan; W. H. Chen; B. A. Chin
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Weld Penetration Sensing And Control
Author(s): W. H. Chen; S. Nagarajan; B. A. Chin
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Measurements Of Heat Flow And Thermal Resistance Using Enclosed Radiothermometers
Author(s): Lixin Chen; Hu Xie-rong; Liu Zhao-ping
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Multiplexed 256 Element Ingaas Detector Arrays For 0.8-1.7 um Room-Temperature Operation
Author(s): G H Olsen; A M Joshi; V. S. Ban; K. M. Woodruff; G. A, Gasparian; M J. Lange; G. C. Erickson; E. Mykietyn; S. R. Forrest
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Indium Doped Silicon Detector Arrays For Space Application
Author(s): K. Ho fmann; P. Nothaft
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Thermal IRCCDS For Space Applications
Author(s): P. Nothaft; H. RoBeiBl-Urban; J. Ziegler; J. Vermeiren; B. Dierixcks; M. Fabbricotti
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Thermal Imaging Using Silicon
Author(s): J. von der Ohe; J. Siebeneck; U. Suckow
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Integration Of A CO2 Laser Range Finder With A Thermal Imager
Author(s): G. Kurbitz
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Eye Safe Lasers And Their Miltary Applications In Germany
Author(s): James F. Ruger
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Concepts For Efficient High Power Solar Pumped Solid State Lasers
Author(s): H. Opower; F. Lindner; W Zittel
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Rapid Multispectral Investigations By A Compact Co2 Lidar
Author(s): Volker Klein; Martin Endemann; Wolf Wiesemann
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Imaging Laser Spectroscopy By Limes
Author(s): Volker Klein; Wolf Wiesemann; Frank Lehmann
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Infrared Radiation Model For Aircraft And Reentry Vehicle
Author(s): K Beier
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IR-Scene Simulation
Author(s): Willi Hornefeld
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Target Classification By Vibration Sensing
Author(s): Wolfgang Kranz
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A High Speed, Wide Dynamic Range Linear Dynasensor CCD Detector Array For Acousto-Optic Applications
Author(s): William D. Washkurak; Brian C. Doody; Sawas G. Chamberlain
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Nuclear Event Scene Generation For Sensor Design, Background Algorithm Design, And Performance Evaluation
Author(s): Robert B. Asher; Robert C. Backstrorn
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Measurement Of Small Temperature Fluctuations At High Average Temperature
Author(s): James W Scholl; Marija S. Scholl
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Simple star removal for scanning passive sensors
Author(s): T. J. Janssens; D. C. Pridmore-Brown
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