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Optical Technology for Microwave Applications III
Editor(s): Shi-Kay Yao
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Volume Number: 0789
Date Published: 9 November 1987
: 30 papers (195) pages
ISBN: 9780892528240

Table of Contents
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Self-Biased 1X2 Modified Directional Coupler Modulator
Author(s): Suwat Thaniyavarn
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InGaAsP Buried Channel Waveguide For Electroabsorption Modulation
Author(s): S C Lin; M K Chin; X L Jing; L M Walpita; P K. L Yu; W S.C Chang
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Transient Behaviors Of Picosecond Photoconductive Switches
Author(s): Kenneth K Li; Paul K Yu
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Lossy Nonlinear Directional Coupler
Author(s): M Cada; R C Gauthier; B E Pat on
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Fiber-Optic Transmission Of Microwave 8 Phase-PSK Signal
Author(s): W I Way; M F Gardina
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Characterization Of Fiber-Optic Links For Microwave Signal Transmission
Author(s): Michael de La Chapelle; Hui-Pin Hsu
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Fiber-Optic RF Filter
Author(s): R F Mathis
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Source Requirements For Optical Generation Of Microwave Carriers
Author(s): William C Eppers
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Optical Control Of Millimeter Wave Devices
Author(s): Harold R Fetterman; Wei-Yu Wu; David Ni
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Millimeter-Wave Generation Using Sideband Locked Lasers
Author(s): Kai Chang; Henry F Taylor; Mark Weichold; Scott Martin; Ben Yu; Douglas McGregor
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Detection Of Radio-Frequency Modulated Optical Signals By Two And Three Terminal Microwave Devices
Author(s): K B Bhasin; R N Simons; S Wojtczuk
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Fiber Based Phased Array Antennas
Author(s): Joel L Guggenmos; Ronald L Johnson
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Optically Controlled mmW Phased Arrays
Author(s): David C Chang; Alan R. Mickelson
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An Optical Adaptive Processor For Null Steering In Phased Array Antennas
Author(s): J. G. Van Saders; V H. Syed
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Comparison Of Fiber Optic And Space Feed For Large Aperture Phased Array Antennas
Author(s): Nils V Jespersen; Peter R. Herczfeld
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Real-Time Optical Processor For Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Formation
Author(s): K. T Stalker; P A. Molley; F M Dickey
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Wideband Bragg Cell Techniques
Author(s): I C. Chang
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High Efficiency Bragg Cell Using Quasi-Planar Phased Array
Author(s): S K Yao; Ted Chen
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A High Performance Apodized Phased Array Bragg Cell
Author(s): Dennis R Pape; Peter A Wasilousky; Mike Krainak
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Mercurous Halide Acousto-Optic Cells For Ew Signal Processing
Author(s): A P Goutzoulis; M Gottlieb; M Gottlieb; N B Singh
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Photorefractive Crystals As Adaptive Elements In Acoustooptic Filters
Author(s): John Hong; Scott Hudson; Jeff Yu; Demetri Psaltis
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Observed Polarization Dependence Of The Surface Acoustic Wave(Saw) Acousto-Optic (A-0) Interaction In Lithium Niobate
Author(s): D K Shockley; C. Garvin
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An Optical Hybrid Mixer And Digital Correlator For High Precision Spectroscopy
Author(s): H C. Burstyn
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Planar GaAs Detector-Amplifier Circuits
Author(s): Gordon Wood Anderson; Nicolas A Papanicolaou; David I Ma; Ingham A.G Mack; Joh n A Modolo; Francis J Kub; Charles W Young; Phillip E Thompson; John B Boos
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Advanced Electronic Warfare Receiver Forecast
Author(s): James B . Y Tsui; Paul S. Hadorn; Robert L. Davis
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Data Rate Reduction Techniques For High Time-Bandwidth AO Processors
Author(s): A N Filipov; B M Sadler
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Optical Techniques For Wide Bandwidth Microwave Spectrum Analysis
Author(s): E M Alexander
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Bulk Acoustic Wave Approach To Wideband Radio-Frequency Spectrum Analysis
Author(s): F. Sabet-Peyman; K. Chau; R. Dwelle
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Construction And Performance Of Minibench Acousto-Optic Signal Processors
Author(s): G. C. Messick; R R Ulrich; J M Pellegrino; R D Felock
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