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Properties and Characteristics of Optical Glass
Editor(s): Alexander J. Marker
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Volume Number: 0970
Date Published: 16 January 1989
: 25 papers (217) pages
ISBN: 9780819400055

Table of Contents
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Relaxation Phenomena Of The Refractive Index Caused By Thermal Treatment Of Optical Glasses Below Tg
Author(s): Hans J Hoffmann; Werner W Jochs; Norbert M. Neuroth
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Infrared Reflectance Measurement Of Ion Implanted Silica
Author(s): R H Magruder; S. H. Morgan; R A Weeks; R. Zuhr
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Specifying Optical Materials
Author(s): Rudolf Hartmann
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Optical Properties Of BeF2 CVD And Melted Glasses
Author(s): R. F. Bartholomew; A Sarhangi; P. A Tick; S. J. Louisnathan; T. A. Jacobus
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Optical Properties Of Aluminum Fluoride Based Glasses
Author(s): Tariq Iqbal; Mahmoud R Shahriari; Glenn Merberg; George H. Sigel
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Elastic Hysteresis Phenomena In ULE And Zerodur Optical Glasses At Elevated Temperatures
Author(s): S.Curtis Wilkins; Dennis N. Coon; Jonathan S. Epstein
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High Precision Measurement Of Glass Sample Properties By Transmission Ellipsometry
Author(s): U. Riss; W Holzapfel
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Ellipsometric Characterization Of Optical Constants For Transparent Materials
Author(s): S. F Nee; H E Bennett
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Radiation Effects On The Low Temperature Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion Of Low-CTE Materials
Author(s): Paige L. Higby; Charles G. Askins; Jackie A. Ruller; E.Joseph Friebele
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Near IR Goniometer-Spectrometer
Author(s): G J. Ulbrich; J. Trede; M. Mross
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Growth And Characterization Of Gallium Arsenide On Sapphire By Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Author(s): D. Biswas; J-I Chyi; H Morkoc; S. DiVita; G. Kordas
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Laser Chemical Vapor Deposited (LCVD) Tio2 And Al203 Films On Silica And D-Shaped Si02-Ge02 Fibers: An Improved Surface To Grow Photonic Devices
Author(s): G. Kordas; X D Lin; Z J. Chen; S. DiVita
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The Structure And Properties Of Chalcohalide Glasses
Author(s): Jasbinder S. Sanghera; Jong Heo; John D Mackenzie
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Impurity Absorption Coefficient Measurements In Phosphate Glass Melted Under Oxidizing Conditions
Author(s): David L. Sapak; Julia M. Ward; John E. Marion
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Development Of New Gradient Index Glasses By Ion Exchange
Author(s): Douglas S Kindred
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Large Scale Fluoride Glass Synthesis
Author(s): M G Drexhage; L. M Cook; T. Margraf; Ray Chaudhuri
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Dispersion Characteristics Of CLAP Glass Systems
Author(s): Seiko Mitachi; Paul A. Tick
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Preparation And Characterization Of Pmma Modified SIO2 Host Material For Organic Dye Molecules
Author(s): Carol A. Capozzi; L.David Pye
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Optical Properties Of Nitrided Nd2O3 - SiO2 Glasses And Thin Films
Author(s): Akshay Mathur; L.David Pye
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Nitrogen-Containing Fluorophosphate And Fluoride Glasses
Author(s): J. P. Fletcher; S. H. Risbud
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Defects-Enhanced Luminescence In Silicas Stimulated By 50 eV Synchrotron Photons
Author(s): P W. Wang; R. F. Haglund; L. Hudson; D. L. Kinser; N. H. Tolk; R A. Weeks
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Defect Centers Induced By Linear And Non-Linear Absorption Of UV Light In High Purity Silica
Author(s): T. E. Tsai; D. L. Griscorn; E. J. Friebele
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Ultraviolet Radiation Effects On UV-Transmitting Fluor Crown Glasses
Author(s): Monika J. Liepmann; Alexander J. Marker; Ulrich Sowada
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Effects Of UV Solarization On The Transmission Of Cerium-Doped Optical Glasses
Author(s): Joseph J Setta; Robert J. Scheller; Alexander J. Marker
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Solarization Of Short-Wave Ultraviolet-Transmitting, Visible-Absorbing Filters
Author(s): Don Newsome
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