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Ultrafast Laser Probe Phenomena in Bulk and Microstructure Semiconductors II
Editor(s): Robert R. Alfano
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 0942
Date Published: 22 August 1988
Softcover: 37 papers (290) pages
ISBN: 9780892529773

Table of Contents
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Ultrafast Relaxation Of Hot Photoexcited Carriers In GaAs
Author(s): David K. Ferry; Ravindra P. Joshi; Meng-Jeng Kann
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Monte Carlo Probe Of Ultrafast Phenomena In Polar Semiconductors
Author(s): Paolo Lugli; Stephen M. Goodnick
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Electron-Hole Interaction In GaAs
Author(s): M. A. Osman; H. L. Grubin
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Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations Of Hot-Electron Relaxation In Semiconductors
Author(s): Carlo Jacoboni
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Monte Carlo Simulations Of Femtosecond Spectroscopy In Semiconductors
Author(s): Daniel W. Bailey; Christopher J. Stanton; Karl Hess
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Relaxation Of Ultrafast Electrons In Semiconductors: Many Body Effects
Author(s): Sankar Das Sarnia; Jainendra K. Jain; Rodolfo Jalabert
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Quantum Transport For Bloch Electrons In Inhomogeneous Electric Fields
Author(s): Gerald J. Iafrate; Joseph B. Krieger
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Transient And Stationary Properties Of Velocity Fluctuations In Quantum Wells
Author(s): Rossella Brunetti
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Intervalley Scattering In GaAs
Author(s): Jagdeep Shah
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Femtosecond Relaxation Processes In Semiconductors
Author(s): Ian A. Walmsley; Frank W. Wise; Chung L. Tang
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Femtosecond Studies Of Excited Carrier Energy Relaxation And Intervalley Scattering In GaAs and AlGaAs
Author(s): W. Z. Lin; M. J. LaGasse; R. W. Schoenlein; B. Zysset; J. G. Fujimoto
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Hot Carrier Dynamics In Amorphous Semiconductors
Author(s): P. M. Fauchet; K. Gzara; I. H. Campbell; D. Hulin; C. Tanguy; A. Mourchid; A. Antonetti
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Nonequilibrium Phonons And Carrier Cooling In Polar Semiconductors
Author(s): Walter Potz; M.Cristina Marchetti
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Interaction Of Plasma And Optical Phonons In Semiconductors
Author(s): W. E. Bron
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Time-Resolved Raman Studies In GaAs-Al[sub]x[/sub] Ga[sub]1_x[/sub]As Multiple Quantum Well Structures
Author(s): K. T. Tsen; Shu-Chen Y. Tsen; H. Morkoc
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Real Time Phonon Dephasing Kinetics In Calcite
Author(s): P. J. Delfyett; R. Dorsinville; R. R. Alfano
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Picosecond Raman Scattering From Non-Equilibrium Collective Modes In Diamond And Zincblende Semiconductors
Author(s): Jeff F. Young; Kam Wan; David J. Lockwood; Jean-Marc Baribeau; A. Othonos; H. M. van Driel
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Relaxation And Linebroadening Of Optical Phonons In Crystaline Germanium
Author(s): A. Z. Genack; L. Ye; C. B. Roxlo
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Picosecond Studies Of Hot Phonon Generation In III-V Semiconductors
Author(s): J. A. Kash
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Picosecond Dynamics Of The GaAs (110) Surface Studied With Laser Photoemission
Author(s): R. Haight; J. A. Silberman; M. I. Lilie
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Time-Resolved Studies Of Phase Transitions At Semiconductor Surfaces
Author(s): H. W.K. Tom; G. D. Aumiller; C. H. Brito-Cruz
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Effects Of Picosecond-Laser-Driven Shock Waves On The Photoluminescence From Semiconductors
Author(s): X. Z. Lu; R. Garuthara; S. Lee; R. R. Alfano
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Ultrafast Electronic And Vibrational Effects In Amorphous Multilayers
Author(s): H. T. Grahn; H. J. Maris; J. Tauc; Z. Vardeny; B. Abeles
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Ultrafast Recombination And Photoluminescence Spectra Of Semiconductor Microcrystallites
Author(s): H. S. Kwok; J. P. Zheng
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Ultrafast Processes In Quasi-Zero Dimensional Semiconductor Microcrystallites In Glasses
Author(s): Kai Shum; R. R. Alfano
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Ultrafast Detection Of Weak Signals
Author(s): J. C. Diels; N. Jamasbi; C. Yan; M. Lai
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Resonantly-Enhanced And Alloy-Assisted Photoluminescence, Band-Gap Narrowing And Stimulated Emission In A1x Gai_x As
Author(s): H. Kalt; Arthur L. Smirl; K. Bohnert; Thomas F. Boggess
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Nonequilibrium Phonon Dynamics In A Semiconductor Quantum Well
Author(s): M. Lax; W. Cai; M. C. Marchetti
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Spin Orientation And Relaxation Of Carriers In GaAs/A1GaAs Quantum Wells
Author(s): Hsieh-Shin Chao; K. S. Wong; R. R. Alfano; H. Unlu; H. Morkoc
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Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy Of The Carrier Dynamics In GaAs/AlxGa1_xAs Quantum Wells
Author(s): Hans J. Polland; Jurgen Kuhl; Ernst O. Gobel
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Cooling Of Hot Electron-Hole-Plasmas In GaAs Quantum Wells
Author(s): K. Leo; W. W. Ruhle
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Transient Electronic Phenomena in a Highly Excited II-VI Compound Semiconductor Quantum Well: CdTe/(Cd,Mn)Te
Author(s): Donghan Lee; Arto V. Nurmikko; Leslie A. Kolodziejski; Robert L. Gunshor
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Picosecond Single-Photon-Counting Spectroscopy Of Cd1_xZnxTe AND Cd1_xMnxTe-CdTe
Author(s): S. Perkowitz; S. S. Yom
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Nonequilibrium Phonon Effects In The Energy Relaxation Of Hot Carriers In Quantum Wells
Author(s): J. F. Ryan; M. Tatham; D. J. Westland; C. T. Foxon; M. D. Scott; W. I. Wang
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CW Spectroscopy Of Ultrafast Relaxation In Semiconductor Heterostructures
Author(s): S. A. Lyon; C. L. Petersen
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Electron-Hole-Phonon Coupling In Semiconductor Quantum Wells
Author(s): W. Cai; T. F. Zheng; M. C. Marchetti; M. Lax
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Transient Oscillations In Semiconductor Differential Transmission Spectra
Author(s): J. P. Sokoloff; M. Lindberg; B. Fluegal; M. Joffre; D. Hulin; S. W. Koch; A. Migus; A. Antonetti; N. Peyghambarian
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