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Microwave and Particle Beam Sources and Propagation
Editor(s): Norman Rostoker
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Volume Number: 0873
Date Published: 9 May 1988
Softcover: 42 papers (376) pages
ISBN: 9780892529087

Table of Contents
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The NRL SDIO/IST Program In Phase-Locked Gyrotron Oscillators
Author(s): W M Manheimer; S H Gold; J Burke; A W Fliflet; W M Black
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Transient Effects In High Current Gyrotrons
Author(s): A T Lin
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Relativistic Magnetron Research
Author(s): Shien-Chi Chen; George Bekefi
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Phase-Locking Of Relativistic Magnetrons
Author(s): J Benford; R R Smith; H Sze; B Harteneck; W Woo
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Dispersion Relation Of The Diocotron Instability In A High Power Cylindrical Magnetron
Author(s): Han S Uhm; Howard E Brandt
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Plasma Cerenkov Maser
Author(s): J S De Groot; R A Stone; J H Rogers
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On The Path To A Terawatt: High Power Microwave Experiments At Aurora'
Author(s): A Bromborsky; F Agee; M Bollen; J Cameron; C Clark; H Davis; W Destler; S Graybill; G Huttlin; D Judy; R Kehs; R Kribel; L Libelo; J Pasour; N Pereira; J. Rogers; M. Rubush; B. Ruth; C. Schlesiger; E. Sherwood; L. Smutek; G. Still; L. Thode; D. Weidenheimer
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Theoretical And Experimental Investigation Of Reditrons
Author(s): T J.T Kwan; H A Davis; R D Fulton; E G Sherwood
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Cavity Vircator Amplifier - Priming And Phase Locking Of High Power Vircators
Author(s): Henry Sze; David Price; Wee-yong Woo; David Fittinghoff; Jim Benford
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A High Power Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) Amplifier
Author(s): John A Nation; Donald Shiffler
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High Power Plasma Filled Backward Wave Oscillators
Author(s): W W Destler; K Minami; W R Lou; Y C Ca rmel; V L Granatstein; R A Kehs
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Relativistic Klystron Amplifier
Author(s): M Friedman; J Krall; Y Y Lau; V Serlin
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Cusptron: A Compact High-Power Microwave Tube
Author(s): Won Narnkung
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Decoy Discrimination Using Ground-Based High-Power Microwaves
Author(s): Wilfried O Eckhardt; James G Small; Frank Chilton
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Proton Maser
Author(s): D L Ensley
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Potential For GW Output Levels In Near-Cm Wavelength Open-Resonator Oscillators
Author(s): J Walsh; E Marshall; J Jackson; T Budka; R Cook; R Layman
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Dynamical Slow-Wave Structures In The Magneto-Orotron
Author(s): Josip Soln
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Low-Voltage, Megawatt Free-Electron Lasers At A Frequency Near 300 Ghz
Author(s): J H Booske; V L Granatstein; T M Antonsen; W W Destler; B Levush; I D Mayergoyz; D Radack; J Rodgers; E T Rosenbury; Z Segalov; A Serbeto
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Theory And Design Of A High-Power, 140 Ghz CARM Amplifier
Author(s): B G Danly; K D Pendergast; R J Temkin; J. A. Davies
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Earth-To-Satellite Microwave Beams: Innovative Approach To Space Power
Author(s): M I Hoffert; G Miller; B Heilweil; W Ziegler; M Kadiramangalam
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Low-Energy Transport Of High-Brightness H- Beams
Author(s): M Reiser; C R Chang; D Chernin; E Horowitz
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H- Ion Source And High Flux Neutral Beams
Author(s): A Fisher; H Lindenbaum; N Rostoker; C E Wiswall; S L Cartier; J C Leader
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Beam Handling And Emittance Control
Author(s): J R Thompson; M L Sloan; B N Moore; J R Uglum
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The Plasma Wakefield Accelerator
Author(s): W B Mori; J M Dawson; C Joshi; T Katsouleas; J J Su; S Wilks
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Wake-Field Acceleration And Compact Accelerator Considerations
Author(s): K W Chen; S H Kim
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The Spiral Line Recirculating Induction Accelerator (SLIA)
Author(s): Vernon L Bailey; Sidney D Putnam; Michael Tiefenback; Carl Eichenberger; Alfred Mondelli; David Chernin; John Petillo
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Development Of A Laser Photocathode For Use In Wake-Field Acceleration And Compact Accelerator Design Studies
Author(s): K W Chen; Y C Chae; J Choe
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Dense-Pinch Photocathode
Author(s): John F Asmus; Ralph H Lovberg
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Pulsed, Intense Electron Beams From Pseudo-Spark Discharges
Author(s): W Benker; J Christiansen; K Frank; H Gundel; W Hartmann; T Redel; M Stetter
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Nonneutral Plasmoid Generation And Propagation
Author(s): G F Kiuttu; R J Adler
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Intense Charged Particle Beam Propagation Into Vacuum
Author(s): W W Destler; C D Striffler; Z Segalov; R L Yao; X Zhang; J Rodgers
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The Theory And Simulation Of Relaxed Plasmoid Cores
Author(s): John E Brandenburg; Karna Wahlstrand
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Plasmoids For Exoatmospheric Propagation
Author(s): A Kadish; R A Nebel; W R Shanahan; P Rosenau
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Examination Of Aspects Of Plasmoid Propagation
Author(s): M L Sloan
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Plasmoid Propagation In A Transverse-Magnetic Field And In A Magneti Zed Plasma
Author(s): F J Wessel; R Hong; J Song; A Fisher; N Rostoker; A Ron; R Li; R Y Fan
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Propagation Of Dense Plasma Jets
Author(s): Peter J Turchi; John F Davis
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New Electromagnetic Directed Energy Pulses
Author(s): Richard W Ziolkowski
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DiIscretized Beam Methods For Focused Radiation From Distributed Apertures
Author(s): L B FeIsen; E. Heyman
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Radiation Of An Electromagnetic Pulse From The Open End Of A Circular Waveguide
Author(s): Tai T. Wu; Hao-Ming Shen
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Experimental Study Of Electromagnetic Missiles
Author(s): Hao-Ming Shen
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Pulsed Radiation From A Parabolic Reflector
Author(s): John M Myers
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Phase Conjugate Reflection Of Electromagnetic Waves From A Plasma
Author(s): D Tzach; A Fisher; N Rostoker; G Benford; E Garate; I Nebenzahl; A Ron
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