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Application and Theory of Periodic Structures, Diffraction Gratings, and Moire Phenomena III
Editor(s): Jeremy M. Lerner

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Volume Number: 0815
Date Published: 9 February 1987

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On The Use Of The Energy Balance Criterion As A Check Of Validity Of Computations In Grating Theory
Author(s): R. Petit; G . Tayeb
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About The Electromagnetic Theory Of Gratings Made With Anisotropic Materials
Author(s): R. Petit; G. Tayeb
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XUV Laminar Holographic Gratings Compared Efficiencies For Monochromator Spectrograph And Conical Diffraction Configurations
Author(s): J. Flamand; A. Thevenon; J P Laude; M. Neviere; P. Vincent; J. M. Lerner
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Replacement Of A Very Fine Grating By A Stratified Layer : Homogenization Techniques, And The Multiple-Scale Method
Author(s): R. Petit; G. Bouchitte
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Grating Enhanced Second Harmonic Generation Through Electromagnetic Resonances
Author(s): R. Reinisch; M. Neviere; H. Akhouayria; J-L. Coutaz; D. Maystre
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Wave Diffraction And Guidance By Anisotropic Dielectric Waveguides With Space-Time Periodic Index Modulation
Author(s): Katsu Rokushima; Jiro Yamakita; Shizuo Mori
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Theoretical Study Of The Aberrations Of A Simple Rotation XUV Monochromator, Using Conical Diffraction
Author(s): J. Flamand; A. Thevenon; J. P . Laude; J. M. Lerner
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Optimizing Angular Deviation For Fixed-Deviation Monochromators Modified By Use Of Aberration-Reduced Holographic Gratings
Author(s): Christopher Palmer; Wayne R. McKinney
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Transmission Gratings As 3-Way Beam Splitters
Author(s): Erwin G. Loewen; Lyuben B. Mashev; Eugene K. Popov
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Bandpass Grids With Annular Apertures
Author(s): A. Roberts; R. C. McPhedran
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Laser Beam Sampling Gratings With Low Absorption And Specified Efficiency
Author(s): J P. Laude; J. Flamand; V. Millet; D. Maystre; J. M. Lerner
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Large Diffraction Grating Ruling Engine With Nanometer Digital Control System
Author(s): Erwin G. Loewen; Robert S. Wiley; Geoffrey Portas
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New Blazed Holographic Grating Fabricated By Using An Aspherical Recording With An Ion-Etching Method
Author(s): M. Koike; Y. Harada; H. Noda
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The Manufacture Of Blazed Zone Plates Using A Fabry Perot Interferometer
Author(s): M C Hutley
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Micromachined Silicon Periodic Structures For Millimeter- And Submillimeter-Wave Applications
Author(s): L. J. Cheng; G. T. Crotty; J. Farhoomand; K. M. Koliwad; H. M. Pickett
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A Novel Concept For Fabrication Of Submicron Geometry Holographic Gratings
Author(s): Edward J. Gratrix
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Groove Profile Measurement Of Diffraction Gratings Using Scanning Electron Microscope
Author(s): Tatsuo Herada; Eideki Taira; Toshiaki Kita; Masaaki Itou
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Observation Of Grating Surfaces By The Use Of STM
Author(s): Takanori Oshio; Yoshiyuki Sakai; Shaw Ehara
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Experimental Study Of Fourier Gratings
Author(s): Sten Lindau; Magnus Breidne
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Aberration-Corrected Plane Gratings
Author(s): A. Thevenon; J. Flamand; J. P. Laude; B. Touzet; J. Lerner
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Surface Enhanced Second Harmonic Generation In Dielectric Deposited Over A Silver Grating
Author(s): M. Neviere; H. Akhouayri; P. Vincent; P. Vincent; R. Reinisch
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Numerical Analysis Of Multistep Dielectric Gratings
Author(s): Jiro Yamakita; Katsu Rokushima; Shizuo Mori
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Properties And Applications Of Layered Grating Resonances
Author(s): Gregg M. Gallatin
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Plasmon Resonance Absorption In Layered Structures Of Silver With Periodic Corrugation
Author(s): E. T. Arakawa; T. Inagaki; J. P. Goudonnet
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Research On The Special Moving Pair. The Moire Contour Fringes On The Femoral Articular Facies Of Knee Of Pongidae
Author(s): Wenzi Qu; Zuyun Lan; Renxiang Zhang
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Metrological Grating Technology Developments
Author(s): Huang Shang-lian
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