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Micro-Optoelectronic Materials
Editor(s): Carl A. Kukkonen

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Volume Number: 0877
Date Published: 18 May 1988

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Silicon-Compatible Infrared Sensors Based On Epitaxial Silicides
Author(s): R W Fathauer; T L Lin; P J Grunthaner; J Maserjian; P O Andersson; K T Chang; J H Mazur; D N Jamieson
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Growth Of Gallium Nitride On Silicon Carbide By Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Author(s): M J Paisley; Z Sitar; C H Carter; R F Davis
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Thin Epitaxial CaF2 Films On Silicon
Author(s): R Singh; F Radpour; J Narayan; S K Kahng
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Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Of InSb Using Tri-Neopentylindium
Author(s): J C Chen; W K Chen; Pao-Lo Liu; J Maloney; O T Beachley
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Growth And Characterization Of CdTe On GaAs/Si Substrates
Author(s): G Radhakrishnan; A Nouhi; J Liu
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Optical Characterization Of GaAs1-xSbx And GaAs1-xSbx/GaAs Strained Layer Superlattices
Author(s): J F Klem; D Huang; H Morkoc; Y E Ihm; N Otsuka
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Electrical Characteristics Of MBE-Grown GaAs1-Sbx On InP And Correlation With Film Microstructure
Author(s): J Klem; J I Chyi; H Morkoc; Y E Ihm; N Otsuka
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Nondestructive Characterization Of MOCVD-Grown GaInAs/GaAs Using Rocking Curve And Topography
Author(s): Chu R Wie; H M Kim; K M Lau
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Plasma Sources For Development Of Growth Techniques For Diamond-Like Coatings
Author(s): C C Tsai; F W Baity; W K Dagenhart; W L Gardner; H H Haselton; D E Schechter; W L Stirling
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Chemical Vapor Deposition And Characterization Of Diamond Films Grown Via Microwave Plasma Enhanced CVD
Author(s): J T Glass; B E Williams; R F Davis
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Effects Of Strain On The Band Structure Of Diamond
Author(s): Warren E Pickett; Michael J Mehl
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Diamond Synthesis By Hollow Cathode Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition
Author(s): B. Singh; O R Mesker; A W Levine; Y Arie
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The Commercialization Of Engineered Diamond Technology
Author(s): M. Peters; J M Pinneo; L S Plano; K V Ravi; V Versteeg; S Yokota
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Laser Damage Threshold Of Diamond Films
Author(s): S Albin; V K Lakdawala; J A Williams; C E Byvik; A M Buoncristiani
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High-Density Interconnects For Electronic Packaging
Author(s): C W Eichelberger; R J Wojnarowski; R O Carlson; L M Levinson
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Laser Processing For Interconnect Technology
Author(s): H S Cole; Y S Liu; R Guida; J Rose
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Physical Properties Of Ceramic-Glass-Copper Micro-Interconnect Systems For VLSI/VHSIC Packaging Applications
Author(s): D L Shealy; H T Tohver; D A Hill; Z Shehadeh; G Srinivasan; R G Thompson; J Shyu
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A Study Of Porous Cordierite As A Potential Candidate For VLSI Dielectric Substrates
Author(s): R G Thompson; J Shyu; J C Poret; C Buckhalt; D L Shealy; H T Tohver
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