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Space Structures, Power, and Power Conditioning
Editor(s): Raymond F. Askew
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Volume Number: 0871
Date Published: 6 April 1988
Softcover: 44 papers (368) pages
ISBN: 9780892529063

Table of Contents
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Two-Phase Flow In A Nuclear MHD Generator
Author(s): Kevork Madooglu; Ivan Catton; Fassil Ghebremichael; Julius Goodman
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Gigawatt, Closed Cycle, Vapor Core-Mhd Space Power System Conceptual Design Study
Author(s): Joseph R. Wetch; Hyop S. Rhee; J.Kent Koester; Julius Goodman; Issac Maya
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Disk MHD Generator For A Burst Power Gas Core Reactor
Author(s): Gerard E. Welch; Edward T. Dugan; William E. Lear
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Heterogeneous Gas Core Reactor For Space Nuclear Power
Author(s): Edward T. Dugan; Nils J. Diaz
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Neutronics Of A Coupled Multiple Chamber Gaseous Core Reactor Power System
Author(s): Mathew M. Panicker; Edward T. Dugan; Samim Anghaie
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Pulsed Gas Core Reactor For Burst Power
Author(s): Edward T. Dugan; William E. Lear; Gerard E. Welch
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Fundamental Considerations Of Gas Core Reactor Systems
Author(s): Robert W. Bussard
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Phenomenological Parametric Analysis Of Advanced Nuclear Power Systems
Author(s): Robert W. Bussard; Ralph Cooper
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Recent Advances In Alkali Metal Thermoelectric Converter (AMTEC) Electrode Performance And Modeling
Author(s): C. P. Bankston; R. M. Williams; B. Jeffries-Nakamura; M. E. Loveland; M. L. Underwood; T. Cole
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Oscillating Thermionic Conversion For High-Density Space Power
Author(s): Dean L. Jacobson; James F. Morris
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Thermoelectromagnetic Pumps For Space Nuclear Power Systems
Author(s): Robert J. Campana; T. Ciarlariello
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High Temperature, Electrically Conductive Graphite Composites For Space Nuclear Power.
Author(s): M. L. Lake; J. A. Woollam; R. O. Dillon; A. Ahmed; K. K. Brito
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Light-Weight Electrochemical Converter For Space Power Applications
Author(s): Michael Hsu
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Ballistic Acceleration By Superheated Hydrogen
Author(s): S. L. Bogart; J. R. Powell; T. J. Seed; C. F. Weggel; J. A. Dalessandro; J. Schuster; S. F. Sedehi
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Laser-Induced Current Switching In Gaseous Discharge
Author(s): Long C. Lee; Wen C. Wang; Dong P. Wang
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Photoconductive Switch Designs Utilizing Field Confinement And Displacement For Faster Opening In Pulse Power Systems
Author(s): C. D. Parikh; F. A. Lindholm
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Electron-Beam Controlled Semiconductor Switches
Author(s): K. II. Schoenbach; V. K. Lakdawala; K. B.J. Schmitt; T. J. Powers
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Laser Controlled Semiconductor Closing And Opening Switch
Author(s): K. II. Schoenbach; V. K. Lakdawala; S. T. Ko; M. S. Mazzola; R. K. F Germer
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Semiconductor-Metal Eutectic Composites For High-Power Switching
Author(s): B. M. Ditchek; B. G. Yacobi
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Superionic Conductors As Fast, Repetitive Opening Switches
Author(s): J. F. Scott; B. M. Melnick
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Optical Probes For The Characterization Of Surface Breakdown
Author(s): W. R. Donaldson
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Characteristics Of A Pulsed, Liquid-Metal Field Emission Source For Use In Fast High-Current Switches
Author(s): Michael J. Coggiola; Steve E. Young
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A 40 Kv/20 Ka Pseudo-Spark Switch For Laser Applications
Author(s): K. Frank; J. Christiansen; O. Almen; E. Boggasch; A. Gortler; W. Hartmann; C. Kozlik; A. Tinschmann; G. F. Kirkman
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Insulation Directions For High Power Space Systems
Author(s): W. C. Nunnally; W. E. Dillon; C. V. Smith
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State Space Simulation Of Spacecraft Power Systems
Author(s): R. M. Nelms; L. L. Grigsby
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Novel Scheme For Space Power Generation And Energy Storage
Author(s): Enrico Levi; Zivan Zabar
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Structural Vibration Of Space Power Station Systems
Author(s): M. J. Crocker; P. K. Raju; E. Christensen; N. H. Madsen; E. Guindon; J. Lu; D. Manikanahally; D. Markley; A. K. Shivakumar
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Fast Risetime Impulse Voltage Generation Facility At The University Of Buffalo
Author(s): A. N. Hammoud; S. Cygan; W. Khechen; B. Krishnakumar; J. Shea
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Minimum-Time Control Of Large Space Structures
Author(s): Robert L. Kosut; Antonio M. Pascoal; Michael L. Workman; Gene F. Franklin
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Experimental Investigations In Active Vibration Control For Application To Large Space Systems
Author(s): David C. Hyland
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Novel Fusion Reactor For Space Power And Propulsion
Author(s): T. Kammash; D. L. Galbraith
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A High Density Anodized Aluminum Microstrip Structure For High Speed Interconnections
Author(s): W. C. Dillard; J. L. Davidson; R. C. Jaeger
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Repetition Rate System Evaluations At SUNY/AB
Author(s): Robert Kraus; Michael Treanor; John Shea
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Performance Of In-Situ Copper Alloys As Electrodes In High Current, High Energy Switches
Author(s): A. L. Donaldson; F. M. Lehr; M. Kristiansen
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The Effect Of Repetition Rate On Electrode Material Performance In High Current Switches
Author(s): A. L. Donaldson; M. Kristiansen
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Dynamics And Control Of Large Space Platforms And Small Experimental Payloads
Author(s): J. E. Cochran; N. G. Fitz-Coy; K. Kumar; T. S. No
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Cryogenic Silicon Photoconductive Switches For High Power Lasers
Author(s): R. A. Petr; W. C. Nunnally; C. V. Smith
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Multilevel DLC (Diamondlike Carbon) Capacitor Structure
Author(s): J. L. Davidson; C. Ellis; T. Baginski
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Production Of Ground State Atomic Oxygen In A Multifactor Stress Environment
Author(s): W. C. Neely; T. C. Yang; J. P. Wey; E. J. Clothiaux; S. D. Worley
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Spear: Rocket Flights To Investigate The Innovative Design Of High Power Space Systems
Author(s): D. B. Allred; J. D. Benson; H. A. Cohen
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Surface Breakdown Of Pre-Stressed Insulators
Author(s): L. L. Hatfield; V. K. Agarwal; E. R. Menzel; M. Kristiansen
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C-Mo And C-Zr Alloys For Space Power Systems
Author(s): R. C. Wilcox; B. Z. Jang; R. H. Zee; Y. K. Liaw; J. J. Liao
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Magnetic Insulation For The Space Environment
Author(s): H. Krompholz; R. Korzekwa; M. Lehr; M. Kristiansen
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Investigation Of Open Cycle H[sub]2[/sub]-O[sub]2[/sub] Ljungstrom Turbine Configurations For Space Power Conversion
Author(s): Rhonald M. Jenkins; Sandra J. Skvorz
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