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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, and Ion Beam Technology: Submicrometer Lithographies VII
Editor(s): Arnold W. Yanof

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Volume Number: 0923
Date Published: 14 June 1988

Table of Contents
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Low Distortion X-Ray Mask With W-Ti Absorber
Author(s): Nobuyuki Yoshioka; Susumu Takeuchi; Hiroaki Morirnoto; Yaichiro Watakabe
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Application Of Sic-X-Ray Masks For Fabricating Sub-Micron Devices
Author(s): U Mackens; H Luethje; U Mackens; F Mund; S. Pongratz
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X Ray Mask Of Gold-Carbon Mixture Absorber On BCN Compound Substrate Fabricated By Plasma Processes
Author(s): Chandrasekhar R. Aiyer; Satoshi Itoh; Hitomi Yamada; Shinzo Morita; Shuzo Hattori
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Microlithography Using A Laser Plasma Created X-Ray Source
Author(s): M Chaker; B Lafontaine; J C Kieffer; P P Mercier; H Pepin; J Bernard; D Villeneuve; H Baldis; J F Currie; I Toubhans
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Application And Analysis Of Production Suitability Of A Laser-Based Plasma X-Ray Stepper
Author(s): Darryl W Peters; Jerry P Drumheller; Robert D Frankel; Anne S. Kaplan; Stephen M. Preston; David N Tomes
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Compact SR Light Source For X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): Noriyuki Takahashi
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Fabrication Of 0.5 µm Poly-Si And Aluminum Interconnections By Means Of X-Ray Lithography And Plasma Etching
Author(s): G Zwicker; L. Csepregi; H.-L. Huber; W Windbracke; A Heuberger
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New Energy-Dependent Soft X-Rav Damage In MOS Devices
Author(s): Tung-Yi Chan; Henry Gaw; Daniel Seligson; Lawrence Pan; Paul L. King; Piero Pianetta
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Focused Ion Beam Microfabrication
Author(s): John Melngailis
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Practical Technologies For FIB Direct-Writing Applications
Author(s): K Hosono; H Morimoto; Y Watakabe; T. Kato
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Microcircuit Modification Using Focused Ion Beams
Author(s): B W Ward; N. P Economou; D. C Shaver; J E. Ivory; M. L Ward; L. A, Stern
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A Focusing Column For A Low Energy Focused Ion Beam Instrument
Author(s): Haruo Kasahara; Hiroshi Sawaragi; Ryuso Aihara; M.Hassel Shearer
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Ultrathin MBE-Grown Semiconductor Layer Masks For Focused Ga-Ion Beam Lithography
Author(s): L R Harriott; H Temkin; M B Panish
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Hybrid Device Process Using A Focused Ion Beam And An Optical Stepper
Author(s): Yukinori Ochiai; Yoshikatsu Kojima; Shinji Matsui; Akira Mochizuki; Masamitsu Yamauchi
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Recent Progress On Etching Technology With Fib In Photomask Repair
Author(s): Y Nakagawa; T Yamaoka; M Sato; M. Yamamoto; J Glanville
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Design Of A New, Two Lens Ion Gun For Micromachining
Author(s): Jon Orloff; John Whitney
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Contrast And Sensitivity Trade-Offs Of Resist Processing In Electron Beam Lithography At 0.5,U,M And Below
Author(s): W W Molzen; M G Rosenfield; K T Kwietniak; K G Chiong; A D Wilson; F J Hohn
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Enhancement Of Mp 2400 Resist Contrast Using Immersion Development
Author(s): D K Atwood; A G Timko; R L Kostelak; D J Resnick
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Submicron E-Beam Lithography Utilizing A Positive Novolac-Based Resist
Author(s): Patrick P Tang
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High Resolution, Novolak Based Negative Tone Electron Beam Resist
Author(s): Mark deGrandpre; Karen Graziano; Stephen D Thompson; Hua-yu Liu; Lauren Blum
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Nanolithography With Poly(3-Butenyltrimethylsilane Sulfone)
Author(s): Antoni S Gozdz; Paul S.D Lin
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Design Consideration Of A Radiation Cooled Slotted Rotating Target X-Ray Source
Author(s): S Hattori; M Asano; T Tagawa; S Yoshikawa
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Novel Process For Fabricating Low Distortion X-Ray Masks Of Submicron Gold Patterns
Author(s): Shinji Kuniyoshi; Akihiko Kishimoto; Taroh Ogawa; Takashi Soga; Takeshi Kimura
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Sub-Half Micrometer Gate Lift-Off By Three Layer Resist Process Via Electron Beam Lithography For Gallium Arsenide Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MIMICs)
Author(s): Rao M. Nagarajan; Steven D. Rask; Michael R. King; Thomas K. Yard
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Application Of Vector Scan E-Beam Lithography In Fabrication Of Gaas Devices
Author(s): John B Bickley; Bernard A Wallman
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Transformation Of Pattern Personality In E-Beam Lithography : A Conceptual Approach
Author(s): F Coopmans; E Froyen; R Jonckheere
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High Resolution Trilayer Electron Beam Resist System Employing P[Mma/Maa] And Reliable Reactive Ion Etch Processes
Author(s): Thomas C. Mele; Asanga H Perera; J.Peter Krusius
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A New Electron Beam/Deep Ultra Violet (EB/DUV) Cyanoacrylate Resist Technology
Author(s): W M Kelly; A Doyle; E. Noonan; J Woods; J Rooney
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Electron-beam direct write on gate arrays
Author(s): J A.C Stenton; J G.S Williams; R J.D MacAulay
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Fully Scaled 0.5 Micron CMOS Technology Using Variable Shaped Electron Beam Lithography
Author(s): Philip Coane; Paul Rudeck; Li-Kong Wang; Alan Wilson; Fritz Hohn
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High Speed Data Control Circuit For Nanometric Electron Beam Lithography
Author(s): Mitsuo Ohyama; Masahide Okumura; Norio Saitou
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Reproducibility And Yield Study Of Electron-Beam-Generated Quarter-Micron And Sub-Quarter-Micron Gate-Length GaAs Fets
Author(s): I V Zubeck; Z C. H. Tan
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A Simple Metal Pn Polymer Process Using Pulsed Electron Beams In Soft Vacuum
Author(s): J Krishnaswamy; Mark Eyolfson; L Li; G J Collins; H Hiraoka; Mary Ann Caolo
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Electron Beam/Optical Hybrid Lithography For The Production Of Gallium Arsenide Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (Mimics)
Author(s): Rao M Nagarajan; Steven D Rask
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Automatic Column Set-Up For High Speed E-Beam Pattern Generators.
Author(s): B J.G.M Roelofs; A M Meuwissen
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An E-Beam Direct Write Process For Half Micron DRAMS
Author(s): Noboru Nomura; Kenji Kawakita; Toshihiko Sakashita; Kenji Harafuji; Toyoki Takemoto
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Improvements In The JBX-6AIII Series Of Shaped Beam Lithography Tools
Author(s): M Hassel Shearer; Y Nakagawa; W Thompson; N Goto; T Yuasa
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0.50 µm Direct Write Gate Lithography For Selectively Doped Heterostructure Transistor Devices
Author(s): D J Resnick; D K Atwood; T Y Kuo; N J Shah; F Ren
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