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Recent Advances in Sensors, Radiometry, and Data Processing for Remote Sensing
Editor(s): Philip N. Slater

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Volume Number: 0924
Date Published: 12 October 1988

Table of Contents
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Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer-Nadir (MODIS-N): Progress 1988
Author(s): V V Salomonson; W L Barnes; H E Montgomery; H Ostrow
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Optical System Design Alternatives For The Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer - Tilt (MODIS-T) For The Earth Observing System (EOS)
Author(s): Peter W Maymon; Steven P Neeck; John C Moody
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HIRIS - The High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
Author(s): Jeff Dozier
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Airborne Sensor Systems Under Development At The NASA/NSTL/EARTH Resources Laboratory
Author(s): James E Anderson; Gerald R Meeks
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An Airborne Laser Polarimeter System (ALPS) For Terrestrial Physics Research
Author(s): James E Kaishover; Philip W Dabney
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Improved Optical Performance Near The Butt Regions Of Multichip Focal Planes
Author(s): R T Strong; K F Kinnard
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Linear Junction Charge-Coupled Device Photo-Array
Author(s): A J.G Spiekerman; L H.P Janssen
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A 244X190 Element PtSi Imager Built With Mature CCD Production Technology
Author(s): R H Dyck; J S Kim; Y Abedini; H Elabd; W G Petro; K K Shah; J A Lehan; J Chiu; J Wong; H L Balopole
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Tuning And Scanning Control System For High Resolution Alexandrite Lasers
Author(s): James C Smith; Geary K Schwemmer
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Role Of Calibration In Remote Sensing For The Earth Observing System
Author(s): Bruce W. Guenther
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Thematic Mapper, Band 6, Radiometric Calibration And Assessment
Author(s): John R Schott
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Spot 1 - Calibration Results After Two Years Of Flight
Author(s): M Dinguirard; G Begni; M Leroy
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Radiometric Calibration Of The Reflective Bands Of NS001-Thematic Mapper Simulator (TMS) And Modular Multispectral Radiometers (MMR)
Author(s): Brian L Markham; Frank M Wood Jr.; Suraiya P Ahmad
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Sensor Calibration For Multiple Direction Reflectance Observations
Author(s): James R Irons; Richard R Irish
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Calibration Of Satellite Shortwave Sensors Using Overcast Cloudlayer Targets
Author(s): C G Justus
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An Approach For Detecting Post-Launch Spectral Changes In Satellite Multispectral Sensors
Author(s): G H Suits; W A Malila; T M Weller
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In-Flight Calibration Of Solar Irradiance Measurements By Direct Comparison With Stellar Observations
Author(s): Gary J Rottman; Thomas N Woods
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Radiometric Calibration Requirements And Atmospheric Correction
Author(s): Philip N Slater
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Ocean Color Remote Sensing Systems: Radiometric Requirements
Author(s): Howard R Gordon
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Comparison Of Laboratory Calibrations Of The Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) At The Beginning And End Of The First Flight Season
Author(s): Gregg Vane; Thomas G Chrien; John H Reimer; Robert O Green; James E Conel
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In-Flight Radiometric Calibration Of The Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS)
Author(s): James E Conel; Robert O Green; Ronald E Alley; Carol J Bruezte; Veronique Carrere; Jack S Margolis; Gregg Vane; Thomas G Chrien; Philiip N Slater; Stuart F Biggar
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Absolute Radiometric Calibration Of The NOAA AVHRR Sensors
Author(s): P M Teillet; P N Slater; Y Mao; Y Ding; B Yuan; R J Bartell; S F Biggar; R P Santer; R D Jackson; M S Moran
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Results From Aircraft Measurements Over White Sands, New Mexico, To Calibrate The Visible Channels Of Spacecraft Instruments
Author(s): Peter Abel; Gilbert R Smith; Robert H Levin
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Calibration Of Long Term Data Sets From Operational Satellites Using The Space Shuttle
Author(s): Ernest Hilsenrath; Donald Williams; John Frederick
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Use Of Self-Calibrated Detectors In Radiometric Instruments
Author(s): James M Palmer
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Laboratory Calibration Of Field Reflectance Panels
Author(s): S F Biggar; J Labed; R P Santer; P. N Slater; R D Jackson; M S Moran
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Accounting For Diffuse Irradiance On Reference Reflectance Panels
Author(s): Ray D Jackson; Philip N Slater; M.Susan Moran
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PARABOLA Directional Field Radiometer For Aiding In Space Sensor Data Interpretations
Author(s): Donald W Deering
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Acquisition Of Spectral Reflectance Data Using An Artificial Source Of Hemispherical Illumination@
Author(s): Darrel L Williams; Frank M Wood Jr.; David W Case
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The Characterization Of Sources Of Illumination In A Ponderosa Pine (Pines Ponderosa) Forest Community Using The Portable Instantaneous Display And Analysis Spectrometer
Author(s): Brian Curtiss; Susan L Ustin
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High Altitude Cirrus Effects On Spectral Measurements
Author(s): Eric O Schmidt
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FEX: A Knowledge-Based System For Planimetric Feature Extraction
Author(s): John S Zelek
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Advanced Feature Extraction In Remote Sensing Using Artificial Intelligence And Geographic Information Systems
Author(s): John E Estes; Mark A Friedl; Jeffrey L Star
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Interactive Image Feature Compilation For Geographic Information Systems
Author(s): Robert A Schowengerdt; Richard A Pries
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Vector Quantization Training By A Self-Organizing Neural Network
Author(s): Thomas W Ryan; Charles A Cotter
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Photo-Based Three Dimensional Graphics Models For Multi-Sensor Simulation.
Author(s): Tim M Wittenburg
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Definition And Design Of An Operational Environment-Monitoring System
Author(s): J. C. Venema; H. A. van Ingen Schenau
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Concepts For Processing And Analyzing Of Multiple SAR And Landsat Images
Author(s): J. Thomas; R. Mullen; F. Leberl; W. Kober; J. Cimino
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