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High Power Laser Diodes and Applications
Editor(s): Luis Figueroa

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Volume Number: 0893
Date Published: 9 August 1988

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Power Limits, Efficiency, And Reliability Of 1-D And 2-D Laser Diodes And Diode Arrays
Author(s): D R Scifres; D F Welch; G Harnagel; M Sakamoto; H Kung; W Streifei; J Berger
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Stable, Single-Array-Mode Operation From Phase-Locked Interferometric Arrays Of Index-Guided A1Gaas/Gaas Diode Lasers
Author(s): L Mawst; D Botez; T J Roth; P Hayashida; E Anderson
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Single Stripe High Power Laser Diodes Made By Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition
Author(s): K Honda; T Mamine; M Ayabe
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Two-Dimensional Laser Array Technology Comparison: "Stack-And-Rack" Vs. Monolithic
Author(s): M S Zediker; D J Krebs; J L Levy; R R Rice; G M Bender; D Begley
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High Power Semiconductor Laser Amplifiers
Author(s): Richard R Craig; Ronald R Stephans
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Incoherent GaAlAs/GaAs Semiconductor Laser Arrays
Author(s): C J Hwang; J S Chen; R J Fu; D H Wu; C S Wang
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High Power Quasi-Cw And Cw Laser Diode Bar Arrays
Author(s): Carolyn A Krebs; Bill D Vivian
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Designs For High Power, Single Mode Operation In Broad Stripe Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): A K Chan; H F Taylor; C P Lai
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High-Power Edge-And Surface-Emitting AlGaAs Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): G A Evans; J K Butler; D B Carlin; N W Carlson; J C Connolly; J M Hammer
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A Model For The Nearly Single Lobed Far-Field In A Diode Array Traveling-Wave Amplifier
Author(s): John R Andrews; T L Paoli; R D Burnham
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High Power Laser Diodes For The NASA Direct Detection Laser Transceiver Experiment
Author(s): Bernard D Seery; Terry L. Holcomb
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High Power Diode Laser Research In Mitsubishi Electric
Author(s): Kenj i Ikeda; Hisao Kumabe; Hirofumi Namizaki; Wataru Susaki
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InGaAsP/InP High-Power Single-Element Diode Lasers
Author(s): C B Morrison; D Botez; L M Zinkiewicz; D Tran; E A Rezek; E R Anderson
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Tolerances For Phase Locking Of Semiconductor Laser Arrays
Author(s): E M Garmire
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A Simplified Thermal Model For Calculating The Maximum Cw Output Power From Narrow Stripe Geometry InGaAsP/InP Lasers
Author(s): M Arvind; H Hsing; L Figueroa
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Laser-Assisted Processing Of GaAs-AlGaAs Optoelectronic Devices
Author(s): J E Epler; R L Thornton; T L Paoli
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0Monolithic Two Dimensional Surface Emitting Arrays Of GaAs/AlGaAs Lasers
Author(s): J J Yang; L Lee; M Jansen; M Sergant; S S Ou; J Wilcox
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AlGaAs Surface Emitting Distributed Feedback Laser
Author(s): S H Macomber; J S Mott; R J Noll; G M Gallatin; E J Gratrix; S L O'Dwyer-Killeen; S A Lambert
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Improved Performance Buried Heterostructure Window Lasers
Author(s): Jeffrey E Ungar; Nadav Bar-Chaim; Israel Ury
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Laser Cathode Ray Tubes And Their Applications
Author(s): A. Nasibov
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Progress In Single Quantum Well Structures For High Power Laser Device Applications
Author(s): R G Waters; P L Tihanyi; D S Hill; B A Soltz
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Broad Area Graded Barrier Quantum Well Heterostructure Lasers By Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition For High Power Applications
Author(s): M E Givens; C A Zmudzinski; R P Bryan; J J Coleman
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